Friday, August 5, 2016

Royal Gorge

Events in this post occurred in May 2007.

The weather was great for most of the month we were in Colorado Springs. We had some rain and some snow, but mostly sunshiny days with temperature below 70 degrees. May 15th was a Tuesday and we had about a week more to stay in the Pike’s Peak RV Park. It was completely full. The winter rates were going away the first of June and prices were going up tremendously. We were glad we arrived when we did. We spent most of the day at home, enjoying the scenery around the park.

Wednesday morning, we took a drive up to the Royal Gorge Bridge & Park. The park is located near Canon, CO. The Royal Gorge is only about ten miles long and was created by the Arkansas River that runs through the canyon. Canyon walls are primarily granite rock.

We had seen the gorge and the bridge from our train ride at the bottom of the canyon, but the park at the top was a great tourist attraction. The bridge itself is 1,260 feet long and you look down into the canyon 1,000 feet below. The bridge is wide enough for automobile traffic, but they only allow pedestrians, unless you make special arrangements.

They also feature the Cloudscraper Zip Line, which is the highest zip line in North America and aerial gondolas to ride across the canyon. Then there is a 360-acre amusement park to entertain the kids and younger-minded adults.

The most spectacular thing about the park is the views of the canyon itself. It is worth the time to see. The depth of the canyon and the variety of colors are a sight to see. We liked seeing the canyon, but did not feel an urge to walk across the bridge. Kathi refused to ride the zip line again. I do not like to show her up, so if she does not ride, I do not either.

Kathi was glad she wore her jacket, because it was cool outside walking around and a good breeze was blowing. We stopped at Olive Garden on the way back home -- spaghetti and meatballs for me and chicken spiedini for Kathi.

We spent most of Thursday, Friday and the weekend at home. The temperature was cool and we had some sunshine and a few rain showers. Kathi was looking ahead at our next few stops and she did not think we would find good restaurants and big grocery stores, so we decided to take advantage while those were available to us. We made another visit to Texas Roadhouse. This time I had chicken fried steak and Kathi had a salad. After lunch we went grocery shopping. We got caught up on our laundry on Sunday afternoon. We did what we could to get ready for moving again. On Monday morning, we were going south again, then east to Oklahoma for a family reunion.


  1. I enjoy your travel blog entries about your time in Colorado. It sounds like the weather was just perfect on this trip. I feel lucky that one of our few visits when I came to you instead of the other way around took me to Colorado. The Royal Gorge sounds like my kind of sightseeing. Outdoors, beautiful, crisp air and temperature and then the amazing scenery of the Royal Gorge. Sounds fantastic.

  2. Colorado was fun. We would like to go there again someday, but RV parks are very expensive in the Colorado Springs area. We may do some work camping at Estes Park some day.