Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Mostly About Lunch

Saturday, January 21st Kathi and I drove over to Deer Park to drop off some items that Kathi had cooked for Christopher, our youngest son. After that, we took him to lunch at the Pipeline Grill in La Porte, TX. Christopher had fried shrimp and a baked potato, Kathi had a Greek salad and I had a pizza with pepperoni and Italian sausage. I cannot get enough of their pizza. They use a lot more cheese than most of the pizzerias around town. This was our first time to see Christopher since we came back to town, although Kathi talks to him almost every day. We enjoyed lunch and the conversation. It was fun discussing the changes we expect to happen in Washington, DC with our new President.

Green South American parakeets at Green Caye a few years ago

Colorful tree near Lake Georgetown

Sunday, we were lazy (lethargic) and stayed home all day. Kathi spent the morning cooking more things to put in the freezer for our two sons. I talked her into making Spam sandwiches for lunch. She does not particularly like Spam, but it has been a long time since we had one. Not as much fun as her pork chops, but it got us through the evening.

I have had an inflamed Achilles tendon for over a week and am having trouble getting around, but I keep on hobbling. Kathi spent the morning cooking more food items for the freezer, then she visited a nail salon mid-day Monday. She picked up a Subway meatball sandwich for me on the way home. She found a panini from Starbucks for herself. We ate our sandwiches and had a relaxing afternoon at home. I am still reading “Invisible” by James Patterson and David Ellis.

I talked Kathi into buying us a desert in the late afternoon, so we drove to HEB to get a chocolate cake. I waited in the car and Kathi bought the cake and a few other items. They did not have a chocolate cake, but they had a cake with chocolate icing and we settled for that. The cake was very tasty, so we were not too disappointed about no chocolate cake.

Ominous black birds at Green Caye this year. These scenes always remind me of The Birds.
We have plans for lunch with Carol and Lloyd on Wednesday. We plan to meet them at the Longhorn steak house on the Gulf Freeway in Webster. We are looking forward to lunch, because we always have lively conversations. I would love to talk about our next destination – I am ready to move along. Kathi keeps watching the weather and tells me it is still too cold to move north. I told her I would drive slow, but she was not convinced that would help.

We have so many items that need repair on our motorhome we may be in Utah for a month. That is okay with me. Utah is a beautiful state and we have good friends there. There is always something to look forward to. Even when life feels dull, there is always more fun ahead.


  1. Lots of good stuff in this blog entry. I enjoyed hearing about your lunch and conversation with Christopher (my younger brother). Those South American parakeets are a long way from home. I guess that is the benefit of flying without paying for airline tickets. I bet their passports are little bitty.

  2. Thanks for the comment, AJ. I had not thought about parakeet passports. They may get in on H1-B visas as music technologists.