Friday, November 18, 2016

North in California

Events in this post occurred in December 2007 and January 2008.

Golden Gate Bridge
We spent one night at the Calzona RV Park in Needles, CA and moved the next day to the Barstow-Calico KOA in Yermo, CA. It was a Monday and the last day of 2007.

Daily rates were $25 at Calzona and $33 in Yermo, even with our AAA discount. All of a sudden we remembered why we did not like to stay in California. The prices are outrageous compared to where we normally stayed in our RV. The trip from Needles to Yermo was a short 140 miles west on I-40, but traveling every day was tedious and we were in bed by 7:00 pm.

We were ready to be with AJ in San Francisco and moving every day seemed to be the best option, even though we did not get enough rest. Rest would come when we got there.

Happy New Year!

We got moving early on January 1st – no hangovers (to bed early) and we felt great. We left Yermo going west on I-15 to Barstow. We left Barstow on CA 58 and followed it into Bakersfield. We left Bakersfield on CA 99 and a few miles north we took the CA 65 exit to Porterville.

We had bright sunshine and beautiful views on the drive from Yermo to Porterville. The mountain we saw still had some snow on top. It was the first snow we had seen that winter and it was welcome. The mountains reminded us why we wish we could afford to spend more time in California. It is a beautiful state and just seeing crops growing beside the roads eased the burden of thinking about what it cost to stay there. We passed several orange groves with tree limbs laden with oranges – how fun.

We moved into the Deer Creek RV Park in Porterville. While Kathi was checking in, the manager told her they would begin harvesting oranges in about two weeks. There were a lot of trees in the park, but we found an opening to the southern sky from space 23 and both our satellite dishes worked well. Rates were $25 per day with our Woodall discount. We signed up for two nights so we could get a little more rest.

Wednesday was another beautiful day. Temperature was in the mid 50's and the sun was shining bright. We did a little housecleaning and Kathi tried to wash some dish towels, but our washing machine would not work. It filled with water and stopped. I bailed, remove the clothes and tried to soothe Kathi's nerves. We both function better when things work. We decided to hand the dish towels in the shower to drip dry with plans to wash them later in the week.

Next Stop: Pacifica


  1. I miss the beautiful state of California. The people are ok. The state is so great to look at there is no wonder it is so expensive. I have since lived in a place that can not compare. Too bad it is so expensive. I appreciate you making the financial sacrifice to come out and visit with me. So many things to see. The Sierra Nevada Mountains, national and state parks. General Sherman was my favorite thing we saw together. If it was not for you I would have never left downtown. We'll, when Bet got the convertible we left downtown but we never got out of the car. That day with you and mom when we saw the giant sequoias was a great day.

  2. Thanks for reading my blog, AJ. California is beautiful. We would come to see you no matter where you were staying.