Saturday, January 14, 2017

Out to Lunch

What a dreary Saturday. Looking out the window of our Alfa RV parked at Green Caye in Dickinson, TX, it looks like a glum day. No hint of sunshine. I like to include pictures when I post a blog, but it is hard to get good pictures with no sunlight. I tried flash pictures of Kathi, but she will not let me post them.

Yesterday, Kathi and I met my sister Carol and husband Lloyd at the Jimmy Changa restaurant in League City. This was our first visit with Carol and Lloyd since we have been back in Dickinson and we enjoyed catching up on news and family. It was really good since it has been a couple of weeks since Kathi and I both felt like being out at the same time.

Picture inside Jimmy Changa
We enjoyed lunch. Carol and Lloyd shared a Vera Cruz plate and Kathi and I did the same. The combination of shrimp and fajitas is always a taste pleaser. There was not one space available in the Jimmy Changa parking lot, so Kathi and I parked our Jeep on the street in front of the restaurant.

We stopped on the way home at a Supercuts, so Kathi could get her hair cut. I waited in the car and read. She was in and out in about 15 minutes. Obviously, it was a slow day at the hair salon. Kathi’s new haircut looked great. Sorry, no pictures.

League City picture from my archive taken on a brighter day
More color around League City
We talked to both our sons by telephone in the afternoon. AJ described similar weather in Austin. He was home for the afternoon to meet the Spectrum cable people who were coming to repair his cable again. He had lost internet capabilities and his remote control quit functioning.

Our son, Christopher was on his way home from a busy day at work. He is a fleet manager for a trucking company and ships lubricants for Shell Oil all over the United States. It is nice to report that Shell is still doing a booming business.

Kathi decided today is cleaning day at the RV. When she is in domestic mode, it is single focus and I try not to interrupt. Sometimes I get assignments and sometimes not. Today she is not confident in my ability to do the job right, so she has not assigned me any chores. That may change as her energy drains. I gave up on volunteering to do things on my own on domestic days, since I cannot seem to keep out of the way.

We plan to have lunch on Sunday with our sister-in-law, Andrea. We have not seen her since we got back into town and we are looking forward to a pleasant lunch and a lot of catching up. Andrea is still working and she and Kathi usually text in the evening so Kathi can check on her.

Come on sunshine. Take the gloom and lighten our world.

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