Sunday, January 29, 2017

Doing More

When we were having colder days and night a few weeks ago, with no central heat in our motorhome when the outside temperature was 40 degrees or below, Kathi and I stayed in bed longer in the morning to stay warm. The result was we stayed up later at night watching TV and it got to be a habit. I have been thinking the last few weeks that I do not have time to do the writing I want to do. I have some stories to tell and some writing obligations to which I am committed. I need to get to work. I told Kathi I needed to start getting up earlier again to have more time in the day and she readily agreed. Late night TV must go. Kathi always liked getting up earlier than I do, so it is a minor adjustment for her. I spent half a day writing yesterday and a few hours today, so I am already more productive.

We spent most of Friday at home. I had some routine RV maintenance to perform and noticed a leak I could not stop on a 20’ X ¾” water hose I was using to bring fresh water into our RV. I tried changing gaskets and fittings, but finally determined the hose connector itself was the problem. I never liked this hose, because it was so stiff it could not be coiled, so I gladly decided to replace it. I had a 10’ X ½” hose available and threw the big hose away.

As good as it gets and leaks at connector

 We went to Jimmy Changa in League City for lunch. Kathi had a machete salad and I had cheese enchiladas. We normally share the Vera Cruz, but I wanted to try their enchiladas on this day. I like eating the Vera Cruz better. Las Hadas on center Street makes my favorite cheese enchiladas. We spent the afternoon with me reading and Kathi watching “The Young and the Restless.” I can tune that out with ease. When she watches Dr. Phil, I cannot concentrate to read.

We went to Walmart on Saturday and I bought two more 10’ X ½” water hoses for my utility cabinet. Some RV parks do not make water access as convenient as we find at Green Caye. Kathi has been wanting a microwave bacon crisper for some time, so I bought one to try it out. We went home to have BLT’s and try out our new cookware. Kathi would not use it, since there is no way to stop the turntable from rotating in our microwave. I would have used it anyway, but Kathi choose not to do so. She fried the bacon on the stove and we had BLT’s for lunch.

Microwave bacon crisper

Microwave bacon crisper with cover
After lunch, I went out to clean our basement freezer, since we have not used it in several months. It was in decent shape, because we did a little cleaning when we shut it down last time. Now she can empty our refrigerator freezer and move the frozen items to the basement, so she can cook more to refill the refrigerator freezer. It all makes my head swim.

While we were at Walmart I also picked up some Wolf Brand chili and original Fritos for a Frito pie later in the afternoon. We enjoyed that also and Kathi did use the microwave to heat the chili.

Now it is Sunday afternoon and Kathi offered me Mod Pizza for lunch. I tried that once and was not impressed, so I asked for a second option. She offered Whataburger, which sounded great. I asked if I could finish this blog before we went and she got up and made us grilled cheese sandwiches. Obviously, she did not want to wait.

She is smiling so I guess we are doing okay by having her third choice for lunch.

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