Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Current Events and the Future

Kathi and I spent a cold and wet weekend on Lake Georgetown, then drove into Austin on Monday to pick up our son, AJ to run some errands. We slept late, at least I did. Kathi is usually up before me. She woke me about ten, since our plan was to leave the lake at eleven to go to Austin.
We picked up AJ at his apartment about noon, then stopped by Eye Physicians of Austin to order another pair of glasses for AJ, using his latest prescription.
We drove back to Buta and the Cracker Barrel for lunch. I suspect we will find another restaurant we like before we leave here, but we have been enjoying Cracker Barrel lately. I had country fried steak, mashed potatoes and gravy , beans and corn. This is the only place we dine that gives us three vegetables. Kathi had a grilled pork chop with a sweet potato. AJ also had country fried steak, but chose mac and cheese and dumplings for side dishes.
After lunch and on the way out of Buta, we stopped at the Falcon Bank for roll of quarters to use for laundry. We had a leisurely drive back into Austin and made one more stop for AJ to pick up a Tee shirt, then dropped him back at his apartment. Driving around in Austin is always great entertainment. I can never remember what street comes next and many north-south streets do not go through. The Texas State Capitol Building blocks several streets north of downtown. A little further north is the huge campus of the University of Texas.
I tried taking some through the windshield pictures of the capitol building while we were stopped at red lights, but I was not entirely successful. It was fun trying.
Texas State Capitol building on a cloudy day. Slightly off center. The light changed before I could center it.

From a few blocks further south

This one is on the south side of the Colorado River. The capitol building is dwarfed by the large buildings. The capitol dome is right down the center of the road.
Today Kathi and I awoke to sunshine on the lake. Just as we started to rejoice the sun disappeared again and has not been seen since. We loaded our wearing clothes in the car to go to the laundry. We washed our towels last week. It is easier for us to split the laundry into two trips. Going to the laundromat is completely different than having your own washer-dryer and doing the wash at home.
We hope to have our washing machine repaired when it gets warm enough to drive to Charlie's Service Center in Sunset, UT. We have a long list of repairs to be done after we get there. We had trouble working maintenance into the schedule while we were in Dickinson. When the service centers had time we did not and when we finally had time, they were all booked up. We like Charlie's better anyway. We can stay in our motorhome and they work around us. I recommend Charlie's Service Center to anyone in the Salt Lake City area. They also do auto repair and transmission service.
This is a shot of a car owned by a former Charlie;s employee. He has since retired. Charlie's garage is on the left. 
Another fun week on Lake Georgetown.

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