Friday, January 27, 2017

Gout in the Achiles

We had lunch with Carol and Lloyd on Wednesday as planned. Carol is my sister and they live a few spaces away from us at the Green Caye RV Park in Dickinson. We met at the Longhorn steakhouse and enjoyed sirloin, baked potatoes and salads. The food was great, but the conversation was better. It is fun listening to Carol and Lloyd talking about their four granddaughters. The young ladies have a home in League City and Carol likes to see them frequently while they are in town.

Subsidence pond adjacent to Longhorn

Another view of the pond

Ducks on the pond

We also enjoyed talking about all the activity and turmoil around the last election. President Trump has been very active and always keeps the media buzzing. We also discussed travel a little, but not enough. I am ready to go and Kathi tells me to be patient, because it is still too cold. We have some friends in Oregon that live on the Columbia River and they are experiencing heavier snow than normal this year. Kathi keeps showing me snow pictures to calm my lack of movement symptoms.

New water tower on South Shore Harbor Boulevard, between League City Parkway and highway 646.

I think I mentioned in my last post that I was having trouble with my Achilles tendon. I went through last weekend hobbling and wishing that I had gone to the doctor. It still was not much better on Wednesday, so I got Kathi to take me to see Dr. Pattanaik in Pasadena. He determined I had gout in the tendon and sent me for a blood test to check for high uric acid. Sure enough, it was high. He had the nurse give me two injections and sent a prescription to CVS for a steroid to take for a few days. It has been better for sleeping, but I am still hobbling. But not as bad.

I spent some time yesterday, Thursday, January 26, 2017, filing income tax for Christopher, our youngest. I always use and it takes a little time, but they ask all their pertinent questions. I think the $40 filing fee is a little high, but I have found it most efficient for my use. It is good practice as a warm up for our taxes, which are a little harder, but not too much.

We had lunch at Luby’s Cafeteria in Webster. Kathi had a Luann platter with fish. I had bacon cheesesteak, fried okra and mac and cheese. They did not have any pecan pie, so I felt obligated to remind them this is Texas and Texans like pecan pie. The young lady thanked me for my input. We shared a little chocolate pie that was mediocre.

It is nearing noon and Kathi is in the shower. We discussed places to eat lunch and I gave her my list. I did not get an answer, but I suspect she will tell me what I left off the list when she is out of the shower. We are looking forward to a fun afternoon on an overcast day. We had sunshine all day yesterday, so I guess I should not complain. Then again, what would be wrong with sunshine two days in a row? Don’t worry – be happy. My head cannot get the tune right, but I hope you get the idea.


  1. Don't worry, Be Happy is based on a reggae style so you are not missing much. I think there is one reggae tune and they just write different lyrics to the same tune over and over. I was happy to hear that your foot is not hurting as bad since you went to the doc. I hope the weather improves soon so you can get back on the road.

  2. Thanks for the comment, AJ. The music lesson is also good, as my tastes drifted mostly toward country.