Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Fun in the Bay Area

Kathi and I arrived with our Alfa motorhome at Trailer Villa San Mateo in Redwood City, CA on Monday, September 10th, 2007. Our plan was to visit our son, AJ in San Francisco on Tuesday, but he was not feeling well, so we postponed our visit. The weather was great with temperatures in the 60’s in the afternoon and lower in the evening. We drove into the city to visit the San Francisco State campus where AJ was attending school. We took our time and made the drive last most of the afternoon. There was so much to look at in the bay area.

Wednesday we drove into the city via a different route. We left Redwood City going north on US 101, then took CA 92 west to Half Moon Bay. At Half Moon Bay we took CA 1 north. This was part of the Pacific Coast Highway and the sea views and mountain views were spectacular. There were wild flowers in bloom everywhere. We drove through the western side of the city and crossed the Golden Gate Bridge. Kathi had to see it every time we  were in town. I liked it too. It was cool enough that Kathi started the day with a long sleeved shirt – me, I had my pull over shirt and shorts.

We drove back into the city on Thursday to pick up AJ. Kathi thought he looked weak and thin. He tried to explain he had been sick, but that did not allay Kathi’s concerns. We had lunch at Olive Garden. AJ and I had pizza and Kathi had Chicken Spiedini. The meal was great, but AJ was worn out and still in recovery, so we took him back home to rest and recuperate some more. Hopefully he would feel better on Friday.

We drove back into town on Friday so I could work on AJ’s computer. There is always something needing attention. He had a few pictures downloaded and a lot of music scattered amongst several directories. I downloaded a virus scan program and assured everything was working the way it should before I declared the task complete. Whilst I was working on the computer, AJ and Kathi walked to Starbucks for a beverage and a pastry. They had coffee and ate their snacks while they were there. The walk there wore Kathi out and she needed to rest before returning to AJ’s apartment. He was used to walking up and down the hills, so it did not bother him. Kathi was really tired when we got home in the evening.

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Pacific Ocean view

Pacific Ocean

AJ and Kathi on the shore in San Francisco

AJ and a stranger
When they returned home, we drove to Pacifica to see the San Francisco RV Park. It was really close to the city and the ocean views at and near the park were superb. We had no plans to stay there, since their rates would bankrupt us. Still it was nice to know we had options.

AJ had school work to complete over the week end and he was working on it on Saturday. Kathi and I stayed in Redwood City, enjoying the gorgeous weather. We had our Jeep cleaned and lunched at Olive Garden, near where we were staying. Kathi was sore from her walking on Friday and was moving pretty slow in the morning, but got better as the day went on.

It seemed we were driving many miles every day and we were. There is just so much to see and a lot of time to kill between visits to AJ. After all, he had a life of his own to live and we needed a lot of breaks. Fun times in the bay area.

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