Friday, February 24, 2017

DPS Near Ellington

Tuesday February 21, 2017 was a beautiful day – cool with sunshine. I spent some time writing in the morning while Kathi was reading. For lunch, we went to Pizza King in League City and picked up combination pizza to bring home. Kathi asked them to leave it in the oven longer to make the crust crispier and that made a good pizza even better.

We went by the post office on Wednesday, then I took Kathi to renew her driver’s license. We tried to do it online, but they wanted to take a new picture. We were there about 45 minutes, as they were serving a lot of people. We used the DPS office of Clear Lake which is across Highway 3 from Ellington Field.

We were listening to the news as we drove and heard they would begin doing some modernization and upgrades at Ellington soon. They will use that location for commercial space flights – exciting news.

We made a stop at Shoe Carnival on the way home, so Kathi could look for more comfortable shoes, but she could not find anything she liked. It did not matter, it was just nice to be out driving around.

Thursday, Kathi and I ate lunch at Sonic on League City Blvd. Kathi’s foot was hurting and she did not want to cook or go to a restaurant, so Sonic was a good option. They are building a Chic-Fil-A next door to the Sonic and the construction equipment was too loud to hear when we were trying to place our order. Our server came outside to get our order and that was much better communication. Kathi had a cheeseburger with tater tots and a limeade. I had a foot-long cheese coney with onion rings. We enjoyed lunch and returned home. Kathi watched TV in the afternoon while I was writing.

Decor inside Tookie's

More Tookie's decor

Today is an overcast Friday and we are going to lunch with my sister, Carol and husband Lloyd at Tookie’s Seafood. Kathi and I have eaten there once, but Carol and Lloyd have not had the opportunity. We are looking forward to lunch.

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