Tuesday, November 29, 2016

On the Lake

Kathi and I moved our Alfa RV to Cedar Breaks Park on Lake Georgetown on Saturday and drove into Austin to take AJ home. He rode the bus into Houston on Wednesday and rode back to Austin with us. I was worn out by the time we made the drive into Austin and back. I assume Kathi was tired also, since she sat next to me in her chair resting until time for bed. We just do not seem to have the energy we used to have.
A view of downtown Austin taken from I-35.
We drove here from Columbus using I-10, TX 71 and Toll road 130. We use pay by mail for the toll roads in the Austin area. That is not an option in Houston. If you use their toll roads without an easy tag, they charge you an extra $10 fee. I like pay by mail better.
A lot of the grass near the highways was various shades of brown with a touch of green – a typical winter look for Texas. Most of the trees we saw were still green and there were a few spots that had green grass. It was a fun drive and we were glad to be moving our motorhome again.
View from our front door
We went to the laundry Sunday morning, but there were no machines available. We had some wet towels that could not wait, so I hung them out to air dry at the RV Park. Now they can wait for our regular laundry day. Our regular laundry day is when I run out of clean clothes. I have a few days to go.
We drove into Austin on Monday and picked up AJ for lunch at the Cracker Barrel in Buda. AJ and I ate the two meat breakfast and Kathi had chicken and dumplings. I had just a tad more than I needed to eat – everything tasted so good. The meal and the conversation was enjoyable. We took AJ back to his apartment. We will see him periodically during the next two weeks, until we make our next move.
We had a couple of errands to run and we chose to do them in Round Rock on the way back from Austin. We drove around on country roads with moderate traffic and saw a lot of greenery. We also saw new housing additions going up in every city we drove through. It is amazing how fast this area is growing, but we seem to see growth everywhere in Texas. We have also seen a lot of road construction the last few years, even though we hear on television we need more infrastructure spending. I think Texas is doing quite well.
The color seemed more vibrant in the sunshine. This bush was on Palm Valley Blvd. in Round Rock.
We saw a beautiful silver leaf maple tree behind a small shopping center on east Palm Valley Blvd. I had to get a picture. I am sure I have seen them before, but I was amazed how striking the leaves were reflecting the sunshine. It is great to be alive.
Silver leaf maple tree in Round Rock

Friday, November 25, 2016

Travel AfterThanksgiving

We had a great Thanksgiving yesterday at Andrea Clark's home in La Porte, TX. Many Clark family members joined us for the feast. Kathi and I and both our sons, AJ and Christopher enjoyed the day with the Clark family. Larry and Andrea's son, Wesley Clark and his family was there. Wesley's mother and father-in law joined the festivities. Larry and Andrea's son Matt and his family were coming by later in the day, since Matt had to work all day.Their daughter Amy could not attend because she and her family are in the process of moving from Kansas to Oklahoma.
Andrea's sister Marikje was there early to help with preparations. Marikje's husband, Daniel flew into Hobby airport from New Hampshire to be with us. They are in the process of moving from Georgetown to New Hampshire.
Kathi's older brother Carl attended Thanksgiving with his in-laws, but some of his son's joined us. His son John, wife Shanna & their two sons Justin & Austin were in from Liberty Hill. Carl's sons Jeff and Carl Westley brought their usual wit with them. I am not going to name all the festive guests, there were too many to remember.
We had a spiral cut honey baked ham and a Cajun spiced turkey to go with dishes that people brought with them, We had a corn casserole, dressing, mashed potatoes and fresh green beans & several other dishes I can't recall right now. For desert I do remember seeing five pies or cakes, including pecan pie and cheesecake. Many people ate and conversed on the patio, while the same thing was going on inside the house.
This was our first Thanksgiving without Andrea's husband Larry. Larry was Kathi's younger brother. Thanksgiving will forever remind me of Larry, because he enjoyed having the family at his house for the holidays. Larry passed on August of this year after his recovery from acute myeloid leukemia became too overwhelming. He was diagnosed in November 2014 and entered the hospital to begin treatment the day after Thanksgiving of that year.
Now it is Friday and Kathi & I left our two-year residence at Green Caye RV Park in Dickinson and drove 100 miles to Columbus. We are staying at the Happy Oaks RV Park just off I-10. We will move another 120 miles tomorrow and spend two weeks at Lake Georgetown.
After our two weeks on Lake Georgetown we will move to Thackerville, OK and the Winstar World Casino. Wish us luck.
I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving.

