Tuesday, January 31, 2017

The Rose and Lunch

Monday was great. We awoke to an uncloudy day. Much bright sunshine and cool temperature. It was invigorating to walk out the door. A neighbor was walking by exercising her dog as I exited our motorhome and she had a big smile and acknowledged the greatness of the weather. We do a lot of whining about Texas weather changing so frequently, but we also do a lot of bragging about the good days we have. I assume that is universal. Either way, yesterday was a beautiful day I was glad to be out in the fresh air.

Some colorful pictures from the Sunset, Utah collection a few years ago.

Kathi had an appointment at The Rose for a routine check-up. Dr. Dixie Melillo has been Kathi’s doctor for many years. Dr. Melillo and Dorothy Weston Gibbons co-founded the Rose in 1986. The Rose is a non-profit women’s breast cancer prevention center on the south side of Houston, near Almeda Mall. They have helped a lot of ladies with their health issues.

Kathi spotted some beautiful yellow flowers at the entrance to Ellington Field. I wanted a picture, but we were in the wrong lane. I intended to stop on the way back home for pictures, but I forgot. Sorry. I will try again.

I tried reading “Invisible” by John Patterson, but had trouble keeping my eyes open. I finally gave up and listened to Rush Limbaugh while I waited for Kathi. It was interesting talk on the Monday after the weekend when President Trump had banned travel entry into the US from several middle-eastern countries.

The Rose is near a Luby’s Cafeteria, so when Kathi was through with her appointment, I darted around the corner to Luby’s. Kathi had a veggie plate and I had the world-famous bacon cheesesteak, with sides of mac and cheese and corn. I left most of the corn to assure I had room for my portion of a slice of pecan pie. We always buy one dessert and share it. I call it our diet plan. Lunch was fun and uneventful and we had no other plans for the afternoon, so we returned home for my continued reading and Kathi’s TV viewing.

Tuesday is another great day. I ran our heat during the morning and it is getting warm enough now to turn the A/C back on. Looking out the window as I write is still invigorating today. We have lunch plans with my sister and husband, Carol and Lloyd Jackson. We are meeting at the Red River Bar B Que and Grill in League City. It is one of our routine eateries in the area. We like Red River, because the BBQ sandwiches are delicious, but they also serve a full menu of other items. I often opt for a chicken fried steak or fried shrimp.  We have never had a bad meal at Red River. Personally, I am looking forward to a great lunch and some good conversation.

First, I must load our dirty clothes into the car. It is laundromat time again and Kathi wants to stop on the way home from lunch to get that chore started. Another lively afternoon at the trailer park.

Sunday, January 29, 2017

Doing More

When we were having colder days and night a few weeks ago, with no central heat in our motorhome when the outside temperature was 40 degrees or below, Kathi and I stayed in bed longer in the morning to stay warm. The result was we stayed up later at night watching TV and it got to be a habit. I have been thinking the last few weeks that I do not have time to do the writing I want to do. I have some stories to tell and some writing obligations to which I am committed. I need to get to work. I told Kathi I needed to start getting up earlier again to have more time in the day and she readily agreed. Late night TV must go. Kathi always liked getting up earlier than I do, so it is a minor adjustment for her. I spent half a day writing yesterday and a few hours today, so I am already more productive.

We spent most of Friday at home. I had some routine RV maintenance to perform and noticed a leak I could not stop on a 20’ X ¾” water hose I was using to bring fresh water into our RV. I tried changing gaskets and fittings, but finally determined the hose connector itself was the problem. I never liked this hose, because it was so stiff it could not be coiled, so I gladly decided to replace it. I had a 10’ X ½” hose available and threw the big hose away.

As good as it gets and leaks at connector

 We went to Jimmy Changa in League City for lunch. Kathi had a machete salad and I had cheese enchiladas. We normally share the Vera Cruz, but I wanted to try their enchiladas on this day. I like eating the Vera Cruz better. Las Hadas on center Street makes my favorite cheese enchiladas. We spent the afternoon with me reading and Kathi watching “The Young and the Restless.” I can tune that out with ease. When she watches Dr. Phil, I cannot concentrate to read.

