Tuesday, August 30, 2016

North Platte and Cheyenne

Events in this post occurred in June 2007.

We left the Watersports Campground in Dodge City, KS on June 24th and moved a little west and a lot north to the Holiday RV Park in North Platte, NE. Total trip was about 270 miles past corn fields and wheat fields that made us feel good while we traveled. We moved west on US 400 out of Dodge until we got to Cimarron, then we turned north on OK 23 to Dighton, then through Shields, Gove City and Grainfield Park. We changed to US 83 when we left Selden and crossed I-80 at North Platte.

Rates at Holiday were $30 per night with our Good Sam discount. It was a nice park, but not worth $30 to us. A lot of other people must have felt the same. As Kathi and I were taking a walk around the park the next morning, almost every RV left the park. We assumed most people used it for overnight stays, which made sense to us. Since our retirement Kathi and I did not get enough exercise, although I probably did not get enough when I was working either. The walk made my calves ache, but it seemed to invigorate Kathi. That was enough reason for me to walk with her. It was a Monday and we spent the rest of the day inside our rv keeping cool.

Tuesday morning, we moved 220 miles further west on I-80 to Cheyenne, WY. In addition to the wheat and corn fields we passed, we started seeing herds of cattle and cattle ranches. It was overcast and cool when we arrived at the Restway RV Park. Kathi used our Passport America discount and paid $150 to stay a week and $30 to stay an extra day for a total of eight days. I thought Kathi must have had high hopes for excitement in Cheyenne to want to spend a week there. When I asked, she told me she was trying to avoid moving on July 4th – she’s always thinking and taking care of us.

The rv park was nothing special, but downtown Cheyenne was nice to see. We spotted some restaurants where Kathi would be willing to take me for lunch. We took several drives around town the next few days, thinking we may not ever be there again. The temperature was in the low 70’s and almost no humidity. We opened the windows a few of the cooler days and aired out the rv. The cool breeze was pleasant.

On Thursday we took a drive to the edge of town where they had an rv ranch set up like an old west town. It was called Terry Bison Ranch RV Park. They had horses, cows, buffalo, llamas and even an ostrich. You could rent a horse and ride through a buffalo herd – how different is that today? It was a very family friendly park and we picked a beautiful day to visit.

We had some heavy rain and gusting wind in the evening, but nothing could spoil the time we enjoyed in Cheyenne and we still had a few days to go. Sometimes you get lucky.

I did not get any pictures of buffalo in Cheyenne, but I like to see them. Buffalo pictures below are from Yellowstone National Park and Antelope Island in Utah.

A small herd of buffalo on Antelope Island in Utah

A buffalo shedding his winter coat in Yellowstone.

More Yellowstone buffalo

Antelope Island buffalo in Utah

Sunday, August 28, 2016

Family Reunion, then Dodge

Events in this post occurred in June 2007.

Carl Clark and Cheryn Ryan hosted a Fraze family reunion at their home in Guthrie, OK on June 16, 2007. This was Kathi’s family on her mother’s side and we got to see some relatives we had not seen in 15-20 years and some relatives I had never heard of before. Many uncles, aunts and cousins Kathi did not know and never knew existed. Some we saw for the last time at the reunion: Violet Hickman, Rochelle Fraze, Bobby and Donna White and Alma Welch.

Rochelle Fraze

Tom and Cheryl talking in hallway.

Larry Clark on the patio, engaged in conversation.

Donna & Bobby White

Larry having a good time.

 Others that attended were: Kathi’s mother Virginia Hathaway, Kathi’s younger brother Larry and his wife, Andrea, Tom Welch, Helen Watts and her daughter Cheryl and Wanda Greb and three of her granddaughters. Carl and Cheryn did a great job organizing and were excellent hosts. Everyone seemed to enjoy the day catching up, socializing and eating a catered lunch. I spent a lot of time on the patio listening to family history and believe it or not we had a long conversation discussing the price of a bale of hay.

I mentioned to some of the gentlemen that Kathi and I were going to Dodge City, KS the next morning. One of them asked, “Why? There’s nothing there.” It lowered my expectations, but we were going anyway. I never remember anything real about Dodge City. All I knew was Errol Flynn was there and James Arness spent a lot of time there as Matt Dillon. It turned out the city was more boisterous in movies and TV than it was in real life, but that was okay. Someday in the future I wanted to be able to say, “I was in Dodge City once.”

