Saturday, January 21, 2017

Week in Review

Kathi and I celebrated Martin Luther King’s birthday at home on a humid Monday, January 16, 2017. We had our Jeep loaded with clothes to wash, but there was no room at the laundry. I spent the time reading and working puzzles and Kathi spent her time making pork chops and cheeseburger patties for the freezer to take to our sons. She enjoys cooking and they enjoy the meals she prepares for them.

Tuesday morning, we were really anxious to get to the laundry, so we both slept late. We checked the news of the day, had a half cup of coffee, then got the laundry done at a laundromat in Bacliff. I stopped at Starbucks on the way home and bought Kathi a cheese and mozzarella panini for lunch. I picked my lunch up at McDonald's. We brought our food home, ate, then folded and put our freshly washed clothing away.

Kathi was wishing for sunshine, since it has been sporadic for the last few weeks. She has been having some back pains and thinks the high humidity and dreary weather may be a contributing factor. We have seen so many overcast days recently, it reminds us of being on the Oregon coast in October of 2014 when the sun did not shine for over a month. It got depressing in Oregon, but it has not been quite that bad here. Visiting with family helps a lot.

Kathi called Escapees in Livingston to have our mail delivered. She had it sent General Delivery to the Kemah Post Office. Green Caye no longer accepts mail for new arrivals. Some people that have stayed her for a while still get their mail delivered to Green Caye, but they are phasing out the service.

We took showers early and settled in for reading and TV on Wednesday. Kathi made me a hamburger for lunch and she had a salad. A quiet day.

Thursday, we picked up our mail and drove to Longhorn Steakhouse for lunch. I had a chicken fried steak, mashed potatoes and a salad that Kathi and I shared. She had a sirloin with baked potato. Lunch was great. Longhorn’s menu has some reasonably priced lunch items and some expensive steak, chicken and fish meals. There is a good variety to choose from and enough variety to suit most diners.

Kathi had more things to cook in the afternoon and I read. Lloyd Jackson loaned me a hard cover book called “Invisible” by James Patterson and David Ellis. It has been a while since I read a real book. I have been reading only Kindle e-books for several years.

Friday was the highlight of our week. We spent the day and evening watching the inauguration ceremonies. Kathi made a salad, some great pork chops and mashed potatoes for lunch. It was a day of celebration for us. We feel it is a turning point in the direction our country is going and an opportunity for the rest of the world’s economy to begin improving. Happy days.

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