Jeff Clark standing to the left. Uncle Mike in red shirt, Justin Clark facing toward camera. Amanda and Austin against the brick wall.

Jeff Clark

John Clark's wife, Shanna, Jeff Clark and
Austin Clark The young man talking to Jeff and Austin is Larry's grandson, Gage.

John and Shanna's sons Austin and Justin and Amanda, Justin;s girl friend.

Justin, Austin and Uncle Mike seated.

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

San Francisco RV Resort

January 4, 2007, Kathi and I were staying at the San Francisco RV Resort in Pacifica, CA. We were in the San Francisco area to see our son, AJ. The RV Resort is right on the Pacific Ocean. You could walk from the park to the beach fifty yards to the west. They had 188 spaces for virtually any size RV. Monthly rates were over $1,000 and there seemed to be a few permanent guests. I guess that should not surprise anyone, because a lot of people own RV's that cost millions of dollars. Where do people get that kind of money? I should have gone to business school and got a degree in finance, instead of my math degree.
Entrance Sign

View of the back side of the RV Resort overlooking the Pacific Ocean.
The park had all the normal amenities for guests including an office and convenience store combination, a laundry, a clubhouse, a kid's play ground, a pool and even a BBQ/picnic area. Pretty fancy.
The city of Pacifica is a compact community of about 40,000 people crammed into a 12 square mile area along 6 miles of beach on the Pacific coastline. It is in San Mateo county and is about half way between San Francisco and Half Moon Bay. Temperature ranges from the high 50's to the low 70's. Seventy five degrees is a hot day in the Bay Area.
January 4th was a Friday and we awoke to heavy rain and high winds. It obviously had rained all night and there was no electricity in the park. How can you call yourself a resort with no backup generator? Of course, no RV park would have a back up generator. We take electricity for granted in the United States and we should. It is available 99.9 percent of the time. In an RV park with 188 spaces there were approximately 180 generators available and each RV owner was using their own personal electricity. Kathi and I did the same.
Kathi called AJ and made breakfast arrangements, so after we got dressed, we shut down our generator and braved the storm. In Texas, most people do not slow their vehicles in the rain, but in the Bay Area, traffic was slow getting into San Francisco. It was still not a bad drive and we were at AJ's apartment within half an hour. We drove to Mel's Drive-In for breakfast. We had bacon, eggs and toast and listened to music on the juke box. We had a nice conversation over breakfast.
There is never enough parking space in San Francisco – real estate is too valuable. Mel had just enough parking space for his customers and there were always cars waiting to park and always a line of people inside waiting for a table, near normal meal time. As soon as we were through eating we vacated to allow the next customer in. There were two cars driving around the parking lot awaiting our space as we vacated. I love commerce in action.
We were off to the grocery store to do some shopping. Kathi was determined to put some weight on AJ before she left town. I thought he looked great. If I walked as much as he did every day, I might even be thin. Mucho fun in San Francisco.

Monday, November 21, 2016


Events in this post occurred in January 2008.
We left Dickinson, TX on December 20, 2007 to go to San Francisco to see our oldest son, AJ. Now it was two weeks, two thousand miles and eight stops later. It was Thursday, January 3rd and we would be making the last leg of our trip from Porterville, CA to Pacifica, CA, where we would stay at the San Francisco RV Park.

Beach scene on the Pacific

The trip that day was about 270 miles. We left Porterville early and went west on CA 190 until we got to Visalia, then took CA 99 north until we reached the CA 198 turn off. We stayed on CA 198 until we got to I-5. We stayed on I-5 for about 100 miles, then north on CA 152 to Gilroy. We left Gilroy moving north on US 101, then took the CA 85 exit. We stayed on CA 85 until it intersected with I-280, then I-280 into Pacifica.
Whew. That was a lot of road changes. California is a big states with a lot of highways, but we have always found it was difficult to find efficient routes in California. Seems there were always a lot of road changes to get anywhere. Lot of trees and lots of crops and a few mountain scenes made the trips fun for viewing while we were driving.
San Francisco is on a peninsula with San Francisco Bay on the east side and the Pacific Ocean on the west side. If you go south out of San Francisco on I-280 you get to Daly City. From Daly City take CA 1 into Pacifica, which is on the Pacific Ocean side of the peninsula. The San Francisco RV Park is right on the ocean. The RV park is about 50 feet above sea level. From the back of the park you can see the beach below and see the open ocean for many miles. A beautiful sight. We cringed and paid $331 per week for two weeks. This was the RV park closest to downtown San Francisco, where AJ lived. This afforded us the opportunity to drive in every day with out the drive being burdensome
As soon as we were parked and utilities hooked up, we drove into San Francisco to see AJ. Kathi thought he was too thin, and her mother's instinct told her we needed to get him something to eat, so we drove to Olive Garden for a late lunch.
Our day started off with a lot of sunshine and cool ocean breezes, but it got dark and stormy as the day wore on. It appeared we were going to have storms for the next few days. We really did not care. We were with AJ and happy to see him.
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Friday, November 18, 2016

North in California

Events in this post occurred in December 2007 and January 2008.

