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Events in this post occurred in January 2008.
We left Dickinson, TX on December 20, 2007 to go to San Francisco to see our oldest son, AJ. Now it was two weeks, two thousand miles and eight stops later. It was Thursday, January 3rd and we would be making the last leg of our trip from Porterville, CA to Pacifica, CA, where we would stay at the San Francisco RV Park.

Beach scene on the Pacific

The trip that day was about 270 miles. We left Porterville early and went west on CA 190 until we got to Visalia, then took CA 99 north until we reached the CA 198 turn off. We stayed on CA 198 until we got to I-5. We stayed on I-5 for about 100 miles, then north on CA 152 to Gilroy. We left Gilroy moving north on US 101, then took the CA 85 exit. We stayed on CA 85 until it intersected with I-280, then I-280 into Pacifica.
Whew. That was a lot of road changes. California is a big states with a lot of highways, but we have always found it was difficult to find efficient routes in California. Seems there were always a lot of road changes to get anywhere. Lot of trees and lots of crops and a few mountain scenes made the trips fun for viewing while we were driving.
San Francisco is on a peninsula with San Francisco Bay on the east side and the Pacific Ocean on the west side. If you go south out of San Francisco on I-280 you get to Daly City. From Daly City take CA 1 into Pacifica, which is on the Pacific Ocean side of the peninsula. The San Francisco RV Park is right on the ocean. The RV park is about 50 feet above sea level. From the back of the park you can see the beach below and see the open ocean for many miles. A beautiful sight. We cringed and paid $331 per week for two weeks. This was the RV park closest to downtown San Francisco, where AJ lived. This afforded us the opportunity to drive in every day with out the drive being burdensome
As soon as we were parked and utilities hooked up, we drove into San Francisco to see AJ. Kathi thought he was too thin, and her mother's instinct told her we needed to get him something to eat, so we drove to Olive Garden for a late lunch.
Our day started off with a lot of sunshine and cool ocean breezes, but it got dark and stormy as the day wore on. It appeared we were going to have storms for the next few days. We really did not care. We were with AJ and happy to see him.
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  1. It is fun looking back at your visits to see me in California. As for Amazon purchases, can I buy my kindle fire books through those ads