Thursday, January 12, 2017


Kathi and I feel like recluses. We have spent the week mostly indoors, since neither of us felt like going out to eat and certainly did not want to share our illness with any of our friends or family. We did live it up at Sonic yesterday afternoon.  That brought our outing for the week to three – one doctor one dentist and one lunch at Sonic. Sonic was the most fun of the three. My sister Carol and her husband Lloyd are three doors down from us and we have not seen them since we got back to town. They see their grandchildren often and we do not want to pass our illness on to them. I am not sure if it is flu or sinus infections, but why take a chance?

I had a foot-long cheese coney. I missed the opportunity to get mustard and onions, because I could not hear the person taking my order.  There is construction going on next door to the Sonic on League City Parkway and the tractors were making so much noise I was not sure they even got our order. Kathi had a burger with tater tots and a lemonade. She wanted limeade, so I am not sure if I messed up the order or it was part of the communications issues.

Today for lunch, Kathi had a rotisserie chicken sandwich and I got a meatball sandwich from Subway. We ate the sandwiches at home. About this time Kathi usually starts getting cabin fever, so I suspect I had better plan on eating out tomorrow. Fine with me for sure.

The sunshine has been erratic today. It peeks out occasionally, but mostly stays hidden behind the clouds. I am ready for sunshine. We had some great sunshine on Lake Georgetown, then winter winds blew in and it seemed like winter for a week. Come on springtime and sunshine.

The RV behind us has a fenced in area and at first I thought they had a big dog. Kathi informed me it was a bull replica, not a dog. Certainly, they did not put up a fence for a fake bull. I included a couple of pictures from our new neighborhood. We are about 200 yards east of where we stayed the last time we were in Green Caye.

A close up of the bull

View from our back yard

Kathi paid rent for one month and we hope to be off again toward Utah for some needed RV when the weather warms a bit. We will be watching weather patterns and hoping for the best. We really needed our water pump and propane heater on our last trip. We could get it fixed, but we do not, because of a complicated service insurance issue. We have a bundle of work already approved by our insurance carrier and if we break anything out of the bundle we have to pay an additional deductible. A minor inconvenience, but I am cheap when I have the opportunity. Maybe hard-headed is a more accurate frame of mind.

Colorful vehicles next door

 Hope the new year has started out great for everyone. Eight more days until inauguration day. Happiness or sadness depending on how you feel things are going. Either way, we are fortunate to live in the great country we have.

One of the duplex apartments at Green Caye


  1. Ithink you will be less reclusive when you feel better. I think we all got sick starting with our visit and it lingered. Feel better you two. Love, AJ