Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Moving West in Texas

Events in this post occurred in December 2007.

Kathi picked me up at Hobby Airport on December 6, 2007 after I had spent a week in San Francisco with our older son, AJ. AJ and I thought we were going apartment shopping and we did a little of that, but realized it would be easier if we had a car to drive around. The transit system in San Francisco is one of the main reasons AJ moved there but we are used to having our own vehicle with us. We mostly stopped looking for a new place and began getting his studio apartment ready to vacate.

We spent the next week completing Kathi’s doctor visits and getting our RV ready to travel. We had been in Dickinson a month. Seeing the family was fun and important to us and seeing the doctors was a necessity, but we were RV travelers with itchy feet and ready to move along.

We had lunch with Kathi’s mother and father, Jim and Ginny Hathaway and her brother and sister-in-law, Larry and Andrea Clark on Friday, December 14th. We discussed our travel plans over lunch. They were sorry to see us going again and wished us wellness and a good time. Monday the 17th, we had lunch with our youngest son, Christopher. He seemed to be okay with us leaving. He and Kathi talk on the phone every day, so we never feel far away from him.

We left Dickinson to move to the Fredericksburg RV Park in Fredericksburg, TX on December 20th, which was a Thursday. They did not allow Passport America rates in the winter time, so we paid $27 for one night. We were so ready to be moving again, we drove 270 miles on our first day out. We used I-45 from Dickinson to downtown Houston and used I-10 and Loop 610 to get on US 290. We breezed through Brenham, Bastrop and Austin on the way to Fredericksburg. Traffic was heavy, but there were no obstacles to slow us down. The trip was a blur. We left Dickinson about 9 am and drove straight through without stopping and arrived in Fredericksburg about 2:30 pm. I was tired and Kathi was tired of sitting. She warmed up pre-prepared food in the microwave and we rested the remainder of the day.

Friday, we made another long trip for us. I know for a truck driver 300 miles is not a long trip, but for an RV traveler, it does not give you time to smell the roses. We like to smell roses and all the other flowers. We drove 260 miles on US 290 and I-10 through Harper, Segovia, Junction, Roosevelt, Sonora and Sheffield before arriving at the Parkview RV Park in Fort Stockton, TX. That’s over 500 miles in two days and we were still in Texas.

Beautiful colors on flowers on a bush at Red Lobster in Austin.

A wider view. I would like to know the name of this bush.

Roses for Kathi

 Rates at the park were $11 per night and we agreed to stay two nights. We would like to stay longer at that price, but we were on the way to San Francisco and needed to keep moving. There was not much to the park, but that was fine with us. It was windy with temperature in the 30’s. So much different from the muggy weather we experienced in the Houston area – a welcome change.

It was great to be travelling. Next stop: Las Cruces, NM.

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