Monday, August 15, 2016

Guthrie and the Surrounding Area

Events in this post occurred in May and June 2007.

Thursday, May 31, 2007 we left the Elk Run RV Park in Elk City, OK on a calm, cool day and went east on I-40 through Canute, Clinton and El Reno before reaching Oklahoma City. At OKC we got on I-35 and went the next 25 miles north to Guthrie and checked in at the Cedar Valley RV Park. Total trip was about 150 miles and we arrived around noon. We paid $244 for two weeks rent. They had a golf course around the RV park, which was on a hilltop and the pastoral views were pleasant to see.

After we got set up we met Kathi’s older brother, Carl and his wife Cheryn at their house so we could go to dinner together. Their new house was beautiful and they were very proud of it. Kathi took a tour of the house and I walked around outside in their big yard. Carl had done a lot of landscaping work already and more was planned.

We had a Japanese dinner at a restaurant in Edmond. I think this was my first time in a Japanese restaurant. Kathi and I had teriyaki steak and Carl and Cheryn had sushi, which looked like balls of rice to me. We enjoyed a nice conversation over our meal. Carl was tired from working at Guthrie High School every day and getting the finishing touches on the house to be ready for the family reunion a couple of weeks later.

Our Alfa at the Cedar Valley RV Park

A view to the east from our RV

This was a miniature RV parked at Cedar Valley

Friday, Kathi and I drove around Guthrie. Everything was lush and green with a splash of wildflowers everywhere. The day was overcast and we had some rain sprinkles, but it was cool and good for us. Kathi and her siblings were born in Guthrie. Kathi was five when she moved to Texas, but she seemed to remember everything about Guthrie. We had a so-so barbecue lunch at a barbecue place close to I-35, then went grocery shopping.

Saturday morning was time for laundry again. It was warmer and the sun was bright driving the rain away. After laundry we drove around town again. We found Kathi’s Great Grandmother White’s house. It was different than she remembered. Things always look smaller as you grow older.

Sunday afternoon we took a drive into Kingfisher, which was a small town 20 miles to the west of Guthrie on OK 33. Kingfisher seemed a little larger than Guthrie, but not by much. We enjoyed the farms along the way much more than the town. We thought the farms were growing wheat or barley, but we were never sure of what we were looking at. It was June 3rd and Carl’s birthday. Kathi called him and found out he and Cheryn were in San Antonio.

Monday we took a drive into Crescent, an even smaller community northeast of Guthrie. Everything looked familiar but different to Kathi. I mostly enjoyed the farms and cattle grazing in large hillside pastures. Kathi talked to my sister, Carol while we were driving and found out Carol’s mother-in-law had a stroke and was in ICU. We were all aging and Lloyd’s mother was the last parent still living. She was a tough lady and they expected her to recover.


  1. I did not realize mom left for Texas so young, five years of age. Did you know Guthrie was the first capital of the Oklahoma territory (1907-1913)

  2. Thanks for reading my blog, AJ. We knew about Guthrie. Thanks for the comment.