We went to Walmart on Saturday and I bought two more 10’ X ½” water hoses for my utility cabinet. Some RV parks do not make water access as convenient as we find at Green Caye. Kathi has been wanting a microwave bacon crisper for some time, so I bought one to try it out. We went home to have BLT’s and try out our new cookware. Kathi would not use it, since there is no way to stop the turntable from rotating in our microwave. I would have used it anyway, but Kathi choose not to do so. She fried the bacon on the stove and we had BLT’s for lunch.

Microwave bacon crisper

Microwave bacon crisper with cover
After lunch, I went out to clean our basement freezer, since we have not used it in several months. It was in decent shape, because we did a little cleaning when we shut it down last time. Now she can empty our refrigerator freezer and move the frozen items to the basement, so she can cook more to refill the refrigerator freezer. It all makes my head swim.

While we were at Walmart I also picked up some Wolf Brand chili and original Fritos for a Frito pie later in the afternoon. We enjoyed that also and Kathi did use the microwave to heat the chili.

Now it is Sunday afternoon and Kathi offered me Mod Pizza for lunch. I tried that once and was not impressed, so I asked for a second option. She offered Whataburger, which sounded great. I asked if I could finish this blog before we went and she got up and made us grilled cheese sandwiches. Obviously, she did not want to wait.

She is smiling so I guess we are doing okay by having her third choice for lunch.

Friday, January 27, 2017

Gout in the Achiles

We had lunch with Carol and Lloyd on Wednesday as planned. Carol is my sister and they live a few spaces away from us at the Green Caye RV Park in Dickinson. We met at the Longhorn steakhouse and enjoyed sirloin, baked potatoes and salads. The food was great, but the conversation was better. It is fun listening to Carol and Lloyd talking about their four granddaughters. The young ladies have a home in League City and Carol likes to see them frequently while they are in town.

Subsidence pond adjacent to Longhorn

Another view of the pond

Ducks on the pond

We also enjoyed talking about all the activity and turmoil around the last election. President Trump has been very active and always keeps the media buzzing. We also discussed travel a little, but not enough. I am ready to go and Kathi tells me to be patient, because it is still too cold. We have some friends in Oregon that live on the Columbia River and they are experiencing heavier snow than normal this year. Kathi keeps showing me snow pictures to calm my lack of movement symptoms.

New water tower on South Shore Harbor Boulevard, between League City Parkway and highway 646.

I think I mentioned in my last post that I was having trouble with my Achilles tendon. I went through last weekend hobbling and wishing that I had gone to the doctor. It still was not much better on Wednesday, so I got Kathi to take me to see Dr. Pattanaik in Pasadena. He determined I had gout in the tendon and sent me for a blood test to check for high uric acid. Sure enough, it was high. He had the nurse give me two injections and sent a prescription to CVS for a steroid to take for a few days. It has been better for sleeping, but I am still hobbling. But not as bad.

I spent some time yesterday, Thursday, January 26, 2017, filing income tax for Christopher, our youngest. I always use webturbo.tax and it takes a little time, but they ask all their pertinent questions. I think the $40 filing fee is a little high, but I have found it most efficient for my use. It is good practice as a warm up for our taxes, which are a little harder, but not too much.

We had lunch at Luby’s Cafeteria in Webster. Kathi had a Luann platter with fish. I had bacon cheesesteak, fried okra and mac and cheese. They did not have any pecan pie, so I felt obligated to remind them this is Texas and Texans like pecan pie. The young lady thanked me for my input. We shared a little chocolate pie that was mediocre.

It is nearing noon and Kathi is in the shower. We discussed places to eat lunch and I gave her my list. I did not get an answer, but I suspect she will tell me what I left off the list when she is out of the shower. We are looking forward to a fun afternoon on an overcast day. We had sunshine all day yesterday, so I guess I should not complain. Then again, what would be wrong with sunshine two days in a row? Don’t worry – be happy. My head cannot get the tune right, but I hope you get the idea.

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Mostly About Lunch

Saturday, January 21st Kathi and I drove over to Deer Park to drop off some items that Kathi had cooked for Christopher, our youngest son. After that, we took him to lunch at the Pipeline Grill in La Porte, TX. Christopher had fried shrimp and a baked potato, Kathi had a Greek salad and I had a pizza with pepperoni and Italian sausage. I cannot get enough of their pizza. They use a lot more cheese than most of the pizzerias around town. This was our first time to see Christopher since we came back to town, although Kathi talks to him almost every day. We enjoyed lunch and the conversation. It was fun discussing the changes we expect to happen in Washington, DC with our new President.

