Sunday, December 18, 2016

Didja' Ever

Remember back in 1960? Many of you will not because you were not born then. Well I was and I heard Elvis Presley sing “Didja' Ever.” It was in the movie G.I. Blues and it was just a song. Some of the lyrics: “Didja' ever get, didja' ever get, didja' ever get one of them days, boy, when nothing goes right from morning 'til night, didja' ever get one of them days?”
Well I thought about that song this morning. Again this afternoon and more this evening. Today Kathi and I lived one of them days.
Last night was cold on Lake Georgetown, probably similar to what it was in most of Texas, but much warmer than our friends in the north are suffering through. I feel sorry for them and I hope they are well prepared for the cold weather.
As I reported in earlier posts, our propane heater is not working and 28 degrees is much too cold for our heat pump, so I got an extra quilt for the bed and turned on two of our small space heaters to keep us warm. I turned off the water last night so the hoses would not freeze and turned on the lights in our utility cabinet to keep everything liquid that I could. Our water pump also is not working and we still plan to have it repaired when it gets warmer and we get to Utah. We were not expecting to have tap water this morning for brushing teeth and washing faces, but we had some bottled water we could use. All was good.
We were content to wait until the weather warmed up to turn our water back on. We had our coffee and checked the news. Kathi could not get her phone to work and I assumed she did not charge it overnight. She assured me it was on the charger when she woke up, but to be sure I put it on my fast charger for about half and hour. After that, all I could get was a blank screen.
Off to the ATT store and we traded in her 6 year old Motorola Atrix that she paid $20 for when we were in Washington or Oregon in 2009. She found an LG K10 that suited her nicely. It was the only one they had that cost less than $200, so she paid for it and we headed home.
I was just getting started setting up her phone and our electricity went off. I checked breakers and found we had no electricity coming into the motorhome. I talked to a couple of neighbors and their electric seemed to be working fine. We went to the park office and the Park Host on duty allowed us to move to another space. I was hopeful, but skeptical that would solve the problem. My skepticism as justified – after moving, we still had no power. I thought no problem, we will run our generator tonight and try and get it fixed on Monday.
I think this surge protector may be the weak link. My best guess.
I could not get our generator to start. Our batteries were already low and the generator did not want to spin very fast in the cold, cold weather. I was out of easy options.
Kathi took us to Best Western for the night and we will get an early start in the morning and see if we can get enough of our problems solved to keep us mobile. At least the mechanics will have a warm place to work as they resolve our electrical problem. If I have to do it, it's ways too cold outside for me and my rusty shoulder and knee joints, but you do what you have to do. Stay warm and think about me sitting in the breeze by our electrical cabinet.


  1. I have been thinking about you and mom all day. I am so sorry about all these problems hitting at once and right when we are having record breaking cold weather. Any one who really knows you knows you never, ever complain about your own problems or tough luck. That is how I know this has been a bad time. You spend so much time taking care of other people and solving their problems. I will talk to you in the morning.

  2. Thanks, AJ. Tomorrow is always better.