Friday, February 24, 2017

DPS Near Ellington

Tuesday February 21, 2017 was a beautiful day – cool with sunshine. I spent some time writing in the morning while Kathi was reading. For lunch, we went to Pizza King in League City and picked up combination pizza to bring home. Kathi asked them to leave it in the oven longer to make the crust crispier and that made a good pizza even better.

We went by the post office on Wednesday, then I took Kathi to renew her driver’s license. We tried to do it online, but they wanted to take a new picture. We were there about 45 minutes, as they were serving a lot of people. We used the DPS office of Clear Lake which is across Highway 3 from Ellington Field.

We were listening to the news as we drove and heard they would begin doing some modernization and upgrades at Ellington soon. They will use that location for commercial space flights – exciting news.

We made a stop at Shoe Carnival on the way home, so Kathi could look for more comfortable shoes, but she could not find anything she liked. It did not matter, it was just nice to be out driving around.

Thursday, Kathi and I ate lunch at Sonic on League City Blvd. Kathi’s foot was hurting and she did not want to cook or go to a restaurant, so Sonic was a good option. They are building a Chic-Fil-A next door to the Sonic and the construction equipment was too loud to hear when we were trying to place our order. Our server came outside to get our order and that was much better communication. Kathi had a cheeseburger with tater tots and a limeade. I had a foot-long cheese coney with onion rings. We enjoyed lunch and returned home. Kathi watched TV in the afternoon while I was writing.

Decor inside Tookie's

More Tookie's decor

Today is an overcast Friday and we are going to lunch with my sister, Carol and husband Lloyd at Tookie’s Seafood. Kathi and I have eaten there once, but Carol and Lloyd have not had the opportunity. We are looking forward to lunch.

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Another President's Day

Saturday, February 18th was a day with some much needed sunshine. Kathi and I went out to the Longhorn steakhouse for lunch. Kathi got barbecue ribs, a baked potato and salad. That's the first time either of us ate the ribs at Longhorn. Kathi enjoyed the meal and the ribs and had some left over for me to eat later. I had the chicken fried steak, mashed potatoes and a salad for lunch. My meal was excellent, also. I do not understand why the breading never stays on the Longhorn chicken fried steak. Some restaurants make breading adhere to the steaks. If anyone knows the answer, please let the Longhorn people know. It is still good and I just treat the breading like an extra food item.

We drove through Starbucks on the way home and picked up slices of lemon pound cake and banana nut bread for dessert later. I was ready for dessert a couple of hours later, but I had to eat the remainder of the ribs to get them out of the way first.

We got to watch Trump’s campaign speech in Florida on Fox News in the evening. The crowds he draws are amazing. We continued our stay at home weekend on Sunday. We slept late. I spent the day writing and Kathi was editing my latest book, reading and watching TV.

Monday was President’s Day and more of the same activities for me. It used to be George Washington’s birthday, but nowadays you get to choose the President you celebrate on that day. Many protesters took to the streets to celebrate “Not My President’s Day,” in honor of Donald Trump. Interesting time in our history.

Kathi made a trip to Kroger and left me home writing. We discussed our travel plans and confirmed that we are going to leave Green Caye on March 8th. We have a reservation on Lake Georgetown March 16th, so we can see our son, AJ. We tried to get in earlier, but all the sites are booked on the lake. We decided to go to McKinney, TX and the MCD shade factory, before Lake Georgetown. We have MCD shades in our motorhome everywhere except the driver-passenger area and the bathroom. It will be nice to get those done.

We are glad to have a travel plan again. Our last attempt to move north lasted only a couple of weeks in January and the cold, icy wind forced us back to Green Caye. I told Kathi I am not coming back here until the end of the year, so I am hoping for cooperative weather. Our friends on the Columbia River in Oregon say they have had enough snow for now.

We are looking forward to spending some time with AJ. It will also be good to get my freezer back. Most of the space in both our freezers is filled with food to take to him. Happy times and good eating.

Fisherman on Lake Georgetown

AJ on Lady Bird Lake a few years ago

Friday, February 17, 2017

Haircuts and Valentine Candy

We went to the laundry on Wednesday morning to do the wash we intended to do on Tuesday. There were two other ladies there, but it was not crowded. One of them left for a few minutes and came back with two daughters about three and four years old. They livened up the room. The owner of the laundry and a service technician were working on the snack vending machine. After they got the machine working, the owner filled the machine with snacks. I guess not many people in the area eat chili cheese Fritos, because he had a lot of packages of them that had reached their expiration date. He gave away a couple of packages to the younger ladies in the laundry and took the rest away for disposal.