Green South American parakeets at Green Caye a few years ago

Colorful tree near Lake Georgetown

Sunday, we were lazy (lethargic) and stayed home all day. Kathi spent the morning cooking more things to put in the freezer for our two sons. I talked her into making Spam sandwiches for lunch. She does not particularly like Spam, but it has been a long time since we had one. Not as much fun as her pork chops, but it got us through the evening.

I have had an inflamed Achilles tendon for over a week and am having trouble getting around, but I keep on hobbling. Kathi spent the morning cooking more food items for the freezer, then she visited a nail salon mid-day Monday. She picked up a Subway meatball sandwich for me on the way home. She found a panini from Starbucks for herself. We ate our sandwiches and had a relaxing afternoon at home. I am still reading “Invisible” by James Patterson and David Ellis.

I talked Kathi into buying us a desert in the late afternoon, so we drove to HEB to get a chocolate cake. I waited in the car and Kathi bought the cake and a few other items. They did not have a chocolate cake, but they had a cake with chocolate icing and we settled for that. The cake was very tasty, so we were not too disappointed about no chocolate cake.

Ominous black birds at Green Caye this year. These scenes always remind me of The Birds.
We have plans for lunch with Carol and Lloyd on Wednesday. We plan to meet them at the Longhorn steak house on the Gulf Freeway in Webster. We are looking forward to lunch, because we always have lively conversations. I would love to talk about our next destination – I am ready to move along. Kathi keeps watching the weather and tells me it is still too cold to move north. I told her I would drive slow, but she was not convinced that would help.

We have so many items that need repair on our motorhome we may be in Utah for a month. That is okay with me. Utah is a beautiful state and we have good friends there. There is always something to look forward to. Even when life feels dull, there is always more fun ahead.

Saturday, January 21, 2017

Week in Review

Kathi and I celebrated Martin Luther King’s birthday at home on a humid Monday, January 16, 2017. We had our Jeep loaded with clothes to wash, but there was no room at the laundry. I spent the time reading and working puzzles and Kathi spent her time making pork chops and cheeseburger patties for the freezer to take to our sons. She enjoys cooking and they enjoy the meals she prepares for them.

Tuesday morning, we were really anxious to get to the laundry, so we both slept late. We checked the news of the day, had a half cup of coffee, then got the laundry done at a laundromat in Bacliff. I stopped at Starbucks on the way home and bought Kathi a cheese and mozzarella panini for lunch. I picked my lunch up at McDonald's. We brought our food home, ate, then folded and put our freshly washed clothing away.

Kathi was wishing for sunshine, since it has been sporadic for the last few weeks. She has been having some back pains and thinks the high humidity and dreary weather may be a contributing factor. We have seen so many overcast days recently, it reminds us of being on the Oregon coast in October of 2014 when the sun did not shine for over a month. It got depressing in Oregon, but it has not been quite that bad here. Visiting with family helps a lot.

Kathi called Escapees in Livingston to have our mail delivered. She had it sent General Delivery to the Kemah Post Office. Green Caye no longer accepts mail for new arrivals. Some people that have stayed her for a while still get their mail delivered to Green Caye, but they are phasing out the service.

We took showers early and settled in for reading and TV on Wednesday. Kathi made me a hamburger for lunch and she had a salad. A quiet day.

Thursday, we picked up our mail and drove to Longhorn Steakhouse for lunch. I had a chicken fried steak, mashed potatoes and a salad that Kathi and I shared. She had a sirloin with baked potato. Lunch was great. Longhorn’s menu has some reasonably priced lunch items and some expensive steak, chicken and fish meals. There is a good variety to choose from and enough variety to suit most diners.

Kathi had more things to cook in the afternoon and I read. Lloyd Jackson loaned me a hard cover book called “Invisible” by James Patterson and David Ellis. It has been a while since I read a real book. I have been reading only Kindle e-books for several years.

