Friday, August 12, 2016

Dalhart to Elk City

Events in this post occurred in May 2007.

We had a few more days to spend at the Corral RV Park in Dalhart, TX.  Friday, April 25 was another beautiful, cool, sunshiny day. Then in the evening we got rain, thunder, lightning and high wind. I guess the weather changes everywhere, but the suddenness of the change sometimes surprises me.

The rain stopped sometime during the night and we had another great day to live life to the fullest. Kathi was reading and I decided to fix a broken headlight on our motorhome. It was held in position by springs and was almost completely out of the cutout hole made for the headlight. We did not drive the motorhome at night, except when we had no choice. I like to leave and arrive in the daytime. It is so much easier to hook up the utilities in a new place, if you do not have to hold a flashlight.

The air must have been invigorating. After I got the headlight fixed, I got out my ladder to reposition a louver that had come loose in our microwave vent. I have a Little Giant ladder, because it is strong enough to hold my weight. It is made of aluminum and heavy for me to move around, but it does the job for us. I was glad to get a few things done and more glad to be through working for the day.

Sunday was another cool and windy day. We drove around town and the surrounding areas looking at pastures and cows. Kathi let me stop for a pizza since it was my 64th birthday. We spent the evening in with more wind and rain. We were glad our week in Dalhart was about up. We were ready to move along. We were RV travelers with the emphasis on travelers.

We had one more stop to make before we got to Guthrie, OK for the family reunion and we still had two weeks to get there. We got everything ready to move on Monday, so we could leave early on Tuesday morning. Tuesday we moved to the Elk Run RV Park in Elk City, OK. It was a 200-mile trip on US 87. We admired the wild flowers – lots of yellows and oranges. We took our time, but did not stop to smell the flowers. We drove through the communities of Dumas, Borger, Pampa and Wheeler on the way to Elk City. I do not remember seeing a person in any of these locations. I suppose they were out in the fields taking care of the cows.

We arrived in Elk City in early afternoon and got our motorhome set up for a short stay. The Passport America rate was $12.50 per night. Kathi spotted a Mexican food restaurant on the way to the RV park that she wanted to try. The food was not very good, but we got enough sustenance to last the evening. Next stop – Guthrie.

Indian Statue at casino in Thackerville, OK

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