Golden Gate Bridge
We spent one night at the Calzona RV Park in Needles, CA and moved the next day to the Barstow-Calico KOA in Yermo, CA. It was a Monday and the last day of 2007.

Daily rates were $25 at Calzona and $33 in Yermo, even with our AAA discount. All of a sudden we remembered why we did not like to stay in California. The prices are outrageous compared to where we normally stayed in our RV. The trip from Needles to Yermo was a short 140 miles west on I-40, but traveling every day was tedious and we were in bed by 7:00 pm.

We were ready to be with AJ in San Francisco and moving every day seemed to be the best option, even though we did not get enough rest. Rest would come when we got there.

Happy New Year!

We got moving early on January 1st – no hangovers (to bed early) and we felt great. We left Yermo going west on I-15 to Barstow. We left Barstow on CA 58 and followed it into Bakersfield. We left Bakersfield on CA 99 and a few miles north we took the CA 65 exit to Porterville.

We had bright sunshine and beautiful views on the drive from Yermo to Porterville. The mountain we saw still had some snow on top. It was the first snow we had seen that winter and it was welcome. The mountains reminded us why we wish we could afford to spend more time in California. It is a beautiful state and just seeing crops growing beside the roads eased the burden of thinking about what it cost to stay there. We passed several orange groves with tree limbs laden with oranges – how fun.

We moved into the Deer Creek RV Park in Porterville. While Kathi was checking in, the manager told her they would begin harvesting oranges in about two weeks. There were a lot of trees in the park, but we found an opening to the southern sky from space 23 and both our satellite dishes worked well. Rates were $25 per day with our Woodall discount. We signed up for two nights so we could get a little more rest.

Wednesday was another beautiful day. Temperature was in the mid 50's and the sun was shining bright. We did a little housecleaning and Kathi tried to wash some dish towels, but our washing machine would not work. It filled with water and stopped. I bailed, remove the clothes and tried to soothe Kathi's nerves. We both function better when things work. We decided to hand the dish towels in the shower to drip dry with plans to wash them later in the week.

Next Stop: Pacifica

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Back to Congress

Events in this post occurred in December 2007.

Kathi and I awoke to colder temperatures – down in the teens, in Benson, Arizona on Friday, December 28, 2007. It was moving day on our slow and steady trek from Texas to San Francisco. That day we were returning to the Escapees North Ranch RV Park in Congress, AZ. We drove the 240 miles with the roads clear of ice and snow and very little traffic. The coach stayed cool, but we were okay with our jackets on and the dash heater going. We drove west on I-10 through Tucson and Phoenix, then got on US 60 north about 20 miles west of Phoenix and it took us right into Congress.

Our mail was awaiting us when we arrived. Kathi called for the mail on Tuesday for shipment on Wednesday. It arrived a day earlier than expected. It normally took three days to get mail forwarded from Livingston, TX to Congress, but they made it in two days on this instance.

Saturday was a beautiful day with temperature in the low 50’s. We got up early feeling good and found a nice laundromat to get that out of the way, then went a few miles south to Wickenburg for some grocery shopping at a Safeway store. While we were there we decided to try the local Denny’s restaurant for lunch. I had a chicken fried steak with mashed potatoes and gravy. Kathi had a super bird sandwich with French fries. Mine was great and Kathi was just okay with her lunch. I offered ice cream for dessert, but she declined.

Wickenburg is a cute little town of about 6,000 people. Most of the businesses are along the highway. There are a lot of hiking trails and trails for off-road vehicles for more adventurous visitors. We saw the Desert Caballeros Western Museum that we would like to visit when we had more time. That day we felt like we needed to get back home and prepare for travelling the next day.

