Sunday, December 11, 2016

Jim Hogg

I have noticed the writing on our TV getting increasingly harder to read the last year or so. I thought it was our old CRT TV in our RV, so I did not worry about it a lot. Recently I realized my distance vision was not as clear reading road signs. Friday I went in for an eye exam and discovered my vision had changed a little since my last pair of glasses from two years ago. My close up vision seems to be the same as it was then. My new glasses will arrive sometime in the next week and I am hoping it will change my CRT TV to a high definition LED TV.
Kathi is skeptical since we were told it would cost upwards of $1,000 to build in a new TV into our RV and she has not authorized that expenditure. I will just enjoy my new glasses and pretend.
Our TV is built in just above the windshield.
Kathi made homemade soup and cornbread for lunch on Friday. It has been a long time since she made either. We did not like to use our oven when it was so hot in Dickinson. The cooler weather now was encouragement enough to light the oven. The soup and the cornbread were both great. Kathi was thinking ahead and made two pans of cornbread, so we were able to have the same meal for lunch again on Saturday. I think I got my annual quota of carrots. I avoid them whenever possible, but they seemed to taste okay in the soup.
Around noon on Saturday, a group of tent campers moved in next door to us. We assumed they were a boy scout troop, since all we saw were men and boys. The boys were rambunctious and noisy. It was nice seeing them having fun by the lake.
Saturday was also moving day for us. We left the boy scouts and Cedar Breaks Park on Lake Georgetown and moved across the Lake to the Jim Hogg Park. We can see our previous spot across the lake. We prefer staying in the Cedar Breaks Park since it is a few miles closer to Austin. Driving into Austin several times a week to visit with AJ, the miles and gasoline add up quickly.
Our view across the lake.
The drive into Jim Hogg Park goes through a subdivision that must be deer friendly. We often see deer and fawns walking or laying in people's yards and the deer seem to be right at home there. We also see a lot of deer inside the park. They are normally only out early in the morning or late in the afternoon, but the overcast days may affect their internal time clocks. We saw a lot of deer out in the middle of the day on Saturday.
Mama and fawn a few sites down from us
Our plan is to spend a quiet day at home today and drive into Austin Monday morning to get AJ and run errands together. We also expect to get our mail on Monday and hopefully I will get my other computer running before dark.

My view out the window while I write
Happy days.


  1. You are right. I noticed how much gas costs when you drive to Austin. I will find out what other options we have for riding back to Austin in the afternoon after coming over in a morning or afternoon train or shuttle.

  2. Arlon....I have a 1998 Winnebago that had the old CRT TV situated in essentially the same location as yours. I purchased a flat screen HD TV which was much larger than the opening where the old CRT sat. A 25.00 swivel mount and we are in business. Replaced the CRT TV in the bedroom with a smaller flat screen as well. Check it out....don't think you need to spend that kind of money to replace TV's in your RV.


  3. Thanks so much for the pictures, Dan. You did a neat job with your TV installation. It gives me some ideas about how to do my own installation and save some money.