Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Two Train Rides

Events in this post occurred in April 2007.

Being in Colorado Springs is one of our more memorable trips for several reasons, but mostly because our son, AJ got to fly out and be with us for a few days to share our experiences.

Thursday, April 26th we took the cog train up the mountain to Pike’s Peak. The train was slow and steady and there were pastoral mountain scenes with some snow every foot of the journey. The ride took about two hours up and two hours down. It was exhilarating. We could not get to the top of Pike’s Peak because the tracks were covered with snow. We got within 2,000 feet of the top but that was okay with me, since I was already struggling to get enough air into my lungs sitting still on a train at 12,000 feet. Pike’s Peak elevation is 14,114 feet and I would not have been able to walk around and enjoy it. Kathi and AJ were doing a little better than me, but not much. I was surprised, because Kathi and I had been at 15,000 feet up a mountain in the Sierra Nevada mountains in California without any breathing difficulty. Still, that was the most fun train ride I have ever experienced.

A little snow as seen from the cog train window

Great views from the cog train window

It looks like a small mountain community as seen from the cog train window.

AJ had some obligations in San Francisco, so Friday we took him with us to eat at On the Border for some Mexican food before taking him to the airport. It was an action filled fun couple of days together and dropping him at the airport was a little sad for us.

Saturday, April 28th was our youngest son, Christopher’s birthday. He was working in Houston and could not get away, so we wished him a happy birthday by telephone. Kathi and I were still sightseeing. We took the train through Royal Gorge. It was a pleasant ride and they served a light lunch. This train ride was not nearly as memorable as the cog train up Pile’s Peak. I think the better views of Royal Gorge are from the top, not riding a rail at the bottom.

We were still feeling adventurous after the train ride, so we drove to Cripple Creek to try our luck at a few casinos. For a real spirit of adventure, we took our trail rated Jeep over the mountain on a mountain trail. It turned out to be more adventure than I bargained for. There was brush on each side of the trail, scratching our new Jeep for much of the trip. We had to go over sharp rocks, and I was afraid of puncturing a tire. Kathi was not thrilled. I had to keep reminding her about the casino awaiting us at the end of the trip. The mountain scenery was beautiful, but scary driving – a little too close to nature, I guess.

Driving distance between Royal Gorge and Cripple Creek was about 50 miles and a little over an hour on the main road. The route we went on took about 2-1/2 fun and thrill filled hours. Kathi insisted I would take a safer route home.

The casino was nice and the machines were friendly. We had a Philly cheese steak sandwich at Womack’s and it was delicious. That topped off a full, fun-filled day and we were tired and ready to see our motorhome.


  1. I enjoy reading your travel blog. It is especially nice remembering the times we spent together. This was a great visit.

  2. I enjoy reading your travel blog. It is especially nice remembering the times we spent together. This was a great visit.