Monday, March 27, 2017

Enjoying Family

We are still at Cedar Breaks Park on Lake Georgetown and enjoying the atmosphere. It has been sunny and warm most afternoons. We had a fun week visiting our son AJ in Austin a few days and attending a family get together on Saturday.

Thursday, March 23, 2017, we picked up AJ at his apartment, ran a few errands, then went to Rudy’s Barbecue for lunch. Rudy’s was crowded, so AJ and I found a place to sit and Kathi waited in line to get our lunch. Kathi ate a lean brisket sandwich and AJ and I had moist brisket sandwiches. Potato salad on the side and banana pudding for AJ made a swell lunch that we all enjoyed. We stopped by Walmart to pick up a few things before driving AJ home, then we went back to our motorhome on Lake Georgetown. We try to eat at Rudy’s at least once while we are in town, because their stores are too remote for AJ to get to using public transportation. It is a plus that all of us love to eat there.

Rudy's is hiring

A big crowd at Rudy's. Kathi is on the far left in blue with white spots waiting to place her order.

We were home on Friday except for a trip to HEB to pick up some food items for the family event on Saturday. Then, on Saturday morning, I drove into Austin to get AJ, then back to the motorhome to get Kathi and the food she was taking to the family event. We drove to our nephew’s house in Liberty Hill, which is west of Georgetown on Texas Highway 29, just across US 183. John and Shanna Clark have a nice home for entertaining with a large deck area in back.

John Brittany, Kathi and Carl

Justin in background, Austin, John and Brittany

Justin, Carl Andrea and Shanna tossing bean bags.

Both John and Shanna’s sons, Justin and Austin were there. Austin’s birthday was on Friday and we got to sing him the happy birthday song and watch him extinguish the candles on his cake. Austin will graduate high school in May and is now 19 years old. Justin lives in San Marcos where he recently graduated and is considering graduate school at Texas State University, formerly known as Southwest Texas University.

Our sister-in-law, Andrea Clark drove in from La Porte and arrived mid-afternoon. Justin’s girlfriend, Amanda and friend Aaron joined us for the festivities.

David Clark, John’s brother flew in from Colorado Springs. Their brother Ricky lives in Louisiana and was not able to attend. Their younger brothers, Jeff and Carl Clark were both there. Their father, Carl and his wife, Cheryn drove in from Wood Creek.

Brittany Straughn, David’s daughter, drove in from Houston with her two children Braeden and Peyton and two nice young ladies that are exchange students from Germany and Denmark that are staying with Brittany.

Carl and Cheryn Clark

David, Kathi, Arlon and Andrea
We had appetizers before eating hamburgers and hot dogs for lunch. Desserts were banana pudding, strawberry shortcake and Austin’s birthday cake. Some of the people with younger legs played bean bag toss, with a lot of laughter, but not a clear winner. Most of the afternoon was spent in conversations as groups mingled and interchanged. John even stoked up a campfire as it began getting dark. Everyone had a great afternoon and we left about eight to get home and rest after a day of enjoyment.

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  1. It was a great day. I am enjoying getting to know some family that grew up and became adults while I lived in California. Thanks for a great time everyone.