Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Doctors and Medical Procedures

Events in this post occurred in November 2007.
We obviously did not get enough of Galveston when we drove down to Joe's Crab Shack on Saturday, because we drove back to Galveston on Sunday, November 11, 2007. We drove along the seawall and watched the waves, then parked by a pier to watch the fishermen to see if they were catching anything. We finally saw one small fish after about and hour and a half. We did not care, the sun was bright, the air was cool and it was a great day to be outside. We ate lunch at Sudie's on I-45 on the way back home. That Sudie's location has changed ownership since that time and is now a Bubba'a Shrimp Palace.

Night view in Galveston

Monday we stayed at home. My highlight for the day was cleaning out our hot water heater. That is a chore, because it is so messy. There is not a drain on the bottom. I had to disconnect one of the fittings on the side and use a water wand to flush out the debris. I was soaking wet and filthy by the time the job was done and Kathi washed me off with the water hose before she would let me inside to take a shower. I was glad to get that done. It should be an annual chore, but I was lax in my duties.

Tuesday we had lunch at Gabby's on Spencer Highway in Pasadena. The barbecue was great and the best we had in a good while. I understand that Gabby's location is now closed also. We may have to stop eating out if they keep closing down after our visits. I am sure it was not our fault and we miss Gabby's. They made great barbecue. Carol and Lloyd came over to visit in the evening and we had a great conversation to wind the day down.

Thursday we drove to the Medical Center to see Dr. Nasser, Kathi's heart doctor. He did an EKG and echo of Kathi's heart, then put a 24 hour monitor to wear home. We made an appointment to return it on Monday.

We picked up our blood test results from Dr. Pattanaik's office on Friday. My results were fine, but Kathi had a low PTH level and some blood loss, so he suggested she get a colonoscopy. She decided to return to Dr. Nasser's office and find out the results of the 24 hour monitor, before making any other medical plans. After visiting Dr. Pattanaik, we picked up Kathi's mother, Ginny and Jim for lunch. We ate at Red Lobster, one of Ginny's favorite places to eat out.

We stayed home through the weekend. It was raining sporadically and just did not look like a fun time being out.

Monday we picked up lab orders from Dr. Kaul, Kathi's endocrinologist on the way to return the heart monitor to Dr. Nasser in the Medical Center. Dr. Nasser did not think there was blood loss and told Kathi to start taking an iron supplement. He also added a medication to her daily regimen to regulate her heart rate. We were anxious to get the medical issues resolved, so we would be ready to travel after the holidays. Fingers crossed.


  1. Sounds to me like you should stay away from restaurants. These poor people go straight down the tube before you get out of the parking lot. Nice to hear about you having a good time together.

  2. I think watching business frequent close is due to my age more than anything else. Thanks for reading m blog, AJ.