Friday was the highlight of our week. We spent the day and evening watching the inauguration ceremonies. Kathi made a salad, some great pork chops and mashed potatoes for lunch. It was a day of celebration for us. We feel it is a turning point in the direction our country is going and an opportunity for the rest of the world’s economy to begin improving. Happy days.

Monday, January 16, 2017

MLK Holiday 2017

Sunday, January 15, 2017, Kathi and I met Andrea Clark, our sister-in-law and her granddaughter, Austin for lunch at the Pipeline Grill on Spencer Highway in La Porte. It was our first time we got to see Andrea since our excursion to Georgetown and the Winstar Casino in Oklahoma earlier in the month. Remember we returned to the Houston area, because it was too cold for us to live comfortably. Since then it has been about the same temperature all over the southwest, so maybe we were just too chicken to tough out the cold weather. Oh, well.

We are here now and lunch was fun. I got Austin to pose for a few pictures while we waited for a table. She is shy with some people, but seldom camera shy. When we were seated, Austin got a cheese pizza and a small drink in a paper cup. She nibbled on the cheese, but never ate much of her pizza. Andrea had fries with her meal and Austin enjoyed playing with the fries better than playing with her pizza.

Oil company memoribilia inside the Pipeline Grill
Austin enjoying the dinosaur

A better picture of Austin
Kathi had a Greek salad and I had a pizza with pepperoni and Italian sausage. I double checked with the waiter to assure he knew I wanted the crumbly sausage, not the link sausage bits. He was happy to comply. I stuffed myself and still had pizza left over to take home. We enjoyed visiting. Kathi and Andrea are in contact almost every day, but it seems to be more fun to talk face to face. Lunch was pleasant and filling.

Sunday afternoon, we visited my sister, Carol a few sites down from us at Green Caye. More fun conversations about family and travels. We spent some time looking for a picture of my Grandfather Harris. He was a grandparent on my mother’s side of the family. Carol said she had a picture of him that reminded her of me. We could not find it, but it is funny that anyone would think I look like a grandpa. Stop laughing.

Today a lot of people are off work for the Martin Luther King holiday. Many of the people living near us in the RV park work in this area and go home to see their families on weekends. This week they will start drifting back to the RV park on Monday afternoon, instead of Sunday afternoon.

We got behind in our laundry when I was under the weather for a few days, so we choose today to catch up. We drove to the laundromat and there was no room in the parking lot for us. A quick drive through and back home. We will try again tomorrow.

The groundskeepers at Green Caye did not get the day off. A large riding lawn mower has been circling the neighborhood for several hours. There is a lot of grass to mow, but they do a good job keeping the park looking neat.

A lot of grass to mow

The groundskeeper at work
I remember a lot of different speeches and messages from Dr. King. What I remember are his requests for peace and fairness to all people. That is the message I always want to remember on his holiday.

Saturday, January 14, 2017

Out to Lunch

What a dreary Saturday. Looking out the window of our Alfa RV parked at Green Caye in Dickinson, TX, it looks like a glum day. No hint of sunshine. I like to include pictures when I post a blog, but it is hard to get good pictures with no sunlight. I tried flash pictures of Kathi, but she will not let me post them.

Yesterday, Kathi and I met my sister Carol and husband Lloyd at the Jimmy Changa restaurant in League City. This was our first visit with Carol and Lloyd since we have been back in Dickinson and we enjoyed catching up on news and family. It was really good since it has been a couple of weeks since Kathi and I both felt like being out at the same time.

Picture inside Jimmy Changa
We enjoyed lunch. Carol and Lloyd shared a Vera Cruz plate and Kathi and I did the same. The combination of shrimp and fajitas is always a taste pleaser. There was not one space available in the Jimmy Changa parking lot, so Kathi and I parked our Jeep on the street in front of the restaurant.

We stopped on the way home at a Supercuts, so Kathi could get her hair cut. I waited in the car and read. She was in and out in about 15 minutes. Obviously, it was a slow day at the hair salon. Kathi’s new haircut looked great. Sorry, no pictures.

League City picture from my archive taken on a brighter day
More color around League City
We talked to both our sons by telephone in the afternoon. AJ described similar weather in Austin. He was home for the afternoon to meet the Spectrum cable people who were coming to repair his cable again. He had lost internet capabilities and his remote control quit functioning.