Sunday, June 17th of 2007 was the day. Larry drove Andrea and Ginny back to La Porte, TX and Kathi and I struck out for Dodge. We stayed at the Watersports Campground in Dodge City. As near as I could tell the most prosperous thing about the town was a cowtown mock up filled with saloons. We did not visit any of them in the week we stayed there. I was glad my expectations were lowered before my arrival. We thought the $122 per week using our Good Sam discount was a reasonable rate for camping. We did enjoy the corn and wheat fields during the 240-mile trip on highways US 270, then US 183. We drove through Watonga, Woodward and Fort Supply in Oklahoma and through Ashland and Bucklin in Kansas before arriving at Dodge City. A pleasant journey with my best friend.

We awoke tired on Monday morning. The 240-mile trip was further than we liked to travel and it took us about five hours. It was warm and humid in Kansas, so we stayed inside and rested.  Tuesday we found a coin laundry and got all our clothing and bed linen clean again. We were through with laundry by noon and spent the rest of the day inside.  We had a rainstorm and gusty wind in the early evening, so being home was pleasant.

We spent the next few days driving through the countryside looking at corn and wheat fields and there were a lot of them. Not many people, but lots of crops. It was warm and we were already ready to move on again. We were anxious to get back to Montana.

Thursday, August 25, 2016

Central Oklahoma with Family

Events in this post occurred in June 2007.

We drove into Edmond to the Walmart store for a few more groceries on a warm Monday, June 11th. We noticed the Cedar Valley RV Park was almost full. A lot of large motorhomes had moved in the previous afternoon and evening.  We got a call from our oldest son, AJ and he was excited, because he was going to see Trey in concert. Trey is also known as Hank 3 and Hank Williams III. His birth name was Shelton Hank Williams. AJ loves everything music related and going to concerts was a real treat for him.

The RV park is actually about 5 miles west on Guthrie on OK 33. Tuesday we drove into Guthrie to look around. Kathi enjoyed showing me sites she remembered – remember she left Guthrie when she was five, but visited many times and seemed to remember a lot of things about the town, even though much of it looked different to her. Kathi got a call from her mother who told her they might not come to the reunion, because their dog was sick. She did find out her brother Larry Clark and his wife Andrea would be at the reunion whether her mother came or not. We found a Cracker Barrel for lunch. I had a bacon cheeseburger and Kathi had baked chicken and dressing. The meal was great as usual. I even had part of my burger and fries to take home for later.

Rain on Wednesday kept us inside most of the day. On Thursday, Larry, Andrea and Kathi’s mother, Virginia Hathaway (Ginny) arrived in town. Jim stayed home with the sick dog. Kathi and I met the three of them for lunch at Cracker Barrel, where we spent more time visiting than eating. After lunch we drove to Kathi’s older brother’s house to visit with Carl and Cheryn.  

We picked up Ginny, Larry and Andrea on Friday for another tour of Guthrie. Ginny knew a lot more about the town than Kathi remembered and she wanted to see some of the things she remembered from 50 years earlier. We drove around on country roads trying to find the small cemetery where Ginny’s parents were buried, but we never could find it. We gave up after looking for about two hours. We had lunch at On the Border in Edmond, then took Ginny back to Carl’s house so she could rest.

Larry, Andrea, Kathi and I drove into Oklahoma City to visit the Federal Building Memorial. Kathi and I thought it was a moving experience when we saw it the previous week and we wanted to share the experience. It was just as moving the second time around.

Park features include the Gates of Time, The Survivor Tree, a reflecting pool, the field of empty chairs and others. The east gate marked 9:01 represents the peace before the explosion and the west gate marked 9:03 represents the time recovery began. The reflecting pool is less than ½ “ deep and the water flows across it constantly. The pictures show some of the field of empty chairs.

Field of Chairs

Andrea and Larry visiting memorial

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Cruising Oklahoma

Events in this post occurred in June 2007.

