Sunday, November 6, 2016

Flight to San Francisco

Just a reminder: Most readers know that Kathi and I have been in Dickinson, TX at the Green Caye RV Park since November 2014. We will stay at Green Caye and share Thanksgiving with the family before we start traveling again. While we are idle, I have been relating stories of our previous travel adventures.

Events in this post occurred in November and December 2007.

My last post was about Thanksgiving in 2007. I always thought Thanksgiving was at the end of November, but it was on the 22nd in 2007 which left more than a week in November. That gave us more time to plan for Christmas. Ho. Ho. Ho.

We spent Friday, November 23rd and the following weekend at home trying not to eat too much to continue convalescence from another great Thanksgiving meal. It was cool with rain, so staying indoors was easy for us. Kathi and I have not seen much rain the last few months, so it was welcome.

Monday, we visited with my sister Carol and her husband Lloyd Jackson and told Thanksgiving stories. While we were with the Clark family for Thanksgiving, they were with the Jackson family. It always makes fun conversation catching up on what other family members are doing. I think Lloyd and I prefer our travelling conversations more, but maybe it is a guy thing.

Our oldest son, AJ was living in San Francisco in a studio apartment. He had been talking about moving to a one bedroom apartment for several months and he decided now was the time to look. Kathi and I talked and decided I should fly out to provide a little guidance as he searched for a new abode.

Thursday, November 29th Kathi dropped me off at Hobby Airport in Houston for a flight to San Francisco. She went grocery shopping on the way home and I fell asleep in my seat during the flight. I do not like flying and sleeping seemed to make the flight shorter.

AJ and I spent a the next few days getting all his clothes washed and getting everything ready to move, even though we had not found a new location. We wanted to be prepared in case something popped up. Apartment hunting in San Francisco is difficult to say the least. We talked to Kathi several times a day. We had not been more than 40 feet apart for most of the last four years while we have been RV travelling. Being in San Francisco felt like being in a different world from her – I did not like it.

Kathi has hated being alone at night since my days working graveyards at the pipe mill, but Carol and Lloyd were nearby. Green Caye is a gated community and RV parks are normally safe locations, so she was doing fine. We both still wanted to be back together. Finally, Kathi picked me up at Hobby Airport on Thursday, December 6th. I was tired and congested and glad to be with Kathi again. We planned to return to San Francisco in our RV as soon as our doctor visits were complete and continue AJ’s apartment search.        

AJ with Alcatraz in the background

AJ strumming on the shore

AJ riding BART -- Bay Area Rapid Transit