Tuesday, January 31, 2017

The Rose and Lunch

Monday was great. We awoke to an uncloudy day. Much bright sunshine and cool temperature. It was invigorating to walk out the door. A neighbor was walking by exercising her dog as I exited our motorhome and she had a big smile and acknowledged the greatness of the weather. We do a lot of whining about Texas weather changing so frequently, but we also do a lot of bragging about the good days we have. I assume that is universal. Either way, yesterday was a beautiful day I was glad to be out in the fresh air.

Some colorful pictures from the Sunset, Utah collection a few years ago.

Kathi had an appointment at The Rose for a routine check-up. Dr. Dixie Melillo has been Kathi’s doctor for many years. Dr. Melillo and Dorothy Weston Gibbons co-founded the Rose in 1986. The Rose is a non-profit women’s breast cancer prevention center on the south side of Houston, near Almeda Mall. They have helped a lot of ladies with their health issues.

Kathi spotted some beautiful yellow flowers at the entrance to Ellington Field. I wanted a picture, but we were in the wrong lane. I intended to stop on the way back home for pictures, but I forgot. Sorry. I will try again.

I tried reading “Invisible” by John Patterson, but had trouble keeping my eyes open. I finally gave up and listened to Rush Limbaugh while I waited for Kathi. It was interesting talk on the Monday after the weekend when President Trump had banned travel entry into the US from several middle-eastern countries.

The Rose is near a Luby’s Cafeteria, so when Kathi was through with her appointment, I darted around the corner to Luby’s. Kathi had a veggie plate and I had the world-famous bacon cheesesteak, with sides of mac and cheese and corn. I left most of the corn to assure I had room for my portion of a slice of pecan pie. We always buy one dessert and share it. I call it our diet plan. Lunch was fun and uneventful and we had no other plans for the afternoon, so we returned home for my continued reading and Kathi’s TV viewing.

Tuesday is another great day. I ran our heat during the morning and it is getting warm enough now to turn the A/C back on. Looking out the window as I write is still invigorating today. We have lunch plans with my sister and husband, Carol and Lloyd Jackson. We are meeting at the Red River Bar B Que and Grill in League City. It is one of our routine eateries in the area. We like Red River, because the BBQ sandwiches are delicious, but they also serve a full menu of other items. I often opt for a chicken fried steak or fried shrimp.  We have never had a bad meal at Red River. Personally, I am looking forward to a great lunch and some good conversation.

First, I must load our dirty clothes into the car. It is laundromat time again and Kathi wants to stop on the way home from lunch to get that chore started. Another lively afternoon at the trailer park.


  1. I've never said it but I have thought about it a bunch. I am glad you are getting to spend a lot of time with Carol since you retired Ir sounds like a great lunch

  2. Thanks for reading my blog, AJ. Carol and Lloyd are fun to talk to and it is nice when we meet them on the road.