Tuesday, June 5, 2007, our motorhome was parked at the Cedar Valley RV Park in Guthrie, OK. We spent the day inside with the shades up watching golfers on their golf course and birds flying from tree to tree. It was not that exciting, but it was something relaxing for two retired RV travelers to do while killing time in Oklahoma. It was a nice spring-like day with bright sunshine and cool breeze. We were in town for a family reunion that was still over a week away.

Kathi talked to my sister, Carol Jackson and found out she and Lloyd were going to fly into Houston to be with his mother as she was being evaluated after the stroke she had on Monday. Mrs. Jackson was thought to have only a short time to live.

Carol and Lloyd are also RV travelers and their motorhome was parked in Oregon, if I remember correctly. My own travels are often vague in my memory, so I am not surprised I do not recall exactly where they were located.

Kathi and I drove about 15 miles south from Guthrie on I-35 and into Edmond on Wednesday morning. We toured around Edmond and found an On the Border restaurant for a little Tex-Mex for lunch. Kathi had a salad and I had beef quesadillas. OTB always has good food and clean restaurants. It was a little warmer than Tuesday, but the sun was still bright and the wind was gusting and it was nice to be outside. We enjoyed seeing Edmond. It is a beautiful little city just north of Oklahoma City.

Ninety-one degrees on Thursday and it felt hot. It was a reminder that the reason we bought our motorhome was so we would not spend hot, sultry summers in Texas. Well, at least we were north of Texas in June and a chance to dream about cool mountaintops. We drove back into Edmond to visit the Super Walmart store. That was enough work for me on a warm day – it is not called laziness after retirement.

Carol called on Friday to let us know Mrs. Jackson had rallied and was talking to family members and the doctors when they arrived. Good news. We knew she was a tough lady. Her doctor was encouraged, but cautious.

It was cooler on Sunday, mostly due to overcast skies so Kathi and I decided to drive into Oklahoma City and see the Federal Building Memorial on the site where the Murrah Federal Building stood before Timothy McVeigh blew it up in April 1995. The site is now a national memorial. Kathi and I were very moved just being on the property.

Each chair represents a person that was killed by the explosion.

Notice the difference in size of the chairs. The smaller chairs represent children killed.

Saturday, August 20, 2016

In Memoria -- Larry Clark

We attended the memorial service for Larry Clark this afternoon at the Fairmont Park Church at 10401 Bellfast Rd. at Farrington St.  Robert Poye conducted the service for Larry. Larry and Robert were church and golfing buddies and had been friends for over twenty years. Each had agreed to preside over the service for the other depending on who passed on first. A slide show with pictures of Larry was on display as the church filled.

Larry was losing weight and felt weak in mid-2014. He went to the doctor a few times about the weakness and tiredness, but they did not do a blood test.  It finally got to the point that he did not feel like playing golf. In November 2014 his family doctor did a blood test and referred Larry to an oncologist. He scheduled an appointment for two weeks later.

Larry’s friend Ray Morrison and his wife Tina came to visit Larry. Tina is a nurse and she advised Larry not to wait for the doctor’s appointment, but to check in at Methodist Hospital Emergency Room. Larry’s wife, Andrea, my wife Kathi and I took Larry to Methodist the Monday after Thanksgiving in 2014. He was admitted to the hospital under the care of Dr. Baker. The first thing the doctor asked was if Larry had worked at one of the refineries. He had. Larry worked at Arco refinery for a few years about 20 years previously. The doctor told him he would have bled out internally in a week, if he had not come to the hospital.

Important information for everyone and especially refinery workers. If you suffer from rapid weight loss and a feeling of weakness, see your doctor and get a blood test.

They immediately started preparing Larry for chemotherapy and a bone marrow transplant. Before that could happen, we had to build his weight back up. Andrea and Kathi began feeding Larry a high protein diet and a lot of Boost supplements. After chemotherapy Larry had a strict medication regimen and again needed a high protein and calorie diet to build up his weight before the bone marrow transplant. Andrea or Kathi and I took Larry to the hospital 2-3 days per week for blood tests and sometimes infusion of blood and platelets to keep him going until he was strong enough for the transplant.