We returned home and I wrote while Kathi watched TV. She made me a delicious cheeseburger for lunch. I like mayo, onions lettuce tomato and sweet gherkins on my burgers. When I get hamburgers outside the home I usually throw away half of the dills the give me. Sweet pickles make for better burgers, in my opinion.

We were supposed to have lunch with my sister and her husband yesterday, but they were not feeling well. I hope they are feeling better today. Kathi and I ate lunch at Mamacitas in Webster. As soon as I went in the door, the cigarette smell was overwhelming. They still have a smoking section next to the bar and obviously, smoke has saturated the walls and furnishings in that area. We ate lunch there yesterday, but probably will not return. I had beef quesadillas and Kathi had spinach enchiladas. The food was good, but the atmosphere, not so much.

After lunch, we stopped at Great Clips for haircuts. I knew it had been a while since my last haircut. She told me my last visit was in September of last year. Not surprising. My hair was curling around my ears. Her records showed I normally got 1” off the top. On this trip, I think a little more hair-reduction was necessary.

We made a stop in Walgreen's on the way some and found some valentine candy on sale for 50% off. I know down deep inside that chocolate is good for me, so we bought a couple of boxes. The solid milk chocolate heart did not last long, but the box of assorted chocolates is still servicing our chocolate needs.

Now it’s a wet Friday and we are staying in today. I had another cheeseburger for lunch and Kathi had a gourmet grilled cheese sandwich. I will be writing a little this afternoon and Kathi is watching TV. A slow, wet day at home is good for me. Maybe sunshine tomorrow.

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

I Saw Rain

We enjoyed lunch with Christopher at Jimmy Changas on Saturday. We all ate the Vera Cruz. Kathi and I shared one and Christopher ate the other. The conversation was a little about his work and a lot about politics. He is often more aware of what is going on than I am. I spent the afternoon writing, while Kathi watched TV.

I printed the first few chapter of my book, “Memories of Larry” for Kathi to edit. She makes all my writing better. I hope to have the book finished by mid-year, so I can start the formatting for publishing process. I think friends and family will like the book because it is personal. I think other people that have had a serious illness or been around someone with a serious illness will like the book, also.

We had lunch with our sister-in-law, Andrea Clark at the Pipeline Grill on Sunday, after she went to church. Andrea ate the breakfast buffet, Kathi had a Greek salad and I had pizza. She told us her daughter Amy would be in town sometime this week. We will make time to go visit when Amy is here.

We stopped at Walmart for shopping on the way home. Traffic on Highway 146 was bad through the Seabrook-Kemah area. I heard that part of I-45 South was shut down for the week end. I suspect that forced more traffic onto Highways 3 and 146.

We stayed home in the afternoon I finished reading “Invisible” by James Patterson and David Ellis. It is interesting that Patterson is putting out books recently with co-authors. I do not recall him doing that in the past. I do not recall reading other James Patterson books, but “Invisible” was a good story. It was a mystery with a female lead character. I enjoyed the book. The rest of the afternoon, I was writing.

We talked to AJ by phone, Monday morning. He had a lot of things going on and enjoys talking about them. Kathi made a stop by the post office to mail a package, then went to Kroger for grocery shopping and exercise. Her back and legs give her problems in the evening and walking during the daytime helps. It gives her an opportunity to go up and down every aisle at Kroger. She likes to check out the meat department to see what they have on sale. She finds some good bargains at Kroger.

Standing water behind our motorhome.

Kathi and I were both awake before the alarm went off this morning. It was overcast and humid Monday and Monday night. We ran our dehumidifier much of the day and into the evening. Humidity got real high this morning as rain started leaking from the clouds. It brought some thunder and lightning with the rain. We had planned on laundry today, but changed our minds. We will put that off one more day. Writing and staying dry seems to be my best option. Kathi is reading.

We enjoy hearing the rain on the top of our motorhome. It is relaxing. I hope it washing the dirt off our Jeep. Good times.

Saturday, February 11, 2017

I Saw Sunshine

Kathi and I enjoyed our lunch with my sister, Carol and her husband Lloyd on Wednesday, February 8, 2017 at Luby’s Cafeteria on the Gulf Freeway. Do people still call it that? I-45 South may be the term used for that stretch of highway, now, but I still think of it as the Gulf Freeway. Either way, the Luby’s is in Webster. Luby’s was crowded, but there was no line, just a steady stream of customers moving in and out. I noticed a few people going into the Fuddruckers next door, also. Our conversation was mostly about current events and granddaughters, but we did manage a few travel stories. Carol, Lloyd and Kathi ate fish and I had a bacon cheese steak.

