Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Sunshine on the Lake

I started off Monday morning with coffee and cereal for breakfast. While Kathi was finishing her coffee, I went to the post office to pick up our mail. We had it sent priority mail general delivery to Georgetown. There were about 30 people in line and it was moving slow. One of the postal workers came out and asked if anyone was picking up or dropping off. I was, so she took me to another line and I was next in line. Unfortunately, our package was not ready for pickup. I knew it was at the post office by the tracking information I read before I left home. The postal worker suggested I come back later or even better on Tuesday. They had 2,200 packages that arrived over the week end and it was going to take some time to sort them all.
I went back home to get Kathi and we drove into Austin and picked up AJ for lunch and a few errands. We were all hungry, so our first stop was Pappasitos for Mexican food for lunch. AJ and I each had a combination plate with quesadillas, an Ixtapa beef taco, rice and beans. Kathi had a salad with chicken. Lunch was delicious and we all got our fill. In fact, AJ took some from each of our plates and had leftovers to take home for another meal later. Pappasitos prices were too high, but the food and the service were excellent.
It was a beautiful day and fun to be out and about. After lunch, we took AJ to pick up a new pair of glasses. He ordered them last week and they called and told him they had arrived. It was the same type of frame he had before and they looked good on him.
After we completed our errands, Kathi and I stopped off at the post office again on the way home. My new disk drive was in the package and I was interested in getting my computer working again. I got the new drive installed with a little effort and patience. I could not get it to load the software, so I gave up for the day.
We woke up to a beautiful day on Tuesday. I opened the shade beside my computer table and the sunlight was shimmering like diamonds on the lake. I took a couple of pictures, then made coffee. We stayed in until the afternoon when Kathi had an appointment with the optometrist. On the way to the doctor, we saw a boat and two jet skis on the lake. It was good to see people having a good time. Her visit went well at the optometrist and she did not need new glasses, because there was such a small change in her vision.
View out my window

Boat and jet skis on the lake

Boat was moving pretty fast
Christmas tree in the window of the optometrist's office.
Next we went to Walmart for some routine shopping. Kathi had a few grocery items and I need some fluorescent lamps for our motorhome. It was 84 degrees outside on the way to the doctors office and 73 degrees on the way home. It did not make sense to us, but that is what the thermometer on our Jeep told us. It did not really matter. It was a great day to be out and a great day to be on the lake. Many of the other RV campers were sitting outside, enjoying the fresh air.
A little more work on my computer and some internet searches and I think I may have a problem. It turns out the backup software on Dell computers is only good for the existing disk drive and will not run on a replacement drive. My computer came with software installed, so no disks are available for reloading. I still have not managed to get the computer running. Maybe tomorrow – I am optimistic.


  1. Lots of good news there. I really enjoyed lunch with you guys. I am happy Mom did not need new glasses. Just a big disappointment about your so far about your backup software for the new drive. I sure hope you figure it out.

  2. Thanks for reading and making a comment, AJ.