Saturday, October 22, 2016

Datastorm Satellite Rally

Saturday, October 20, 2007, Kathi and I were in the Beaudry RV Park in Tucson, AZ. We were there for a Datastorm Satellite rally that was starting the next day. Temperature was in the 90’s and it was warm for us. The sun was shining and after coffee in the morning we took a short drive to look around and found a Walmart store for a little shopping. We returned home and spent the rest of the day watching RV’s come into the complex. More RV owners were moving into the RV Park and Beaudry was bringing in some beautiful RV’s for sale. They must have had 25 sales people on the lot. Sales personnel were following people in and out of the new RV’s all day long. I hope they made some sales.

Sunday, I left Kathi at home feeling poorly and I attended two of the Datastorm sessions to listen to speakers discuss satellite issues and of course they had to put their new satellite paraphernalia on display. The speakers were primarily installers, which I suspect sold most of the satellite set-ups. I got a CD with some utility software to make operating the satellite dish a little easier. Kathi was still not feeling well and she was lying down.

We spent the rest of that week with Kathi at home not feeling good and me attending satellite meetings one or two per day. Tuesday was our 43rd wedding anniversary and we did not feel like celebrating, but we were happy to be sharing our lives together – sickness and health.

The last Datastorm session was on Friday morning. I put our awnings in and unhooked our utilities, so we would be ready to move when we awoke on Saturday. By Saturday we were for sure ready to move along. Kathi was feeling a little better. I was not sure if she was getting over her illness or just glad to be leaving the dust and heat in Tucson. I suspected Arizona would never be one of her favorite places to visit.

We were glad to be on the road again. We spent almost a month in Tucson and it felt like too long to be in one spot. Even though we stayed at three different locations in the area, those did not feel like we were moving. Saturday, October 27th we were on the highway and knew we were moving. We drove east on I-10 through Benson, San Simon and Lordsburg before arriving at the Dream Catcher RV Park in Deming, NM. The trip was an uneventful 215 miles long. We had a lot of traffic, but no traffic issues. We got to see a few mountains and some desert scenes, but few crops. Dream Catcher is an Escapees park and we used our discount and paid $17 per night for two nights. The first thing Kathi noticed was there was still lots of dust, which she was blaming for her allergy problems. I thought she was probably right.

Sunset in Deming, NM

Horse statue at a business in Deming.
Kathi was still not feeling well on Sunday, but we did manage to get some laundry done in the morning and stayed inside in the A/C the rest of the day. We were both looking forward to greener surroundings on our next move.

Next stop: Van Horn, TX.


  1. Beautiful sunset in Deming. I don't remember you talking about the the Datastorm Satellite Rally. It sounds cool

  2. Datastorm was a long time ago, it seems to me now. We have been using our phones for internet for several years. I used the sunset in Deming for the cover to my book, "Turmoil to Redemption."