Friday, December 16, 2016

Life on Lake Georgetown

Wednesday December 14, 2016, Kathi and I awoke to a bright sunshiny day. It looked like the making of a really nice day on Lake Georgetown. We had some laundry to do, so Kathi sorted and I loaded our laundry into the car to go to a laundromat on Main St. in Georgetown. We sat in the car and read while washing and drying.
I was reading “Ceremony” written by Robert B. Parker. This is one of the stories in the Spenser series. Remember Spenser and Hawk in Spenser: for Hire on TV. Parker wrote a lot of great stories. The Spenser stories are easy, relaxing reading. I have read all of Parker's books and I am re-reading them. I get about as much enjoyment the second time through them.
After we were through with laundry, we returned home and had home made soup for lunch. It was left over from last week and great again. Kathi is a good cook and enjoys making soup. I enjoy eating it with her.
It was overcast and dreary in the afternoon. We stayed home and I worked on trying to get my computer with the replacement disk drive running again. It was a futile effort and I gave up after a few hours.
Near sundown on the lake

Pretty sky
Thursday we found overcast skies on our horizon. We had plans to get AJ in Austin and run a few errands after lunch. We went to Cracker Barrel in Buta. I had the ½ pound bacon cheeseburger, Kathi had turkey and dressing and AJ had a country fried steak. Lunch and lunchtime conversation were both fun.
Colorful tree in Jim Hogg Park

More colorful trees

Still mostly green, but a little yellow in the mix
After lunch we stopped at HEB in Buta for a few grocery items for AJ. He likes meat and cheese from the deli but they did not have the same brands as the HEB where he normally shops. He did get the other items he needed, so we will make another trip to HEB tomorrow.
The sun came out in the afternoon while we were running other errands and we got AJ back to his apartment around 4:00 pm. Traffic on I-35 was bad as usual. There were several places where traffic creeps along for a mile of so then normal speeds for a few miles then another bottleneck. It is interesting, but I quit worrying about it – we just leave home earlier. After all we are retired and being in a traffic jam is almost as good as being home watching TV.
When we got home, I did an online chat with Dell, trying to get my computer running. After about 40 minutes, they offered to send me an original software disk and provide chat help with installation for $129. I was willing to spend around $50, but $129 was way to much to purchase software I was already supposed to own. I wonder if other companies sell their computers with software already installed and no physical media. I think it is a money making trap.
Back to the drawing board. Kathi and I enjoyed the evening. She had a lot of phone calls from friends and family. Always nice to keep contact, especially around Christmas time.


  1. Great visiting with my family any time but the holiday season is even more special. I am bummed about your computer. You deserve better

  2. We will work out the computer problems. I am doing okay with my backup.