The further west we moved the taller the mountains. We left Congress about 9:30 in the morning driving toward Needles, CA. We drove through the little community named Nothing on US 93 and took Alamo Road west out of Wikieup. After about 30 miles on Alamo Road, we got on I-40 for the remainder of the trip to Needles, on the California-Arizona border. The trip was about 140 miles and it took us almost three hours to get there.

We checked in at the Calzona RV Park. They offered no discounts and their rate was $25 per night and all the spaces only had 30-amp electrical. Kathi agreed to a one-night stay and we marked this park down as a pass-thru only, meaning we would never stay there for more than one night. There was not much to be proud of in the park, so we assumed they thought people leaving Arizona would just be happy to be in California. We were not that much happier. I bet when the wind was from the east, they still got Arizona dust in Needles, but I did not spoil their day by telling them that.

Next post: Moving north in California.

Friday, November 11, 2016

Christmas in Las Cruces

Events in this post occurred in December 2007.

Kathi and I were on the way to San Francisco, but not rushing. We left the Parkview RV Park in Fort Stockton, TX on Sunday, December 23, 2007 and drove west on I-10 for about 290 miles to the Coachlight Inn RV Park in Las Cruces. The Inn was easy to get into because it is just off the highway and all their spaces were pull-thru, which meant that overnight guests did not have to unhook their tow vehicles. The only big city we drove through was El Paso and there was very little traffic.

The RV park we normally stayed at in Las Cruces was Sunny Acres. With their Passport America discount, Sunny Acres was about the same daily rate, but we did not have to drive our motorhome as far into the city by staying near the highway. Both locations are acceptable if other RV travelers reading this are ever in the Las Cruces area.

We paid $19 per night for two nights, which meant we would spend Christmas in Las Cruces. Feliz Navidad. Temperature was in the 30’s and we mostly stayed indoors Monday and Tuesday – Christmas Day. It was a quiet day with just the two of us. We watched a few Christmas things on TV, but mostly sat and read, enjoying being together. Christmas had a lot more excitement when our sons were younger. No excitement was good for me, but Kathi was probably bored. I inquired subtly, but her response was indefinite and non-committal.

AJ, our oldest son went out to lunch with friends in San Francisco. Christopher, our youngest son was working in Houston, but nothing was going on. He thought it was funny being paid more for doing nothing than he normally got paid for working. It was not funny to me. Doing nothing at work was always hard. I always liked having something meaningful to do.

Ginny, Kathi’s mother had a great time at Christmas Eve with her sons, Carl and Larry Clark and their families. All family members were safe and happy so all seemed to be right with the world. 

AJ with Santa

Christmas at Kathi's brother Carl's home in 2001

Christmas tree at John Clark's (our nephew) new home in Georgetown in 2010
 Tuesday we left Las Cruces and moved 230 miles west on I-10 to Benson, AZ. We drove for two days to get out of Texas then went across New Mexico and deep into Arizona in the next two days. We moved into the Benson I-10 RV Park and paid $18 per night with our Passport America discount. Daytime temperature was in the 50’s and nighttime temperatures were in the 20’s. Cold, but acceptable for RV travelers – we always take what we get and learn to be happy with it.

Wednesday, we stayed in and Kathi made spaghetti. While we were eating, she reminded me that I had brought her back to the dust in Arizona. I acknowledged her statement and assured her we would not be in Arizona long and went back to enjoying my spaghetti. She warned me she was on minimal housekeeping until I got her out of the dusty atmosphere. With the temperatures we were experiencing we stayed mostly buttoned up, so not a lot of dust could get inside. That was my story anyway. More and more fun moving west.

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Moving West in Texas

Events in this post occurred in December 2007.

Kathi picked me up at Hobby Airport on December 6, 2007 after I had spent a week in San Francisco with our older son, AJ. AJ and I thought we were going apartment shopping and we did a little of that, but realized it would be easier if we had a car to drive around. The transit system in San Francisco is one of the main reasons AJ moved there but we are used to having our own vehicle with us. We mostly stopped looking for a new place and began getting his studio apartment ready to vacate.

We spent the next week completing Kathi’s doctor visits and getting our RV ready to travel. We had been in Dickinson a month. Seeing the family was fun and important to us and seeing the doctors was a necessity, but we were RV travelers with itchy feet and ready to move along.

We had lunch with Kathi’s mother and father, Jim and Ginny Hathaway and her brother and sister-in-law, Larry and Andrea Clark on Friday, December 14th. We discussed our travel plans over lunch. They were sorry to see us going again and wished us wellness and a good time. Monday the 17th, we had lunch with our youngest son, Christopher. He seemed to be okay with us leaving. He and Kathi talk on the phone every day, so we never feel far away from him.