He finally got the transplant in June of 2015. More medication and continued high-protein diet seemed to have him improving. He took steroids, anti-rejection drugs, vitamins, and other medications several times per day.

While his immune system was weakened he had two urinary tract infections, pneumonia, a stomach infection, three MRSA infections and blood clots in the legs. They also removed his pacemaker, thinking it may be the source of the MRSA infections. In the end, too many infections and too much time in bed and his organs began failing. We all still had hope for recovery until the last week of his life, but it finally became apparent he was too tired and weak to continue.

It was a real privilege for me to get to spend so much time with Larry near the end of his life. It was a blessing and a pleasure for me. Watching Andrea’s endless love and complete devotion to Larry was an inspiration. We have been family a lot of years, but Kathi and I spending the last two years with Larry and Andrea created a lasting bond.

Below are pictures from the meal the church provided after the memorial service.

Thursday, August 18, 2016

Larry Clark Obituary

Larry Dale Clark made his final journey home to heaven on August 16, 2016 at the age of 65 years following a 2-year struggle with leukemia. Larry retired from the city of Houston where he worked as an electrician. Larry was most content during his retirement years enjoying his grandchildren, playing golf with his many friends and volunteering at his church where he spent many hours working with children in the Upwards sports program.

Larry is survived by his wife of 33 years, Andrea Oosting Clark.  He has 3 children he loved dearly: Wesley, Amy and Matthew and was very proud of the life mates they chose: Amy, Dan and Kristine. Larry was also blessed with 8 grandchildren: William, Jennifer, Megan, Taylor, Sean, Lindsey, Austin and Cash. He is also survived by 2 siblings: Carl and wife Cheryn, Kathi Boozer and husband Arlon as well as extended family Rick Hathaway, Becky Boyd and Jon Hathaway.

Larry and Andrea are members of Fairmont Park Church. Larry was a strong Christian with a devout faith who loved to read and discuss the bible. His warmth, smile and strength will forever be in the hearts of those who were blessed to know him.

Larry Clark

Monday, August 15, 2016

Guthrie and the Surrounding Area

Events in this post occurred in May and June 2007.

Thursday, May 31, 2007 we left the Elk Run RV Park in Elk City, OK on a calm, cool day and went east on I-40 through Canute, Clinton and El Reno before reaching Oklahoma City. At OKC we got on I-35 and went the next 25 miles north to Guthrie and checked in at the Cedar Valley RV Park. Total trip was about 150 miles and we arrived around noon. We paid $244 for two weeks rent. They had a golf course around the RV park, which was on a hilltop and the pastoral views were pleasant to see.

After we got set up we met Kathi’s older brother, Carl and his wife Cheryn at their house so we could go to dinner together. Their new house was beautiful and they were very proud of it. Kathi took a tour of the house and I walked around outside in their big yard. Carl had done a lot of landscaping work already and more was planned.

We had a Japanese dinner at a restaurant in Edmond. I think this was my first time in a Japanese restaurant. Kathi and I had teriyaki steak and Carl and Cheryn had sushi, which looked like balls of rice to me. We enjoyed a nice conversation over our meal. Carl was tired from working at Guthrie High School every day and getting the finishing touches on the house to be ready for the family reunion a couple of weeks later.

Our Alfa at the Cedar Valley RV Park

A view to the east from our RV

This was a miniature RV parked at Cedar Valley

Friday, Kathi and I drove around Guthrie. Everything was lush and green with a splash of wildflowers everywhere. The day was overcast and we had some rain sprinkles, but it was cool and good for us. Kathi and her siblings were born in Guthrie. Kathi was five when she moved to Texas, but she seemed to remember everything about Guthrie. We had a so-so barbecue lunch at a barbecue place close to I-35, then went grocery shopping.

Saturday morning was time for laundry again. It was warmer and the sun was bright driving the rain away. After laundry we drove around town again. We found Kathi’s Great Grandmother White’s house. It was different than she remembered. Things always look smaller as you grow older.

Sunday afternoon we took a drive into Kingfisher, which was a small town 20 miles to the west of Guthrie on OK 33. Kingfisher seemed a little larger than Guthrie, but not by much. We enjoyed the farms along the way much more than the town. We thought the farms were growing wheat or barley, but we were never sure of what we were looking at. It was June 3rd and Carl’s birthday. Kathi called him and found out he and Cheryn were in San Antonio.

