Monday, January 16, 2017

MLK Holiday 2017

Sunday, January 15, 2017, Kathi and I met Andrea Clark, our sister-in-law and her granddaughter, Austin for lunch at the Pipeline Grill on Spencer Highway in La Porte. It was our first time we got to see Andrea since our excursion to Georgetown and the Winstar Casino in Oklahoma earlier in the month. Remember we returned to the Houston area, because it was too cold for us to live comfortably. Since then it has been about the same temperature all over the southwest, so maybe we were just too chicken to tough out the cold weather. Oh, well.

We are here now and lunch was fun. I got Austin to pose for a few pictures while we waited for a table. She is shy with some people, but seldom camera shy. When we were seated, Austin got a cheese pizza and a small drink in a paper cup. She nibbled on the cheese, but never ate much of her pizza. Andrea had fries with her meal and Austin enjoyed playing with the fries better than playing with her pizza.

Oil company memoribilia inside the Pipeline Grill
Austin enjoying the dinosaur

A better picture of Austin
Kathi had a Greek salad and I had a pizza with pepperoni and Italian sausage. I double checked with the waiter to assure he knew I wanted the crumbly sausage, not the link sausage bits. He was happy to comply. I stuffed myself and still had pizza left over to take home. We enjoyed visiting. Kathi and Andrea are in contact almost every day, but it seems to be more fun to talk face to face. Lunch was pleasant and filling.

Sunday afternoon, we visited my sister, Carol a few sites down from us at Green Caye. More fun conversations about family and travels. We spent some time looking for a picture of my Grandfather Harris. He was a grandparent on my mother’s side of the family. Carol said she had a picture of him that reminded her of me. We could not find it, but it is funny that anyone would think I look like a grandpa. Stop laughing.

Today a lot of people are off work for the Martin Luther King holiday. Many of the people living near us in the RV park work in this area and go home to see their families on weekends. This week they will start drifting back to the RV park on Monday afternoon, instead of Sunday afternoon.

We got behind in our laundry when I was under the weather for a few days, so we choose today to catch up. We drove to the laundromat and there was no room in the parking lot for us. A quick drive through and back home. We will try again tomorrow.

The groundskeepers at Green Caye did not get the day off. A large riding lawn mower has been circling the neighborhood for several hours. There is a lot of grass to mow, but they do a good job keeping the park looking neat.

A lot of grass to mow

The groundskeeper at work
I remember a lot of different speeches and messages from Dr. King. What I remember are his requests for peace and fairness to all people. That is the message I always want to remember on his holiday.

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