After lunch, we stopped by Walmart to pick up a few grocery items, but we also used the shopping trip for exercise. We walk a lot in Walmart. It seems like on every trip we need at least one item on the opposite end of the store from groceries.

I spent most of Thursday writing. Along with the two blogs I write, I am writing a book called “Memories of Larry.” It is a memorial to my brother-in law, Larry Clark that succumbed to leukemia last year. The concentration of the story will focus on the time between when he found out he had leukemia until he passed less than two years later.

Kathi called for our mail on Monday and it was in the Kemah post office on Wednesday, but we forgot about it. We went to pick it up Thursday morning. They gave me an application for a post office box and told me they did not accept general delivery. We used to get our mail delivered to Green Caye, but they stopped that service for new arrivals last year. They still accept mail for people that have been here a long time.

After getting our mail, we drove through Starbucks for a tomato and mozzarella panini for Kathi’s lunch and I went through McDonald's for my lunch. It was a quick fast lunch, but I was on a roll writing and wanted to get back to it.

Friday was a great day. It was cool outside and we had sunshine. The fresh air was invigorating. We drove to Rudy’s and ate barbecue sandwiches there. After lunch, I continued writing.

I saw sunshine this Saturday morning, but it was gone in a flash. The wind picked up and it looks like it a winter day, except it is too warm and humid. We are having lunch with our son Christopher today. We always give him a choice of restaurants, so I expect we will eat at Jimmy Changas. Everyone like Mexican food.
Picture of some of the duplex homes at Green Caye. Lots of palm trees.

Near sunset at Green Cay last year.

Another good week at the Boozer home and looking forward to our second attempt to move north this year. We plan to leave Green Caye in mid-March for more travel adventures. Our first stop will be in the Austin area to see our son AJ. I expect we will share a few lunches with him while we are in town. Good times.

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Kick the Ball

Houston hosted one of the best football games in the fifty-one-year super bowl history. Lady Gaga’s performance was stunning, filled with great music and incredible energy. Congratulations Houston. I found a smelly jersey, if anyone lost one.

 Kathi and I have a travel plan to move to Lake Georgetown on March 16th. We will spend a couple of weeks there to visit our son, AJ, before moving to Utah for RV repairs. Until then, we will be in Dickinson at the Green Caye RV Park.

I spent Monday morning writing. Kathi had a doctor appoint with Dr. Melillo in mid-afternoon, so we stopped for lunch at Olive Garden on the beltway. Kathi had fettuccine Alfredo and I had lasagna, both items from the lunch menu. We started with the salad and enjoyed lunch. We were served so quickly, we got to the doctor appointment an hour early. I sat in the car and continued reading “Invisible.” Kathi was through with her appointment and we were on the way back home before her appointment time.

We had some sunshine on Tuesday and it was welcome. I spent the morning working on our taxes and finally got to a stopping point in early afternoon. Kathi took me to Jimmy Changas for a late lunch. We shared the Vera Cruz again. The fajitas were extra special – tasty and tender. We sat in a booth by the window and it was too cool for Kathi, but it was a nice meal together.

More sunshine today and it looks like it is going to be cooler in the evening. Winter in Texas is really pleasant. I have some readers in Canada and some readers in Washington that are snowed in. RV parks in Texas seem to have a higher wintertime occupancy now than they did just five years ago. I think Al Gore is to blame for crowded RV parks in the south during winter months.

Today Kathi and I are having lunch with Carol and Lloyd. We are eating at Luby’s. I guess we just share a joy of the finer things in life. I like Luby’s because there is a variety of items for individuals to mix and match. I would like to have a chicken fried steak, but I am afraid the gravy will arouse my gout again. My ankle is still sore from the gout episode a week or so back.


Amazon is having some good sales on for Valentine’s Day. I would appreciate it if you would use my ads on or my blogs for Amazon purchases. Thanks to my readers that use my Amazon ads and help me pay more taxes to reduce the national debt.

Sunday, February 5, 2017

Not a Frosty Friday

The last few days have been cool and overcast, but not cold. It looks like winter out the window, but it is only cool with high humidity outside. We had one day of sunshine this week and that was great. I want more. We woke up and poured our coffee Friday morning and when I was about half through with my coffee, Kathi decided she wanted to get the rest of our laundry done. We did everything but my shirts and her tops on Wednesday, but she wanted to change the sheets, so we threw them in the laundry mix. Good for me, I like clean clothes and I could always finish my coffee later. This time we went to a laundromat in Bacliff that has good equipment.

While waiting on the laundry, I continued my current reading material, “Invisible.” The story is getting better. Finally, it appeared the FBI might actually catch the invisible serial killer/arsonist. I have been writing more than usual lately and it seems that finishing the book is taking a long time.