Monday we took a drive into Crescent, an even smaller community northeast of Guthrie. Everything looked familiar but different to Kathi. I mostly enjoyed the farms and cattle grazing in large hillside pastures. Kathi talked to my sister, Carol while we were driving and found out Carol’s mother-in-law had a stroke and was in ICU. We were all aging and Lloyd’s mother was the last parent still living. She was a tough lady and they expected her to recover.

Friday, August 12, 2016

Dalhart to Elk City

Events in this post occurred in May 2007.

We had a few more days to spend at the Corral RV Park in Dalhart, TX.  Friday, April 25 was another beautiful, cool, sunshiny day. Then in the evening we got rain, thunder, lightning and high wind. I guess the weather changes everywhere, but the suddenness of the change sometimes surprises me.

The rain stopped sometime during the night and we had another great day to live life to the fullest. Kathi was reading and I decided to fix a broken headlight on our motorhome. It was held in position by springs and was almost completely out of the cutout hole made for the headlight. We did not drive the motorhome at night, except when we had no choice. I like to leave and arrive in the daytime. It is so much easier to hook up the utilities in a new place, if you do not have to hold a flashlight.

The air must have been invigorating. After I got the headlight fixed, I got out my ladder to reposition a louver that had come loose in our microwave vent. I have a Little Giant ladder, because it is strong enough to hold my weight. It is made of aluminum and heavy for me to move around, but it does the job for us. I was glad to get a few things done and more glad to be through working for the day.

Sunday was another cool and windy day. We drove around town and the surrounding areas looking at pastures and cows. Kathi let me stop for a pizza since it was my 64th birthday. We spent the evening in with more wind and rain. We were glad our week in Dalhart was about up. We were ready to move along. We were RV travelers with the emphasis on travelers.

We had one more stop to make before we got to Guthrie, OK for the family reunion and we still had two weeks to get there. We got everything ready to move on Monday, so we could leave early on Tuesday morning. Tuesday we moved to the Elk Run RV Park in Elk City, OK. It was a 200-mile trip on US 87. We admired the wild flowers – lots of yellows and oranges. We took our time, but did not stop to smell the flowers. We drove through the communities of Dumas, Borger, Pampa and Wheeler on the way to Elk City. I do not remember seeing a person in any of these locations. I suppose they were out in the fields taking care of the cows.

We arrived in Elk City in early afternoon and got our motorhome set up for a short stay. The Passport America rate was $12.50 per night. Kathi spotted a Mexican food restaurant on the way to the RV park that she wanted to try. The food was not very good, but we got enough sustenance to last the evening. Next stop – Guthrie.

Indian Statue at casino in Thackerville, OK

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Wednesday, August 10, 2016

The Latest on Larry

Today’s post is in current time.

It is Wednesday, August 10, 2016. Kathi and I have been stationary at Green Caye RV Park in Dickinson, TX since November 2014. We are helping take care of Kathi’s younger brother, Larry Clark who is recovering from a bone marrow transplant to overcome acute myeloid leukemia. While we are stationary, I have been writing posts about our past travels. So far I have related events from August 2003 to May 2007. I will return to the travels in my next post, but today an update on Larry.

Larry has been at the Kindred Rehabilitation Hospital in Webster for two weeks now. His progress has been erratic at best. When everything is going as planned, he does physical therapy and occupational therapy six days a week. Three days a week he has dialysis. The meds to recover from the bone marrow transplant and chemotherapy have damaged his kidneys, making dialysis necessary.

We really like the doctor he has now. His name is Lewis Clarke and he is an MD with a PhD in bio-medicine. He and his physician’s assistant have been great. The physical therapists have been great. Larry also gets respiratory therapy. He has a persistent cough that has been with him for several months. The nursing staff is excellent, but like in many hospitals, they have more work to do than they can keep up with on some days.

There is a standing order if Larry’s red blood count gets below 8.0 he is supposed to be given blood. Last Friday his blood count was below this threshold and we assumed he was given the blood Friday night. He was very weak over the weekend and into Monday, so we started asking questions and found out he never got the blood he needed until we asked about it. He finally was given two units of blood Tuesday morning of this week.