Our son, Christopher was on his way home from a busy day at work. He is a fleet manager for a trucking company and ships lubricants for Shell Oil all over the United States. It is nice to report that Shell is still doing a booming business.

Kathi decided today is cleaning day at the RV. When she is in domestic mode, it is single focus and I try not to interrupt. Sometimes I get assignments and sometimes not. Today she is not confident in my ability to do the job right, so she has not assigned me any chores. That may change as her energy drains. I gave up on volunteering to do things on my own on domestic days, since I cannot seem to keep out of the way.

We plan to have lunch on Sunday with our sister-in-law, Andrea. We have not seen her since we got back into town and we are looking forward to a pleasant lunch and a lot of catching up. Andrea is still working and she and Kathi usually text in the evening so Kathi can check on her.

Come on sunshine. Take the gloom and lighten our world.

Thursday, January 12, 2017


Kathi and I feel like recluses. We have spent the week mostly indoors, since neither of us felt like going out to eat and certainly did not want to share our illness with any of our friends or family. We did live it up at Sonic yesterday afternoon.  That brought our outing for the week to three – one doctor one dentist and one lunch at Sonic. Sonic was the most fun of the three. My sister Carol and her husband Lloyd are three doors down from us and we have not seen them since we got back to town. They see their grandchildren often and we do not want to pass our illness on to them. I am not sure if it is flu or sinus infections, but why take a chance?

I had a foot-long cheese coney. I missed the opportunity to get mustard and onions, because I could not hear the person taking my order.  There is construction going on next door to the Sonic on League City Parkway and the tractors were making so much noise I was not sure they even got our order. Kathi had a burger with tater tots and a lemonade. She wanted limeade, so I am not sure if I messed up the order or it was part of the communications issues.

Today for lunch, Kathi had a rotisserie chicken sandwich and I got a meatball sandwich from Subway. We ate the sandwiches at home. About this time Kathi usually starts getting cabin fever, so I suspect I had better plan on eating out tomorrow. Fine with me for sure.

The sunshine has been erratic today. It peeks out occasionally, but mostly stays hidden behind the clouds. I am ready for sunshine. We had some great sunshine on Lake Georgetown, then winter winds blew in and it seemed like winter for a week. Come on springtime and sunshine.

The RV behind us has a fenced in area and at first I thought they had a big dog. Kathi informed me it was a bull replica, not a dog. Certainly, they did not put up a fence for a fake bull. I included a couple of pictures from our new neighborhood. We are about 200 yards east of where we stayed the last time we were in Green Caye.

A close up of the bull

View from our back yard

Kathi paid rent for one month and we hope to be off again toward Utah for some needed RV when the weather warms a bit. We will be watching weather patterns and hoping for the best. We really needed our water pump and propane heater on our last trip. We could get it fixed, but we do not, because of a complicated service insurance issue. We have a bundle of work already approved by our insurance carrier and if we break anything out of the bundle we have to pay an additional deductible. A minor inconvenience, but I am cheap when I have the opportunity. Maybe hard-headed is a more accurate frame of mind.

Colorful vehicles next door

 Hope the new year has started out great for everyone. Eight more days until inauguration day. Happiness or sadness depending on how you feel things are going. Either way, we are fortunate to live in the great country we have.

One of the duplex apartments at Green Caye

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Fighting the Flu

Kathi and I spent Friday night in the Happy Oaks RV Park in Alleyton, TX. I had a head cold and it seemed to be getting worse in the below freezing temperatures around the weekend evenings. I hooked our water hose back up about 10 am, so we had running water inside the rest of the day. Kathi got a call from Green Caye RV Park in Dickinson, TX on Saturday afternoon to let her know they found a space for us in their park. We were glad, since the only other option we could think of was staying a few more days at Happy Oaks.

Neither of us were looking forward to that option, because Kathi’s broken veneer was causing her some discomfort. We got to Dickinson about 3 pm Sunday afternoon. I got our electricity hooked up and our satellite TV signal in tune and we went to Luby’s Cafeteria for lunch. Kathi found some soft, bland foods that would not hurt her tooth and I had cheese steak and mac and cheese, topped off with pecan pie. I was still feeling poorly and when we got back home, so I hooked up the water and took a nap.

Flags blowing in the breeze at the Shell station next to the Kemah Post Office.

