Sunday, July 31, 2016

Springtime in Colorado Springs

Events in this post occurred in April and May of 2007.

April 29, 2007 was on a Sunday. We awoke tired and exhausted. We had been at the Pike’s Peak RV Park in Manitou Springs, CO for a week and been on the go all day, every day since we got there. Our oldest son AJ flew into Colorado Springs and visited for a few days and we tried to be good hosts and keep him entertained while he was in town. We put him on a plane back to San Francisco on Friday, April 27th. We had ridden the cog train up Pike’s Peak, visited Seven Falls Park, saw the Garden of the Gods and rode a train along the floor of Royal Gorge. Kathi and I were ready for a break.

Sunday was a little warmer than the previous few days and we were glad to spend the afternoon at home, after doing our laundry in the morning. We picked up KFC to go and spent the rest of the day in leisure. We talked to both our sons in the afternoon and they were fine, so we were fine too.

We stayed at home being domestic the next few days and recuperated from the sightseeing we had done the previous week.  A little housework, some reading and TV viewing and we were ready to start sightseeing again. The weather was different every day. We were using heat at night and keeping windows open in the daytime. A little rain and a little snow.

One day we left home in shirt sleeves on a cool sun shiny day and drove into Colorado Springs for lunch at Cracker Barrel. While we were at lunch, looking out the window, a blizzard came. Snow was blowing horizontal to the ground and it covered everything white within minutes. We stayed inside the restaurant, until the wind died down a little, probably to below 20 mph, before getting in our Jeep and driving back to the RV Park. It was a drive of about six miles, with less wind and snow the closer to Manitou Springs we got. There was a little snow on the ground in the RV Park, but it was light jacket temperature. We assumed it was a typical spring day in Colorado. It was certainly fun for us.

Friday, May 4th, Kathi and I returned to Seven Falls for another look around. There was a lot to see there, but most of the fun views required some walking on mountain trails. We did most of our sightseeing from pullouts along the road and it was still worth the visit.

These are some of my Colorado pictures. I do not remember where we took them.

We decided to drive back to The Broadmoor resort in Colorado Springs and spend more time looking around the property. I just thought I knew how to get there, but we never found it. I promised to use a map next time. We saw a lot of countryside looking for The Broadmoor. We both like being lost, because we get to see things we would never look for intentionally. Being retired RV travelers was fun and we were enjoying a life we never even dreamed of when we were younger. Life was good and we were taking advantage of it.


  1. I enjoyed sightseeing and I really like Colorado. I had a lot of fun with you on this trip

  2. Thanks for reading my blog, AJ. We did have a nice time when you visited us in Colorado Springs. A fun time.