Thursday, February 2, 2017

Red River and Sudie's

Kathi and I enjoyed lunch with my sister and husband, Carol and Lloyd on Wednesday. We ate lunch at Red River BBQ and Grill. I left Kathi in line to order our lunch and I ventured in to find a table for us to sit for lunch. Something did not look right about the table I chose, but I could not figure out what was different. A minute or so later, Lloyd sat down and told me they had removed all the booths. Why of course they had. Almost every time we have eaten there, we sat in a booth. Now there are only tables and chairs. I did not like the table nearly as much as I enjoyed the booths. You might think I just do not like changes and that is one possibility. Another is that my body weight pushing down on the wooden chair causes it to be uncomfortable after a short while. I may need to take a cushion next time we eat there.

I noticed when we were driving into the Red River parking lot, they have started construction on their new building. The new building is on the same property and behind the existing building. After construction, the restaurant will be moved into the new building. The existing building will become a cantina. I think that translates to sports bar.

Carol and Lloyd had chopped beef sandwiches for lunch and Kathi and I each had fried shrimp and onion rings. Lunch was delicious and the conversation was fun. We did not sit and talk as long as we usually do after our meal, partially because of the chair situation and partly because we had our laundry loaded in our car and were going to the laundromat after lunch.

I needed to get home and continue some of my writing assignments, so I dropped Kathi off at the common building at Green Caye where they have exercise equipment, restrooms, books to borrow and a laundry. I wrote until Kathi called to come pick her up. Someone had left clothes in the dryers and never came to pick them up in the time Kathi was there. She unloaded their clothes, so she could get her own wash completed. That caused a little delay, then the dryers did not work as well as commercial laundromats, so we brought half our clothes home damp. We hung them around on the furniture and everything was dry by bedtime. We will not use their laundry again.

Kathi and I both had dental appointments today. Kathi had her teeth cleaned first, because she was also getting her permanent veneer to replace the temporary she had for a few weeks. I read “Invisible” while I awaited my turn. No new dental problems for either of us, so that was a good day at the dentist.

Whale art at the dentist's office

Always good advice

Maybe the subliminal art messages caused us to go to Sudie's

 We stopped for lunch at Sudie’s catfish on Spencer Highway on the way home and had a catfish lunch. Sudie’s had rearranged their tables. Maybe it is something in the air. I will check recent executive orders and see if there is anything about lunch tables. Anyway, I brushed someone’s table every time I tried to squeeze by. I hope I did not offend anyone. If I worked there I would rearrange the tables this afternoon to create more aisle room. Kathi and I had discussed crossing Sudie’s off our lunch list anyway, so this may seal the deal.

We are planning to move north again the first part of March. Meanwhile, we are happy campers at Green Caye.

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