Kathi called our dentist on Monday morning and the earliest appointment she could get was Tuesday at 9 am. We decide it made sense for me to go see our family doctor for some antibiotics to help clear up my head congestion and rid myself of the achiness. We picked up the medicine and I spent most of the rest of the day napping in my chair.

After another sleepless night, because of the head congestion and difficulty getting enough air into my lungs, we awoke early to get Kathi to the dentist. I drove her over and sat in the car and read Robert B. Parker’s “Ceremony.” It is a Spenser detective story featuring Spenser, Hawk and Susan. No plans for the afternoon, but I suspect some more napping will take place.

We are both glad at our house that the temperature is above freezing for a little while. We always manage to get by, but not with the comfort which we are accustomed to having.

We are looking forward to hearing Obama’s farewell speech this evening. I hope he remembers me when he brags about his competency and his legacy.


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Saturday, January 7, 2017

Icy, Cold North Wind

Kathi and I were feeling a little under the weather with head and chest congestion on Tuesday, but it became necessary to do some laundry, so we took our clothes to downtown Georgetown to a laundromat. We had lunch at Dos Salsa for a cheese enchilada lunch and returned home to rest. We stayed in all afternoon and all day Wednesday. AJ was at his apartment in Austin feeling about the same as we were.

Beautiful day on Monday, before the winter wind came.
Fountain at Dos Salsa' restaurant
Christmas tree still up on the patio at Dos Salsas.
Thursday, January 5 we were all feeling a little better, so Kathi and I drove into Austin to pick AJ up for lunch and some errands. I opened the door to our RV and was hit with icy, cold wind. It seemed to clear my sinuses and make the rest of my body shiver. It was cold.

We had spent Wednesday night with space heaters running, so the temperature was not such a surprise, but the north wind sure was. Friday was going to be our last day in the Austin area, because we wanted to find someplace warmer. We had to leave Cedar Breaks Park, because they had no spaces available over the week end. We were not sure where we were going, so we assumed south toward San Antonio would be warmer.

Everyone wanted breakfast so we drove to Buda for breakfast at Cracker Barrel. There was a Walmart store near the restaurant, so we stopped there to pick up some groceries for AJ. Kathi started feeling a little worse as the afternoon wore on, so we finished running errands and dropped him back off at his apartment.

AJ in warm clothing at Cracker Barrel. He is a bright young man.
I checked the weather and found that no matter which way we went we could not avoid freezing weather on Friday or Saturday. We agreed, staying in the area made just as much sense as moving, so Kathi called a few local RV parks and everyone was full. We drove to Catfish Parlour for lunch. Kathi had catfish and I had a combination of catfish and popcorn shrimp. Lunch was filling and we were driving back to Cedar Breaks when Kathi broke a tooth.

That solved our travel dilemma. We need to get back to the Houston area so Kathi could see her dentist. We got home and started calling RV parks where we usually stay and there were no spaces available anywhere. Kathi called The Happy Oaks RV Park in Columbus, where we stayed on the way to Lake Georgetown and they had a space available, so we suited up and hit the road. This RV park is actually in Alleyton, but that unincorporated community is so small, it does not show up on the map.  

We spent last night in Happy Oaks and we are waiting for the temperature to get above freezing so we can take showers and hopefully be ready to move into the Houston area on Sunday. We are currently looking for an RV park for a home tomorrow. We may have to say in Alleyton a few more days unless we get lucky this afternoon and find a place with space available.

Obviously, the RV salespeople have been making a killing the last few years. I am glad the parks around the Houston ship channel are full. That means there is a lot of work going on. This used to be too far south for the snowbirds, but since Al Gore changed the weather patterns, who knows anymore. Wherever we are is home, so we do not worry about it too much.

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Monday on the Lake

Sunday, the first day of 2017, Kathi and I left the I-35 RV Park in Elm Mott, TX and drove to Cedar Breaks Park. We had site 16 reserved, but they told us our motorhome was too long for that site and also a problem with the water so they moved us to site 58. We drove into the park and discovered 58 was too unlevel for our motorhome and the front wheels would be off the ground about four inches. Kathi drove the Jeep back to the office for a third choice.

