Sunday, February 5, 2017

Not a Frosty Friday

The last few days have been cool and overcast, but not cold. It looks like winter out the window, but it is only cool with high humidity outside. We had one day of sunshine this week and that was great. I want more. We woke up and poured our coffee Friday morning and when I was about half through with my coffee, Kathi decided she wanted to get the rest of our laundry done. We did everything but my shirts and her tops on Wednesday, but she wanted to change the sheets, so we threw them in the laundry mix. Good for me, I like clean clothes and I could always finish my coffee later. This time we went to a laundromat in Bacliff that has good equipment.

While waiting on the laundry, I continued my current reading material, “Invisible.” The story is getting better. Finally, it appeared the FBI might actually catch the invisible serial killer/arsonist. I have been writing more than usual lately and it seems that finishing the book is taking a long time.

The fresh air was invigorating and when we got home Kathi made my day by serving her world-famous homemade tacos for lunch. As usual, they were great and I ate way more than my fair share. I love eating here. She spent the afternoon cooking more things to put in the freezer to take to our sons.

Saturday was another cold, windy day with no sunshine. I spent the morning writing and for lunch we drove to the Monument Inn. We noticed Tookie’s Seafood parking lot was full as we passed by about 1:00 pm, so we knew the seafood eaters were out in force on Saturday afternoon. We expected the crowds to dissipate before we got to the Monument Inn. We were wrong – it was crowded, but we got a table away from the window with little delay.

Monument Inn sign

We shared a shrimp cocktail and a fisherman’s platter again. That is the same meal for three visits in a row to Monument Inn. I assume Kathi enjoys it as much as I do.

When we pulled into the Monument Inn parking lot, there was a huge blue container ship moving up the channel. We had never seen a container ship that size. In fact, Kathi said the only ship she had seen that was bigger was one of the Carnival cruise ships. I wish I could have gotten pictures, but there was too much vehicle and pedestrian traffic in the parking lot. Before I could park the ship was around the bend. Most of the ships and barges we see are at most 40’ tall above the water line. That big blue was about 80’ above the water line.

I took this picture several months ago. The prow of the blue ship was as tall as the bridge house on this Stolt ship.
Refinery art on a tank alongside the road on Independence Parkway

 Now it is Super Bowl Sunday and still the same overcast skies. If I do not see sunshine soon, I may join the liberals in protest. Maybe I can coerce President Trump into a “sunshine in the sky” executive order. Kapernick killed my football viewing days, so I will not be watching. I hope no one is hurt inside the stadium or outside where the protests are taking place. We need to be civil and treat one another with respect.

I am thinking sunshine and no hang over on Monday.


  1. Thanks for reading my blog, Tom I hope yoou enjoy the content.

  2. We talked about it. I do not think I have eaten at the monument Inn since I was about eight years old. I did not even know it was still there