Andrea was with Larry yesterday afternoon and she was very concerned about his condition, so I took Kathi to the hospital to sit with the two of them while they talked to Dr. Clarke. They determined Larry was suffering from congestive heart failure, so they called in a dialysis team for Tuesday night to try and remove some fluid and help clear the lungs. The fluid in his lungs is not new, but it has been stable.

This morning Larry was able to do physical therapy before dialysis, but after dialysis he was weak and did not feel good. I took Kathi back to the hospital to be with Andrea and help where she could. Often after dialysis his blood pressure goes too low and I suspect this is the problem tonight. Andrea and Kathi are on the case.

For insurance purposes Larry is being discharged to another facility on Monday. Medicare is interesting and moving from hospital to hospital seems to be the work around – stupid, but true.

It may sound worse than it is and this may be another temporary setback. That is the theory. Our goal is to get Larry functional and home. We will get there. We will not quit.

Monday, August 8, 2016

To Dalhart

Events in this post occurred in May 2007.

Monday May 21, 2007 we were through with our month stay at the Pike’s Peak RV Park in Manitou Springs, CO and we were ready to move back south and east to the family reunion at the home of Kathi’s older brother, Carl and his wife, Cheryn in Guthrie, OK. The first leg of the trip was backtracking 155 miles south on I-25 back to the Cedar Rail Campground in Raton, NM.

This Monday was a great day for driving. We had sunshine and beautiful wildflowers to grace our eyes as we drove. We were only planning a one-night stay at Cedar Rail and we wanted a pull-thru site, so we would not have to unhook our Jeep. They would not give us the Passport America discount rate for the pull-thru, but they would let us use our Escapees discount which brought the priced down to $24 for the overnight stay. It was a short trip and we did minimal set-up so we would be ready to move early Tuesday morning. A little reading and a little TV viewing and early to bed was good enough for us.

Tuesday morning, we took US 87 southeast to the Corral RV Park in Dalhart, TX. The trip was about 130 miles and we were back in Texas again. Unfortunately, we had to leave the mountains behind, but we could always look for some rolling hills in Texas. It helped some to know that after the reunion we were going back to the mountains, this time in Montana.

I always marvel on how quick you can get to Texas and how long it takes to get out of Texas, but that is bragging, so I will not dwell on it. With our Passport America discount, we could spend a week in the Corral for $100. That was good for us, since we had some time to kill. The reunion was scheduled for June 16th.

Wednesday morning, we drove around Dalhart. It is a small, old town and twenty minutes was enough to see all the buildings. We found the Bar H Steak House and we both ordered chicken fried steak, which was excellent and the gravy was even better. While awaiting our lunch, we were listening in on another table full of cowboys. They were all going out to a ranch to round up cattle for a cattle drive and the rancher was pre-paying for their labor with a nice steak lunch. I never hear cattle drive talk in Houston. After lunch, we stayed in the rest of the afternoon and evening until the wind came up. It was fun to listen to the wind – there is nothing tall around Dalhart to block it. About 11 pm we decided to take another drive around town to see what it looked like in the nighttime. There was still not much to see, but we enjoyed watching the wind blowing the dirt around.

Thursday, Kathi was in cleaning mode and she coerced me into washing the bugs and debris off the front of the motorhome. It was a beautiful sunshiny day and cool enough to be outside, if I had not been drafted into manual labor. After we got the washing paraphernalia put away and took a look at the motorhome, I had to admit it was worth the effort. It looked like new again. We stayed home in the evening and enjoyed resting in our own living room in about the 60th different town since the first of the year. Who would have thought?

Friday, August 5, 2016

Royal Gorge

Events in this post occurred in May 2007.

The weather was great for most of the month we were in Colorado Springs. We had some rain and some snow, but mostly sunshiny days with temperature below 70 degrees. May 15th was a Tuesday and we had about a week more to stay in the Pike’s Peak RV Park. It was completely full. The winter rates were going away the first of June and prices were going up tremendously. We were glad we arrived when we did. We spent most of the day at home, enjoying the scenery around the park.