She found out a section of Jim Hogg Park across the lake had been shut down and the campers had moved to Cedar Breaks, leaving very few sites available. They put us in site 20, but only for five days, since it was scheduled by someone else over the weekend. We gladly took site 20 for five days.

Kathi and I were drinking coffee and reading the news on Monday morning. I talked to AJ on the phone and he had an early appointment and it was raining in Austin. He would have to walk to the bus stop and get soaking wet, so I decided it made sense for me to drive to Austin and pick him up for his appointment and bring him to Lake Georgetown with me, so he could spend the rest of the day with Kathi and I. We planned to see him later in the day, anyway, so it was a small adjustment to our plan. I left Kathi drinking coffee and took mine with me. Before I drove half way to Austin, the sun was shining, but now I was committed. Obviously, I cannot predict the Texas weather any better than anyone else.

The sun was shining bright right in my eyes through the driver’s window as I drove into Austin on I-35. The roads were still wet from the early morning rain, so I drove slow to assure I could avoid a traffic mishap. Fortunately, there was little traffic. I assumed it was because many people were taking the day off for a holiday. Driving back to Georgetown, we went through McDonald’s for sausage biscuits and coffee to eat on the way to the Lake.

We spent the morning chatting and watching the neighbors out the window. There were younger kids on skateboard, bicycles and roller skates enjoying the small road inclinations. There was also a group of teenage boys and girls exploring lake boundaries and having a good time outdoors on a beautiful day.

Kids having a good time outdoors

Most RV owners are patriots.
Boats and jet skiers are on the Lake.

 We decided to have lunch on the way to take AJ back to his apartment. We went by Catfish Parlour, but it was closed. It is usually closed on Monday, but I had forgotten. Instead we stopped in Round Rock and had lunch at Cracker Barrel. Kathi had roast beef and mashed potatoes. AJ wanted pancakes and I ordered the two-meat breakfast. Kathi told us she had enough Cracker Barrel for a while, so next meal out, I will be more creative. Maybe I should offer to build a campfire. That was a joke. With our stopped-up heads, we could not take being around a campfire.

We stopped at Walmart after lunch so AJ could do some grocery shopping, then we drove him back to his apartment. It was another great day to be alive and we are anticipating a great new year.

Sunday, January 1, 2017

Happy 2017

Kathi and I helped 2017 roll in lying in bed watching the celebration at Times Square in New York City. That was plenty of celebration for us.

We left the Winstar RV Park in Thackerville, OK about one pm and moved south to avoid some freezing weather coming to Oklahoma in a few days. We enjoyed our stay at the Winstar World Casino, but it is obviously too early to move this far north and still avoid the freezing weather. Our goal is to get to Sunset, UT and have some RV work done. We will try again, probably in February.

We drove south on I-35 without a home scheduled for the evening. We are moving back to Cedar Breaks Park on Lake Georgetown today, but I chose not to drive the 250 miles from Thackerville. Kathi spotted the I-35 RV Park & Resort in the unincorporated community of Elm Mott, TX, about 10 miles north of Waco.

This RV park is being remodeled. They have just finished putting in new asphalt roads and the sites will be covered with gravel soon. Rates are reasonable and the park host is very friendly and accommodating. Rates are comparable to other RV parks in the area. They have about 200 sites available. We chose a pull-thru site, so we would not have to unhook our Jeep for a one-night stay.

Kathi is making black-eyed peas and cabbage, which she does every New Year’s Day for good luck in the coming year. It must work, because we mostly have good luck every year. Of course, luck and how you feel about it and how you feel about how well you are doing depends on your own attitude. I choose a positive attitude whenever I can.

We awoke this morning to a little sunshine coming in our windshield and while we were having coffee and reading the news, the sun disappeared. Now we are experiencing drizzling rain and overcast skies. It will make slow driving on the way to Lake Georgetown, but at least we only have about 90 miles to go and cannot check in at the lake until after 2 pm. As I was writing, the rain stopped and the sun came back out. Maybe we are really having intermittent sunshine. Where is my weatherman?

I went out to disconnect the utilities this morning and saw a rainbow to the north. Rainbows are always a cause for joy at our motorhome. More signs of good things to come this year.

A beautiful sight to see anytime.
I hope 2017 is happy and prosperous for all my friends and travel blog readers.

I-35 RV Park office and Fitness Center.