Friday, March 3, 2017

Cool, Man

March came in with some nice spring weather the first few days of the month. The temperature and the sunshine are both welcome at our home. It certainly makes it more pleasant to be outside.

Wednesday was a little overcast early in the morning, but it lightened up later in the day. I spent the morning writing, then we went to Olive Garden in Texas City for lunch. Kathi had fettuccine Alfredo and I had lasagna. After lunch, we went shopping at Walmart for some groceries and a few other items we needed. We returned home and I did a few things outside to get us ready to travel next week. I had to fill our batteries with water and the six batteries took about half a gallon total. I also cleaned out the back of our Jeep and stored all my tools in their proper location. I went back inside and wrote the rest of the afternoon.

Our flag blowing in the breeze
Thursday, we stayed at home all day, not even stopping for lunch. Kathi spent some time vacuuming and dusting and getting everything inside ready for travel. After that, she made some macaroni and cheese to take to our sons.

We had an engagement for dinner with our sister-in-law, Andrea Clark and her daughter, Amy Whitaker. Amy recently moved from Kansas to Oklahoma and was in town visiting family and friends.

We had dinner at the Pipeline Grill. We started out with some stuffed mushrooms, before placing our dinner order. Andrea and Amy had black and bleu burgers, Kathi had a Greek salad and I had pizza with pepperoni and Italian Sausage. We all had our fill, but mostly I enjoyed listening to the ladies talk. It was a fun outing and I hope everyone enjoyed it as much as I did. It was the last time we will see them for a while, as we start traveling again.

Friday morning, I went to the dermatologist early to have her check some blemishes on my back and shoulders and everything was normal for a man my age. I did not have any of them removed, because they do not bother me. Kathi spent her time cleaning our RV while I was gone to the doctor. When I got home I continued writing until I got hungry. I had left-over pizza from Thursday night, so I finished that to get it out of the way. When Kathi was ready for lunch, I was not hungry, so we drove through McDonald's to get her a fish sandwich with lettuce.

Wall art at the doctor's office 
By best guess for out travel itinerary is Livingston, Tyler, McKinney, all in Texas, then Thackerville, OK and back across the Red River to Lake Georgetown. We leave Green Caye in Dickinson on Wednesday, March 8th and arrive at Lake Georgetown on March 19th. That is the earliest date we could get ten contiguous days in March. Dates and times for other locations are still negotiable. We cannot wait to get started traveling again.


  1. I'm happy you enjoyed dinner with Andrea and Amy.Good news from the doctor always makes me happy

  2. Also great to hear you are so excited to be traveling again