Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Beaudry RV in Tucson

Events in this post occurred in October 2007.

Kathi and I were staying at the Valley of the Sun Trailer and RV Park in Marana, AZ the week of October 8, 2007. We were in the Tucson area to attend a Datastorm satellite dish rally at the Beaudry RV dealership later in the month. We had a broken baseplate on our Jeep and I contacted the Blue-Ox people to explain our problem to them. They were very kind and gave me a new baseplate at no cost. We had it shipped to the Beaudry RV Service Center. We arranged to have it installed on October 18th.

There were some new housing additions in the Tucson area that Kathi wanted to explore, but she thought it was too hot to spend a lot of time outside. I did not disagree. We spent a few days inside getting cabin fever. Finally, on Sunday, October 14th we got out and took a drive into the Coronado National forest. Temperature was in the 80’s when we started but dropped to 54 degrees somewhere around 8,000 feet up in the mountains. There were green pine trees galore – a pleasant sight.

We wandered around long enough to find Casino del Sol. The food was terrible, which surprised us. Sunday is usually the best day for casino buffets. The machines were not a lot better, so not as much fun as we would like, but it is gambling.

I left Kathi home on Tuesday morning and took our Jeep for an oil change and tire rotation. Temperature was still in the 80’s and it was nice to be outside in the sunshine. The next day we had lunch at Joe’s Crab Shack. I had fried shrimp and Kathi had a Steampot with crabs. Mine was great, but hers was more fun. After lunch we took advantage of the cooler weather and looked at some of the new houses Kathi wanted to see earlier. It was a great afternoon.

It was finally Thursday the 18th and I got up early to take our Jeep to Beaudry to get the baseplate installed. Kathi stayed home doing housework. I waited in their waiting room for the Jeep repairs to be completed. Around 2:30 pm I checked to find out the status. It had been ready for several hours, but no one bothered to tell me.

Friday morning. we moved into the Beaudry RV Park behind the dealership. The rent was paid as part of the price to attend the Datastorm rally. I had a problem hooking up the Blue-Ox tow bar for the drive over, so I spent a few hours in the afternoon trying to determine the problem. It appeared I had put one of the stainless-steel pistons in a bind at the same time I broke the baseplate. I did a little hammering and a little lubrication and decided we could get by with it for a while. I just need to pay closer attention to it when we started and stopped. We were going to be at Beaudry for a week and Kathi was already in the mood to vacate the area. I convinced her the Datastorm sessions would be beneficial and paying rent for two different places did not make sense. See agreed with me, but I do not think she was thrilled about it. I guess it was her turn to humor me, and I was glad she did. Just another glorious day in the life of RV travelers.

Arizona desert scene

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