Friday, November 11, 2016

Christmas in Las Cruces

Events in this post occurred in December 2007.

Kathi and I were on the way to San Francisco, but not rushing. We left the Parkview RV Park in Fort Stockton, TX on Sunday, December 23, 2007 and drove west on I-10 for about 290 miles to the Coachlight Inn RV Park in Las Cruces. The Inn was easy to get into because it is just off the highway and all their spaces were pull-thru, which meant that overnight guests did not have to unhook their tow vehicles. The only big city we drove through was El Paso and there was very little traffic.

The RV park we normally stayed at in Las Cruces was Sunny Acres. With their Passport America discount, Sunny Acres was about the same daily rate, but we did not have to drive our motorhome as far into the city by staying near the highway. Both locations are acceptable if other RV travelers reading this are ever in the Las Cruces area.

We paid $19 per night for two nights, which meant we would spend Christmas in Las Cruces. Feliz Navidad. Temperature was in the 30’s and we mostly stayed indoors Monday and Tuesday – Christmas Day. It was a quiet day with just the two of us. We watched a few Christmas things on TV, but mostly sat and read, enjoying being together. Christmas had a lot more excitement when our sons were younger. No excitement was good for me, but Kathi was probably bored. I inquired subtly, but her response was indefinite and non-committal.

AJ, our oldest son went out to lunch with friends in San Francisco. Christopher, our youngest son was working in Houston, but nothing was going on. He thought it was funny being paid more for doing nothing than he normally got paid for working. It was not funny to me. Doing nothing at work was always hard. I always liked having something meaningful to do.

Ginny, Kathi’s mother had a great time at Christmas Eve with her sons, Carl and Larry Clark and their families. All family members were safe and happy so all seemed to be right with the world. 

AJ with Santa

Christmas at Kathi's brother Carl's home in 2001

Christmas tree at John Clark's (our nephew) new home in Georgetown in 2010
 Tuesday we left Las Cruces and moved 230 miles west on I-10 to Benson, AZ. We drove for two days to get out of Texas then went across New Mexico and deep into Arizona in the next two days. We moved into the Benson I-10 RV Park and paid $18 per night with our Passport America discount. Daytime temperature was in the 50’s and nighttime temperatures were in the 20’s. Cold, but acceptable for RV travelers – we always take what we get and learn to be happy with it.

Wednesday, we stayed in and Kathi made spaghetti. While we were eating, she reminded me that I had brought her back to the dust in Arizona. I acknowledged her statement and assured her we would not be in Arizona long and went back to enjoying my spaghetti. She warned me she was on minimal housekeeping until I got her out of the dusty atmosphere. With the temperatures we were experiencing we stayed mostly buttoned up, so not a lot of dust could get inside. That was my story anyway. More and more fun moving west.

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