Friday, October 7, 2016

Golden Gate and Sausalito

This post reflects events that occurred in September 2007.

Kathi and I were in the San Francisco bay area visiting our oldest son, AJ. We picked him up at his apartment in downtown SF the morning of Sunday, September 16th and drove across the Golden Gate Bridge. We drove up a hill just across the bridge into the Golden Gate National Recreation Area. We got on top of a hill and got out of the Jeep to look at the elevated view of Golden Gate Bridge. It was spectacular at any viewing angle. I am not sure why there is such a mystique about this bridge. Maybe the international orange color adds to the allure.

I remember leaving the San Francisco Bay and entering the Pacific Ocean on a troop ship from Oakland going to Korea in June 1963, while the piped in music on the ship was Tony Bennet singing, “I Left My Heat in San Francisco”. That feeling was certainly more melancholy than what we were feeling on this bright September day.

It was windy on top of the hill with gusts about 40 mph. The wind was cold – even with my toughened skin, I had to get back in the car after about ten minutes sightseeing time. Kathi just got the car door opened and that was enough for her. AJ was used to the area and had on layers of clothes, including a sweater and jacket, so the cold wind had little effect on him. The view was more than spectacular.

We went back down the hill and went a little further north on US 101 and got off at the Sausalito exit in Marin County. We found an Outback and had steak for lunch. I have never had a bad meal at Outback, but we sometimes paid more than we wanted to spend. What the heck, we were retired and traveling in our RV visiting our son. Who could complain?

Sausalito is a town of about 8,000 people and it sits on the Richardson Bay. Elevation was 13 feet. We meandered around the town, enjoying the rural views and water related activities. We saw quite a few sailboats, but most were docked. We returned AJ to his apartment and we returned to our RV in Redwood City with new memories of a fun time in the Bay Area.

AJ had classes on Monday, so we stayed home enjoying the weather and reading. Tuesday we picked AJ up at his apartment and ate lunch at Olive Garden again. The Olive Garden was located near San Francisco State and after lunch we dropped him off to go to class. We said our good byes at the campus, since this was the last time we would visit before we left the area. He had school responsibilities and we had things to do, so parting was still a happy time.

Wednesday we found a Lab Corp and got our blood drawn for tests to send to our family doctor in Pasadena, TX Then we started preparing for our move the next day. It was cool enough that I put on a jacket for my outside chores. We really hated to leave this special weather locale, but travelers had to keep moving or change their occupation. We traveled.

View of San Francisco city hall

Hanging baskets of flowers in downtown San Francisco

Cliff along landward side of Pacific beach

Waves hitting rocks on the sea shore

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