Wednesday morning, we took a drive up to the Royal Gorge Bridge & Park. The park is located near Canon, CO. The Royal Gorge is only about ten miles long and was created by the Arkansas River that runs through the canyon. Canyon walls are primarily granite rock.

We had seen the gorge and the bridge from our train ride at the bottom of the canyon, but the park at the top was a great tourist attraction. The bridge itself is 1,260 feet long and you look down into the canyon 1,000 feet below. The bridge is wide enough for automobile traffic, but they only allow pedestrians, unless you make special arrangements.

They also feature the Cloudscraper Zip Line, which is the highest zip line in North America and aerial gondolas to ride across the canyon. Then there is a 360-acre amusement park to entertain the kids and younger-minded adults.

The most spectacular thing about the park is the views of the canyon itself. It is worth the time to see. The depth of the canyon and the variety of colors are a sight to see. We liked seeing the canyon, but did not feel an urge to walk across the bridge. Kathi refused to ride the zip line again. I do not like to show her up, so if she does not ride, I do not either.

Kathi was glad she wore her jacket, because it was cool outside walking around and a good breeze was blowing. We stopped at Olive Garden on the way back home -- spaghetti and meatballs for me and chicken spiedini for Kathi.

We spent most of Thursday, Friday and the weekend at home. The temperature was cool and we had some sunshine and a few rain showers. Kathi was looking ahead at our next few stops and she did not think we would find good restaurants and big grocery stores, so we decided to take advantage while those were available to us. We made another visit to Texas Roadhouse. This time I had chicken fried steak and Kathi had a salad. After lunch we went grocery shopping. We got caught up on our laundry on Sunday afternoon. We did what we could to get ready for moving again. On Monday morning, we were going south again, then east to Oklahoma for a family reunion.

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Lunches in Colorado

Events in this post occurred in May 2007.

Saturday, May5, 2007 was a cool, rainy day in Manitou Springs, CO. We stayed in most of the day, except for an early dinner at Texas Roadhouse. We both had a ribeye steak with baked potatoes and a salad. Kathi got her steak cooked well done and mine was cooked medium well – well done always made the steak too dry for me, almost like trying to eat paper. It was May and springtime and we were using heat in the evening. We were really enjoying the cool weather in Colorado.

Sunday was another cool and rainy day. The dampness has both our sinuses acting up. A few days of rain and we were ready to see sunshine again. We went to Joe’s Crab Shack in the afternoon. I ordered a Boiler for us to share. It included Dungeness crab, king crab, sausage, potatoes and corn on the cob. I wore my bib and Kathi refused to wear hers, but she does not usually drop food on her blouse. Lunch was messy, but a lot of fun. We laughed a lot while we were eating – how cool is that?

The highlight for Monday was Olive Garden. Tuesday I made another attempt to find The Broadmoor resort. This time I used a map and we found it easily. We enjoyed looking around on the property. We mostly enjoyed looking at the colorful flowers, especially the tulips. After the Broadmoor, we took a drive through the mountains in the area. The views were spectacular. There was a lot of snow on the mountain tops, but the roads had been graded and driving was no problem. We enjoyed the day immensely.

We stayed in on Wednesday and Kathi made soup and cornbread. I thought lunch was great. Kathi was not happy with the crumbly cornbread. She suspected her convection oven was not functioning properly. I thought maybe the cornbread was saving me some time by preparing itself to go in my soup.

It seems like on our domestic days, eating at a restaurant was the highlight of the day. The way I enjoy food, that is not an unwanted highlight. Thursday the 10th found us at Texas Roadhouse again. Kathi had a grilled chicken salad and I had another ribeye – I do not give up on a good thing easily. We spent the next few days mostly at home, but we did make several excursions through the Cheyenne Mountains. Kathi enjoyed looking at the big homes in the area. I enjoyed the beautiful mountain views.

We had another week to spend enjoying Colorado and the cool weather it offered us, then we were going to take a leisurely drive to Guthrie, OK for a family reunion being hosted by Kathi’s older brother, Carl and his wife, Cheryn. Before we started planning our drive to Oklahoma, we were going to see more of the sites around Colorado Springs. We wanted to re-visit some of the places we had been and also look for something new. Good times.