We left Dickinson to move to the Fredericksburg RV Park in Fredericksburg, TX on December 20th, which was a Thursday. They did not allow Passport America rates in the winter time, so we paid $27 for one night. We were so ready to be moving again, we drove 270 miles on our first day out. We used I-45 from Dickinson to downtown Houston and used I-10 and Loop 610 to get on US 290. We breezed through Brenham, Bastrop and Austin on the way to Fredericksburg. Traffic was heavy, but there were no obstacles to slow us down. The trip was a blur. We left Dickinson about 9 am and drove straight through without stopping and arrived in Fredericksburg about 2:30 pm. I was tired and Kathi was tired of sitting. She warmed up pre-prepared food in the microwave and we rested the remainder of the day.

Friday, we made another long trip for us. I know for a truck driver 300 miles is not a long trip, but for an RV traveler, it does not give you time to smell the roses. We like to smell roses and all the other flowers. We drove 260 miles on US 290 and I-10 through Harper, Segovia, Junction, Roosevelt, Sonora and Sheffield before arriving at the Parkview RV Park in Fort Stockton, TX. That’s over 500 miles in two days and we were still in Texas.

Beautiful colors on flowers on a bush at Red Lobster in Austin.

A wider view. I would like to know the name of this bush.

Roses for Kathi

 Rates at the park were $11 per night and we agreed to stay two nights. We would like to stay longer at that price, but we were on the way to San Francisco and needed to keep moving. There was not much to the park, but that was fine with us. It was windy with temperature in the 30’s. So much different from the muggy weather we experienced in the Houston area – a welcome change.

It was great to be travelling. Next stop: Las Cruces, NM.

Sunday, November 6, 2016

Flight to San Francisco

Just a reminder: Most readers know that Kathi and I have been in Dickinson, TX at the Green Caye RV Park since November 2014. We will stay at Green Caye and share Thanksgiving with the family before we start traveling again. While we are idle, I have been relating stories of our previous travel adventures.

Events in this post occurred in November and December 2007.

My last post was about Thanksgiving in 2007. I always thought Thanksgiving was at the end of November, but it was on the 22nd in 2007 which left more than a week in November. That gave us more time to plan for Christmas. Ho. Ho. Ho.

We spent Friday, November 23rd and the following weekend at home trying not to eat too much to continue convalescence from another great Thanksgiving meal. It was cool with rain, so staying indoors was easy for us. Kathi and I have not seen much rain the last few months, so it was welcome.

Monday, we visited with my sister Carol and her husband Lloyd Jackson and told Thanksgiving stories. While we were with the Clark family for Thanksgiving, they were with the Jackson family. It always makes fun conversation catching up on what other family members are doing. I think Lloyd and I prefer our travelling conversations more, but maybe it is a guy thing.

Our oldest son, AJ was living in San Francisco in a studio apartment. He had been talking about moving to a one bedroom apartment for several months and he decided now was the time to look. Kathi and I talked and decided I should fly out to provide a little guidance as he searched for a new abode.

Thursday, November 29th Kathi dropped me off at Hobby Airport in Houston for a flight to San Francisco. She went grocery shopping on the way home and I fell asleep in my seat during the flight. I do not like flying and sleeping seemed to make the flight shorter.

AJ and I spent a the next few days getting all his clothes washed and getting everything ready to move, even though we had not found a new location. We wanted to be prepared in case something popped up. Apartment hunting in San Francisco is difficult to say the least. We talked to Kathi several times a day. We had not been more than 40 feet apart for most of the last four years while we have been RV travelling. Being in San Francisco felt like being in a different world from her – I did not like it.

Kathi has hated being alone at night since my days working graveyards at the pipe mill, but Carol and Lloyd were nearby. Green Caye is a gated community and RV parks are normally safe locations, so she was doing fine. We both still wanted to be back together. Finally, Kathi picked me up at Hobby Airport on Thursday, December 6th. I was tired and congested and glad to be with Kathi again. We planned to return to San Francisco in our RV as soon as our doctor visits were complete and continue AJ’s apartment search.        

AJ with Alcatraz in the background

AJ strumming on the shore

AJ riding BART -- Bay Area Rapid Transit

Friday, November 4, 2016

Thanksgiving 2007

Events in this post occurred in November 2007.

The end of November 2007 we had some cool days and some rainy days – kind of typical Texas weather at that time of year. It must have been before global warming.

