Sunday, July 3, 2016

Stuck in the Mud

Events in this post occurred on March 12, 2007.

We awoke Monday Morning, March 12, 2007 at the Artesian Park RV Campground in Brenham, TX and eager to make the 100+ mile trip to the Georgetown area. Our plan was to find an RV park after we arrived. We saw a sign that said something like trailer and RV park and we took a chance. I must have made a wrong turn or misread the sign because we ended up in a new housing addition with only a few homes built at that time. I could not find a place to turn around without unhooking our Jeep, but there was an empty lot where the ground looked solid. I turned off the pavement and was beginning my circle turn and the back wheels started spinning in the dirt. I got out to look and we were stuck.

I unhooked our Jeep and found a couple of boards we could slide under the tires to get traction and back out of the mud hole. After working at that about an hour, we were deep enough in the mud that the back of our motorhome shell was touching the ground. I should not say we since being in the mud hole was all my doing, but Kathi was with me and we were stuck.

A gentleman from across the street had been out and when he came home, he recognized my dilemma and brought a shovel over to help. Another half hour and we were still stuck. We thanked him for his help returned his shovel and gave him enough cash to pay for dinner, then Kathi called a tow truck.

We waited about an hour for the tow truck to arrive. The driver was a man in his early fifties and he spend about 20 minutes walking around, looking under and deciding what to do. He made a decision and found a place to wrap a chain around a beam on the back portion of the chassis. He hooked his winch cable to the chain and put a 2X4 between the cable and the fiberglass shell of the motorhome. He ran the winch at about 6” per minute. He was really careful and patient and he had our rear wheels on the hard surface about 15 minutes after he started the winch. Nothing was damaged, except my pride.

The wrecker driver stowed all of his equipment and moved his wrecker out of the way and waited to assure I could put the front wheels on the pavement without assistance. I could and I did. We thanked him for his help and he went on to his next project.

Less than an hour later we arrived at the Berry Springs RV Park just north of Georgetown.  The 100-mile trip took a little longer than we planned and the Berry Creek Park was neat and roomy. They had several large back-in spaces and several pull-thru spaces. We unhooked the Jeep and I hooked up the utilities and we were home again.

Nice RV at Berry Springs

Shrubs by neighbors RV

Wildflowers in Georgetown

More wildflowers
The lesson I learned again on this trip was to ask for Kathi’s advice when making changes in our routine procedures. She may have mentioned that to me several times. It is hard for me to remember that for sure. After all, it was a few years ago. 


  1. A Happy 😄 Ending but sounds like a pain

  2. Being stuck in the mud is no fun. I should listen to your mama.