Friday, December 23, 2016

Move Across the Lake

AJ rode the Cap Metro train from Austin to Leander to spend Wednesday with us on Lake Georgetown. He left Austin about seven am and arrived in Leander about eight am, The rail cars are always partially filled and it is a leisurely ride that AJ spends reading books on his Kindle.
1912 Touring Car on Display at Crestview RV in Georgetown
I woke up at seven, got dressed and drove from Jim Hogg Park to the Cap Metro stop in Leander. As I was leaving there was a small deer standing in the grass next to our Jeep. I startled him and he skittered across the street, stopped and watched me leave. Riding through the sub-division on Jim Hogg Road I passed a 10 or 12 point buck standing right beside the road. I was running late and did not have time for a picture. I think he would have run away if I would have stopped, anyway. I think it was the first buck I have seen near the park. The deer are more calm in the neighborhood outside the park than the are inside the park.

Deer in the early morning haze before the sun came up 
I arrived at the Leander station about five minutes before the train. There are about 150 cars in the parking lot at the station, but I never see many people get on the train – usually less than ten. There are also buses that use the station, so maybe most of the riders are bus passengers. On weekdays they only have two trains in the morning and two in the evening.
On the way home, AJ and I saw a mama and two fawns cross the road right in front of us. It was pretty neat. The fawns were almost as large as their mother. AJ enjoyed seeing them. He does not get to see deer very often.
Kathi was not feeling well and she was still sleeping when AJ and I got home. We woke her up coming inside. No one was hungry, but everyone wanted coffee and I had my frosted wheat minis for breakfast. 
Kathi told me the optometrist called and said my new glasses were ready. AJ and I drove down to pick them up. My distance vision is much clearer now.
Kathi cooked some cheeseburgers for AJ to take home and put in his freezer. After cooking she sat in her chair and fell asleep. She did not feel like moving. She had head and chest congestion and a low temperature. We left Kathi sleeping and AJ and I drove over to Catfish Parlour and picked up lunch. The catfish was great and the pinto beans and French fries were good sides.
After lunch we started getting our motorhome ready to move. Our time was up at Jim Hogg Park and we were going to move across the lake back to Cedar Breaks Park. We will be at Cedar Breaks until after Christmas. The move was uneventful and AJ was a lot of help, easing the burden on Kathi and I.
The front view from our new site in Cedar Breaks Park

View toward the back of our RV site at Cedar Breaks Park
I took AJ home in the late afternoon and left Kathi home resting. We had a fun day together, but it would have been so much better, if Kathi felt better. I dosed her with medicine when I got home and I was convinced she would have a better Thursday.

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  1. It was a real nice visit. Just wish Mom felt better. Hopefully by Christmas Eve tomorrow she will be doing better. Just one last visit for Christmas Eve and a night out at the lake with you guys and then Christmas Day. The 26th you two will be on the road and I will probably not be more than a few miles from downtown for a long time