Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Leaks and Dinner

Today’s post is in current time and relates events that happened the last few days at or around the Boozer’s RV.

We are staying at the Green Caye RV Park in Dickinson, TX. All of the spaces are paved and some of them are wide enough to get a picnic table on the slab. The space we are in, the concrete is not completely level and when it rains we get standing water in a couple of spots near the rear wheels. We also have condensate coming from our air conditioner and in this hot humid weather the condensate flow is heavy and continuous. Kathi used a container to catch the condensate to prevent the standing water from forming algae on our slab.

Near sunset at Green Caye
A few months ago we discovered another water leak on the other side of our RV from the air conditioner and near the hot water heater. Kathi added another container to catch the dripping water. A few weeks ago, another leak sprung up near the hot water heater. This time it was more like a deluge and Kathi could not empty the containers fast enough.

We started calling around to RV places to get someone to stop the leaks near the hot water heater. All the RV service departments are booked up – some through November.

We were driving to La Porte on Friday evening to have dinner with Andrea Clark and her son Matt and his family. More on that in a minute. While we were driving, Kathi spotted a trailer in the lane next to us that had a sign on the side advertising Andrus RV and a phone number. Kathi called them on Monday and they came by to look at our hot water heater leak.

On initial inspection they found a leak at a fitting on the back side of the hot water heater. They replaced the fitting and I think the smaller leak stopped, but we determined the hot water heater needed to be replaced. We have a Good Sam extended warranty plan. An Andrus rep called to determine coverage, then Kathi called Good Sam to do some negotiating and now we are awaiting arrival of a new hot water heater and an installation date. Meanwhile we are living with a pool of water and some algae on our slab.

Back to dinner. Last Friday night, Kathi and I enjoyed dinner at Casa Anita’s in La Porte. It is located on Fairmont Parkway near the intersection of highway 146. It has been about a month since we lost Larry Clark, Andrea’s spouse and Kathi’s brother. We had some remembrance conversations about Larry and some lighter conversations with Andrea, Matt, his fiancĂ© Kristine and two of their children, Austin and Cash. Matt and I had beef quesadillas, Kathi had nachos and Austin had a grilled cheese sandwich with French fries. Cash had the most fun with a bowl of cheese dip and tortilla chip bits.  A lot of talk about family and children. A nice way to finish up any week.

Austin offering to share a French fry
Cash awaiting his food


  1. Sorry to hear about the leaks. Glad you are getting things fixed. Also glad you had dinner with Andrea, Matt, Kristine and the kids. At first I didn't notice that was a French fry Austin is holding in the picture. Kind of threw me for a second. Cute kids.

  2. Thanks for reading, AJ. Even with the RV problems, we had a good week.