Friday, October 28, 2016

Luling to Dickinson

Events in this post occurred in November 2007.

We arrived at the River Bend RV Park in Luling, TX on Thursday, November 1, 2007. We stayed in Luling four days, from Thursday through the weekend, mostly staying inside and reading in the afternoons and TV viewing in the evenings. The days looked great with a lot of sunshine, but the temperature was as little too warm for us to spend a lot of time outside.

We drove 25 miles into San Marcos on Saturday and got haircuts and visited Walmart to stock up on a few things for our next trip. We did manage to get our laundry done and did some housekeeping before leaving the area. We enjoyed seeing the goat and alpacas in the park and some moo cows in the pasture next door. Inside their community building they had a floor to ceiling cage that housed finches. They were many colors of finch. They are small and fast-moving and fun to watch.

Monday, we left Luling for a 170-mile trip to Dickinson so we would be near family for the Thanksgiving holiday. We drove into Houston on I-10, went south over the Loop 610 bridge, then east on Highway 225 past Pasadena and Deer Park. We took TX 146 south through Seabrook and Kemah before arriving n Dickinson.

We moved into the Green Caye RV Park for $350 per month. We had stayed at Green Caye before, so we were familiar with the people and the location. My sister Carol and husband, Lloyd Jackson were already at Green Caye and we went by to visit them after we got the motorhome set up with utilities. As usual we had a great visit catching up on grandchildren and recent travels. We usually met Carol and Lloyd a couple of times per year, most often in Dickinson and somewhere along the Oregon coast. In the evening Kathi talked to our youngest son, Christopher and made arrangement to have lunch with him on Tuesday.

Tuesday, Kathi spent the morning making doctor’s appointments. We enjoyed lunch and listening to Christopher talk about his job. He was working as a truck dispatcher and seemed to love the work. After lunch I took the Jeep in for some repair work and I do not remember what the problem was. It must not have cost much or I would remember.

Wednesday, it was cool enough in the morning that Kathi had a small space heater running. I was comfortable. We left early to see Dr. Pattanaik, our family doctor and got our annual check-ups and blood letting out of the way. He refilled our prescriptions with enough refills to last a whole year. To do that we had to agree to get blood tests done on the road and have the results sent to him. It was an easy decision to make.

We were going to be off the road for a couple of months and changing our routine from touring to just living. It did not matter – we were still having fun.

A wading bird at a ditch by Green Caye RV Park

Small sunflowers in a field near Green Caye

Flowers at one of the RV sites


  1. Glad the doctor asks you two to get blood work on the road . I can see why that bird is called a wading bird. I wonder why some birds evolve to float and some get long legs. Great looking bird.

  2. Thanks for your comment, AJ. I would like to know the correct name for this bird.