Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Kick the Ball

Houston hosted one of the best football games in the fifty-one-year super bowl history. Lady Gaga’s performance was stunning, filled with great music and incredible energy. Congratulations Houston. I found a smelly jersey, if anyone lost one.

 Kathi and I have a travel plan to move to Lake Georgetown on March 16th. We will spend a couple of weeks there to visit our son, AJ, before moving to Utah for RV repairs. Until then, we will be in Dickinson at the Green Caye RV Park.

I spent Monday morning writing. Kathi had a doctor appoint with Dr. Melillo in mid-afternoon, so we stopped for lunch at Olive Garden on the beltway. Kathi had fettuccine Alfredo and I had lasagna, both items from the lunch menu. We started with the salad and enjoyed lunch. We were served so quickly, we got to the doctor appointment an hour early. I sat in the car and continued reading “Invisible.” Kathi was through with her appointment and we were on the way back home before her appointment time.

We had some sunshine on Tuesday and it was welcome. I spent the morning working on our taxes and finally got to a stopping point in early afternoon. Kathi took me to Jimmy Changas for a late lunch. We shared the Vera Cruz again. The fajitas were extra special – tasty and tender. We sat in a booth by the window and it was too cool for Kathi, but it was a nice meal together.

More sunshine today and it looks like it is going to be cooler in the evening. Winter in Texas is really pleasant. I have some readers in Canada and some readers in Washington that are snowed in. RV parks in Texas seem to have a higher wintertime occupancy now than they did just five years ago. I think Al Gore is to blame for crowded RV parks in the south during winter months.

Today Kathi and I are having lunch with Carol and Lloyd. We are eating at Luby’s. I guess we just share a joy of the finer things in life. I like Luby’s because there is a variety of items for individuals to mix and match. I would like to have a chicken fried steak, but I am afraid the gravy will arouse my gout again. My ankle is still sore from the gout episode a week or so back.


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