Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Kingman and Laughlin

Events in this post occurred in September 2007.

It was Tuesday, September 25th when we left Newberry Springs, CA headed for the Zuni Village RV Park in Kingman, AZ. Kingman is in the Hualapai Mountains. In Mojave that translates to “People of the tall pines.” We used I-40 east for the entire 180-mile trip. There were green mountains to look at the entire trip, but they got more barren as we traveled east. We even saw some dust storms as we got near Arizona.  Space 7 at Zuni allowed both satellites dishes to see the southern sky. We paid $134 for a week’s space rental using our Escapees discount.

Dust was blowing continually in Kingman. Wednesday we got out for grocery shopping. Temperature was in the mid-80’s which was livable. We had everything closed up and used our air conditioner, but could not keep the dirt and grit out of the motorhome. I told Kathi we could open everything up and blow all the dirt out on our next trip down the interstate, but she did not think it was funny, so I didn’t make any more suggestions about the dust.

Thursday we did our laundry in the morning. With all the dirt and dust weighing on Kathi’s mind, I thought she needed a diversion, so we took a drive to Laughlin, NV and slot machines in the afternoon. We took US 93 north for a few miles, then west on AZ 68 through Golden Valley, up and over the mountain to Laughlin and Bullhead City. The trip was about 40 miles each way.

Golden Valley is an unincorporated community in the Sacramento Valley which is in Mojave County Arizona. There is not much in Golden Valley and people normally do their grocery shopping in Kingman. Employment was mostly obtained in Kingman and Bullhead City. CA 68 runs through the center of the community and is their main street.

As we drove down the mountain into Laughlin we saw a couple of RV parks and several RV’s boondocking at the casinos. We filed that information in our minds for future travel adventures.

We spent the afternoon and into the evening in the Golden Nugget Casino having a fun time being together. Instead of playing separate machines we sat together and took turns playing the same penny slot machine. After a few hours of fun and not much luck, we had an early dinner or late lunch at Joe’s Crab Shack which was located inside the Golden Nugget Casino. We both had fried shrimp with French fries. We drove home about nine pm, pretty much broke and tired. Driving over the mountain in the dark made me sleepy, but Kathi poked me and talked to me all the way home and we arrived at Zuni safe and sound. Another good day.

Some roadside pictures. Not sure exactly where.

Stream beside the hgihway

Pretty colors

Nice rock formation beside highway

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