The fresh air was invigorating and when we got home Kathi made my day by serving her world-famous homemade tacos for lunch. As usual, they were great and I ate way more than my fair share. I love eating here. She spent the afternoon cooking more things to put in the freezer to take to our sons.

Saturday was another cold, windy day with no sunshine. I spent the morning writing and for lunch we drove to the Monument Inn. We noticed Tookie’s Seafood parking lot was full as we passed by about 1:00 pm, so we knew the seafood eaters were out in force on Saturday afternoon. We expected the crowds to dissipate before we got to the Monument Inn. We were wrong – it was crowded, but we got a table away from the window with little delay.

Monument Inn sign

We shared a shrimp cocktail and a fisherman’s platter again. That is the same meal for three visits in a row to Monument Inn. I assume Kathi enjoys it as much as I do.

When we pulled into the Monument Inn parking lot, there was a huge blue container ship moving up the channel. We had never seen a container ship that size. In fact, Kathi said the only ship she had seen that was bigger was one of the Carnival cruise ships. I wish I could have gotten pictures, but there was too much vehicle and pedestrian traffic in the parking lot. Before I could park the ship was around the bend. Most of the ships and barges we see are at most 40’ tall above the water line. That big blue was about 80’ above the water line.

I took this picture several months ago. The prow of the blue ship was as tall as the bridge house on this Stolt ship.
Refinery art on a tank alongside the road on Independence Parkway

 Now it is Super Bowl Sunday and still the same overcast skies. If I do not see sunshine soon, I may join the liberals in protest. Maybe I can coerce President Trump into a “sunshine in the sky” executive order. Kapernick killed my football viewing days, so I will not be watching. I hope no one is hurt inside the stadium or outside where the protests are taking place. We need to be civil and treat one another with respect.

I am thinking sunshine and no hang over on Monday.

Thursday, February 2, 2017

Red River and Sudie's

Kathi and I enjoyed lunch with my sister and husband, Carol and Lloyd on Wednesday. We ate lunch at Red River BBQ and Grill. I left Kathi in line to order our lunch and I ventured in to find a table for us to sit for lunch. Something did not look right about the table I chose, but I could not figure out what was different. A minute or so later, Lloyd sat down and told me they had removed all the booths. Why of course they had. Almost every time we have eaten there, we sat in a booth. Now there are only tables and chairs. I did not like the table nearly as much as I enjoyed the booths. You might think I just do not like changes and that is one possibility. Another is that my body weight pushing down on the wooden chair causes it to be uncomfortable after a short while. I may need to take a cushion next time we eat there.

I noticed when we were driving into the Red River parking lot, they have started construction on their new building. The new building is on the same property and behind the existing building. After construction, the restaurant will be moved into the new building. The existing building will become a cantina. I think that translates to sports bar.

Carol and Lloyd had chopped beef sandwiches for lunch and Kathi and I each had fried shrimp and onion rings. Lunch was delicious and the conversation was fun. We did not sit and talk as long as we usually do after our meal, partially because of the chair situation and partly because we had our laundry loaded in our car and were going to the laundromat after lunch.

I needed to get home and continue some of my writing assignments, so I dropped Kathi off at the common building at Green Caye where they have exercise equipment, restrooms, books to borrow and a laundry. I wrote until Kathi called to come pick her up. Someone had left clothes in the dryers and never came to pick them up in the time Kathi was there. She unloaded their clothes, so she could get her own wash completed. That caused a little delay, then the dryers did not work as well as commercial laundromats, so we brought half our clothes home damp. We hung them around on the furniture and everything was dry by bedtime. We will not use their laundry again.

Kathi and I both had dental appointments today. Kathi had her teeth cleaned first, because she was also getting her permanent veneer to replace the temporary she had for a few weeks. I read “Invisible” while I awaited my turn. No new dental problems for either of us, so that was a good day at the dentist.

Whale art at the dentist's office

Always good advice

Maybe the subliminal art messages caused us to go to Sudie's

 We stopped for lunch at Sudie’s catfish on Spencer Highway on the way home and had a catfish lunch. Sudie’s had rearranged their tables. Maybe it is something in the air. I will check recent executive orders and see if there is anything about lunch tables. Anyway, I brushed someone’s table every time I tried to squeeze by. I hope I did not offend anyone. If I worked there I would rearrange the tables this afternoon to create more aisle room. Kathi and I had discussed crossing Sudie’s off our lunch list anyway, so this may seal the deal.

We are planning to move north again the first part of March. Meanwhile, we are happy campers at Green Caye.