Sunday, September 11, 2016

Arlee and Bretz

Events in this post occurred in July 2007.

We were hanging out at the Jellystone RV Park in Missoula, MT awaiting an RV maintenance appointment date of July 24th at Bretz RV. During the week of July 16th, we spent Wednesday and Thursday at home and even took a walk around the RV park when it was cooler in the evening. The only other time we were outside was to eat lunch at Cracker Barrel, again. It was close and the food was always good.

By Friday, Kathi was feeling like a caged animal and wanted to get out and do something. After all, we were retired and RV travelers, so we were supposed to be having fun. We took a drive through the mountains and every road we took seemed to end at someone’s driveway. I did not mind, the Jeep was easy to make a U turn with, although it was more like a figure 4 than a U. Mountain scenes were beautiful and fun, as we expected. Somehow we ended up in a little community called Arlee. Arlee was the name of the Flathead Indian chief who lived there when the community was formed. Arlee (the community, not the chief) had a casino and we spent several hours of fun time with only $20 each. Forty dollars was not much profit, but it was more than they would have made without us.

Saturday was another good day for a drive and we decided to go south this time. Our Jeep told us it was 81 degrees outside which made driving pleasant on a sunshiny afternoon. Mountain driving and mountain views were fun and spectacular. We ran across some large homes with huge flower gardens. Kathi wanted to stop and look, but I did not want to seem presumptuous, so we did not stop. We passed a gated housing community and one house had a high-heeled shoe about 14 feet tall. Maybe our most exciting non-scenic sight of the day. It was another good day.

It was Sunday and we were already ready to move along and we still had two days to kill before our RV appointment. We had driven in every direction around Missoula, so we just meandered. It was a little warmer, but not uncomfortable. We spent Monday at home doing a little cleaning and getting everything ready to show up at Bretz early Tuesday morning. Our appointment was for 8:00 am.

We moved into one of the Bretz courtesy spots for RV owners that were there for repairs. They furnished water and electric, but we had to unhook to use their dump station. That was good with us. The rent was free. We needed to replace a slide motor on our large slide out, a windshield wiper motor and our microwave/convection oven. We gave them our warranty information when we made the appointment, but they did not call for approval until we arrived. We did not know what to expect or understand their schedule so we opened our shades and watched the activity. There was a steady stream of shoppers looking at new RVs, a lot of trailers and fifth wheels and RVs coming in for maintenance and finding they had a waiting list so pulled out again. There were also a steady stream of small trailers coming in to use their dump station. It looked like it was going to be an interesting experience.

Horses grazing in Little Bighorn National Park in Montana.


  1. The book I just read mentions that area. Little Bighorn National Park. The book is fiction but it says that some time back fifty bighorn sheep were let loose there and had since grown into a much bigger herd.

  2. I am looking forward to reading the last Longmire book. Interesting about the sheep.