Tuesday, November 29, 2016

On the Lake

Kathi and I moved our Alfa RV to Cedar Breaks Park on Lake Georgetown on Saturday and drove into Austin to take AJ home. He rode the bus into Houston on Wednesday and rode back to Austin with us. I was worn out by the time we made the drive into Austin and back. I assume Kathi was tired also, since she sat next to me in her chair resting until time for bed. We just do not seem to have the energy we used to have.
A view of downtown Austin taken from I-35.
We drove here from Columbus using I-10, TX 71 and Toll road 130. We use pay by mail for the toll roads in the Austin area. That is not an option in Houston. If you use their toll roads without an easy tag, they charge you an extra $10 fee. I like pay by mail better.
A lot of the grass near the highways was various shades of brown with a touch of green – a typical winter look for Texas. Most of the trees we saw were still green and there were a few spots that had green grass. It was a fun drive and we were glad to be moving our motorhome again.
View from our front door
We went to the laundry Sunday morning, but there were no machines available. We had some wet towels that could not wait, so I hung them out to air dry at the RV Park. Now they can wait for our regular laundry day. Our regular laundry day is when I run out of clean clothes. I have a few days to go.
We drove into Austin on Monday and picked up AJ for lunch at the Cracker Barrel in Buda. AJ and I ate the two meat breakfast and Kathi had chicken and dumplings. I had just a tad more than I needed to eat – everything tasted so good. The meal and the conversation was enjoyable. We took AJ back to his apartment. We will see him periodically during the next two weeks, until we make our next move.
We had a couple of errands to run and we chose to do them in Round Rock on the way back from Austin. We drove around on country roads with moderate traffic and saw a lot of greenery. We also saw new housing additions going up in every city we drove through. It is amazing how fast this area is growing, but we seem to see growth everywhere in Texas. We have also seen a lot of road construction the last few years, even though we hear on television we need more infrastructure spending. I think Texas is doing quite well.
The color seemed more vibrant in the sunshine. This bush was on Palm Valley Blvd. in Round Rock.
We saw a beautiful silver leaf maple tree behind a small shopping center on east Palm Valley Blvd. I had to get a picture. I am sure I have seen them before, but I was amazed how striking the leaves were reflecting the sunshine. It is great to be alive.
Silver leaf maple tree in Round Rock

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  1. Wow, the silver leaf maple tree is amazing. I do not remember ever seeing one before. I enjoyed brunch with you two.