Sunday, December 4, 2016

Not So Cold

Our plan when we arrived on Lake Georgetown this trip was to spend two weeks here, then move to Thackerville and the Winstar World Casino for a week, then back to Lake Georgetown for Christmas week, so we could spend Christmas with AJ. After Christmas, my plan was to go to McKinney, TX and get two replacement MCD shades for our RV in the driver and passenger area. Next we would move north and stay just south of the snowline.
View from our front door on a cloudy day

This is the largest puddle I see. Most of the rain water soaked in or went in the lake.

I never pay attention to the weather, but Kathi does. She still remembers the day we followed a snow plow into Albuquerque. I had to put a space heater on our dash to keep the windshield from fogging up. Kathi does not like riding in the snow or the rain. It never bothers me, but if it bothers her, it gets my attention. What I remember most is how dirty the RV was after the snow melted.
Anyway, Kathi was looking at the weather report yesterday and determined it was going to be below freezing in Thackerville next week. The snowline was moving south to meet us. Our rent is up here on Saturday, so we needed a new home. We talked a little and decided staying on the lake was our best option, because it gets cold here, but not too cold – at least a freeze is unusual.
I looked on and found a spot that suited our needs at the Jim Hogg Park right across the lake from us. With our senior discount cards we can stay on Lake Georgetown for half price, which is about $13 per day. It made no sense to move somewhere else locally and pay $25 per day.
Jim Hogg Park across the lake from us
Last week the temperature got to 39 degrees here, which is cold, but not so cold that it makes us want to move south again. It appears the mass of cold air from Alaska is moving south and the entire US is going to be colder for a few weeks.
We will be on the lake most of the rest of December and it gives us more opportunity to spend time with AJ. Last year when we were helping take care of Kathi's brother Larry Clark, we did not have a lot of time to spend with AJ. You really cannot make up for lost time, but we can take advantage of the time we have now and enjoy being near AJ for a little while.
There has been a lot of rain in Texas this last few days and much more around Seabrook, Kemah and Dickinson than we got here in Georgetown. It sounds like all our friends did okay in that area, but I think they are ready for the rain to stop. The hunters in Texas are slogging around in the mud and I know that is not much fun.
Sometime life in the fast lane is slow. Who cares when you are having fun.


  1. Exactly. Who cares when you are having fun. My hope is that we make the most of our extended visit opportunity and then you get to resume the plans you had at the Casino. The best of all time spent is more time together with family without losing the time planned for some fun at the Casino. I love Christmas time and my Christmas spirit is kicking in thanks to our extended family at Thanksgiving at Andrea's and our time planned through the end of 2016.