Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Fighting the Flu

Kathi and I spent Friday night in the Happy Oaks RV Park in Alleyton, TX. I had a head cold and it seemed to be getting worse in the below freezing temperatures around the weekend evenings. I hooked our water hose back up about 10 am, so we had running water inside the rest of the day. Kathi got a call from Green Caye RV Park in Dickinson, TX on Saturday afternoon to let her know they found a space for us in their park. We were glad, since the only other option we could think of was staying a few more days at Happy Oaks.

Neither of us were looking forward to that option, because Kathi’s broken veneer was causing her some discomfort. We got to Dickinson about 3 pm Sunday afternoon. I got our electricity hooked up and our satellite TV signal in tune and we went to Luby’s Cafeteria for lunch. Kathi found some soft, bland foods that would not hurt her tooth and I had cheese steak and mac and cheese, topped off with pecan pie. I was still feeling poorly and when we got back home, so I hooked up the water and took a nap.

Flags blowing in the breeze at the Shell station next to the Kemah Post Office.

Kathi called our dentist on Monday morning and the earliest appointment she could get was Tuesday at 9 am. We decide it made sense for me to go see our family doctor for some antibiotics to help clear up my head congestion and rid myself of the achiness. We picked up the medicine and I spent most of the rest of the day napping in my chair.

After another sleepless night, because of the head congestion and difficulty getting enough air into my lungs, we awoke early to get Kathi to the dentist. I drove her over and sat in the car and read Robert B. Parker’s “Ceremony.” It is a Spenser detective story featuring Spenser, Hawk and Susan. No plans for the afternoon, but I suspect some more napping will take place.

We are both glad at our house that the temperature is above freezing for a little while. We always manage to get by, but not with the comfort which we are accustomed to having.

We are looking forward to hearing Obama’s farewell speech this evening. I hope he remembers me when he brags about his competency and his legacy.


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  1. Thanks for taking the time to write your travel blog today. I know how sick you are this week. I am glad you went to the doctor. I am also glad you and Mom worked in a trip to the casino before this infection and flu hit so hard. It will be nice when you are able to travel through Utah and hopefully go back to the area that is my adoptive home and your summer home, the Pacific Northwest. What a day it would be if we could all go see the giant redwoods and sequoia s together again. I know there is a place on the Oregon coast wondering when you will be back. I will always think about San Francisco and Betsy. It is a great place. I would also like to see the National and State parks in the Sierra Nevada and central California mountains. For now I will be happy enough just for everyone to feel better. Get well soon.

  2. Thanks for reading, AJ. You were right. I did not feel like writing this blog post, but I thought it was important to keep contact with my readers. I appreciate your comments, always.