Monday, August 8, 2016

To Dalhart

Events in this post occurred in May 2007.

Monday May 21, 2007 we were through with our month stay at the Pike’s Peak RV Park in Manitou Springs, CO and we were ready to move back south and east to the family reunion at the home of Kathi’s older brother, Carl and his wife, Cheryn in Guthrie, OK. The first leg of the trip was backtracking 155 miles south on I-25 back to the Cedar Rail Campground in Raton, NM.

This Monday was a great day for driving. We had sunshine and beautiful wildflowers to grace our eyes as we drove. We were only planning a one-night stay at Cedar Rail and we wanted a pull-thru site, so we would not have to unhook our Jeep. They would not give us the Passport America discount rate for the pull-thru, but they would let us use our Escapees discount which brought the priced down to $24 for the overnight stay. It was a short trip and we did minimal set-up so we would be ready to move early Tuesday morning. A little reading and a little TV viewing and early to bed was good enough for us.

Tuesday morning, we took US 87 southeast to the Corral RV Park in Dalhart, TX. The trip was about 130 miles and we were back in Texas again. Unfortunately, we had to leave the mountains behind, but we could always look for some rolling hills in Texas. It helped some to know that after the reunion we were going back to the mountains, this time in Montana.

I always marvel on how quick you can get to Texas and how long it takes to get out of Texas, but that is bragging, so I will not dwell on it. With our Passport America discount, we could spend a week in the Corral for $100. That was good for us, since we had some time to kill. The reunion was scheduled for June 16th.

Wednesday morning, we drove around Dalhart. It is a small, old town and twenty minutes was enough to see all the buildings. We found the Bar H Steak House and we both ordered chicken fried steak, which was excellent and the gravy was even better. While awaiting our lunch, we were listening in on another table full of cowboys. They were all going out to a ranch to round up cattle for a cattle drive and the rancher was pre-paying for their labor with a nice steak lunch. I never hear cattle drive talk in Houston. After lunch, we stayed in the rest of the afternoon and evening until the wind came up. It was fun to listen to the wind – there is nothing tall around Dalhart to block it. About 11 pm we decided to take another drive around town to see what it looked like in the nighttime. There was still not much to see, but we enjoyed watching the wind blowing the dirt around.

Thursday, Kathi was in cleaning mode and she coerced me into washing the bugs and debris off the front of the motorhome. It was a beautiful sunshiny day and cool enough to be outside, if I had not been drafted into manual labor. After we got the washing paraphernalia put away and took a look at the motorhome, I had to admit it was worth the effort. It looked like new again. We stayed home in the evening and enjoyed resting in our own living room in about the 60th different town since the first of the year. Who would have thought?


  1. I was excited for you getting to finally retire and do some traveling. I still get excited for you. Love you guys.

  2. I was excited for you getting to finally retire and do some traveling. I still get excited for you. Love you guys.