Thanksgiving was on November 22 in 2007. We had a family gathering on Thanksgiving Day at the bay home of Carl and Cheryn Clark. Their home at that time was in San Leon, TX just east of Dickinson where Kathi and I were staying. Everyone in the family liked going to the bay house. The living quarters were upstairs, as are most of the homes in the immediate area. They are built to avoid the high tides, especially during hurricane season.

Carl is Kathi’s older brother. A few of Cheryn’s friends and most of the Clark family were there.  All five of Carl’s sons attended that year, John, Dave, Rick, Jeff and Carl, Jr. Kathi’s mother Ginny and Jim were there and Kathi’s younger brother Larry and his family. It was good to see everyone.

Everyone brought a dish to share and Cheryn made turkey and ham to make a full meal. We paraded through the kitchen making our plates and enjoying being together. I had small portions of a lot of different food items. I returned later for a refill of my favorites. I remember seeing some of the other guests doing the same thing.

John and his wife Shanna and their two sons, Justin and Austin were moving to California and they were excited about the move. Their home west of Houston was already sold and they would leave for California on Sunday.

I always enjoyed sitting on the porch and listening to the waves on the rocks. The sea breeze was almost continuous and it felt good to be outside. The younger children liked throwing rocks in the water. We had a lot of good times at that house, before Carl and Cheryn moved to Oklahoma and sold it. I hope the new occupants enjoy it as much as we did.

Inside sitting at the kitchen table, sitting on the couch in the living room area or on the porch, everyone was in conversation and having a good time. It was a great afternoon.

Ginny & Jim Hathaway and Sheila Rauch (John, David and Rick's mother)

Jeff Clark in his leather jacket

John Clark and his mother Sheila

Cheryn and Carl Clark -- our Thanksgiving hosts

Andrea Clark and son, Matt

Larry Clark and John's wife, Shanna

Gail Clark and son Carl

Dave Clark and Arlon

Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Doctors and Medical Procedures

Events in this post occurred in November 2007.
We obviously did not get enough of Galveston when we drove down to Joe's Crab Shack on Saturday, because we drove back to Galveston on Sunday, November 11, 2007. We drove along the seawall and watched the waves, then parked by a pier to watch the fishermen to see if they were catching anything. We finally saw one small fish after about and hour and a half. We did not care, the sun was bright, the air was cool and it was a great day to be outside. We ate lunch at Sudie's on I-45 on the way back home. That Sudie's location has changed ownership since that time and is now a Bubba'a Shrimp Palace.

Night view in Galveston

Monday we stayed at home. My highlight for the day was cleaning out our hot water heater. That is a chore, because it is so messy. There is not a drain on the bottom. I had to disconnect one of the fittings on the side and use a water wand to flush out the debris. I was soaking wet and filthy by the time the job was done and Kathi washed me off with the water hose before she would let me inside to take a shower. I was glad to get that done. It should be an annual chore, but I was lax in my duties.

Tuesday we had lunch at Gabby's on Spencer Highway in Pasadena. The barbecue was great and the best we had in a good while. I understand that Gabby's location is now closed also. We may have to stop eating out if they keep closing down after our visits. I am sure it was not our fault and we miss Gabby's. They made great barbecue. Carol and Lloyd came over to visit in the evening and we had a great conversation to wind the day down.

Thursday we drove to the Medical Center to see Dr. Nasser, Kathi's heart doctor. He did an EKG and echo of Kathi's heart, then put a 24 hour monitor to wear home. We made an appointment to return it on Monday.

We picked up our blood test results from Dr. Pattanaik's office on Friday. My results were fine, but Kathi had a low PTH level and some blood loss, so he suggested she get a colonoscopy. She decided to return to Dr. Nasser's office and find out the results of the 24 hour monitor, before making any other medical plans. After visiting Dr. Pattanaik, we picked up Kathi's mother, Ginny and Jim for lunch. We ate at Red Lobster, one of Ginny's favorite places to eat out.

We stayed home through the weekend. It was raining sporadically and just did not look like a fun time being out.

Monday we picked up lab orders from Dr. Kaul, Kathi's endocrinologist on the way to return the heart monitor to Dr. Nasser in the Medical Center. Dr. Nasser did not think there was blood loss and told Kathi to start taking an iron supplement. He also added a medication to her daily regimen to regulate her heart rate. We were anxious to get the medical issues resolved, so we would be ready to travel after the holidays. Fingers crossed.