Friday, March 10, 2017

Family and Friends in Livingston

Wednesday, March 8, 2017, we pulled out of our assigned parking space at Green Caye RV Park in Dickinson, TX on the way to Livingston. We got our Jeep hooked up as our tow vehicle and headed toward the office to turn in our remote control for the gate. Normally when I go out the south gate by the grocery store, I pull through the automated gate on the left side of the street to have plenty of room for our RV. This time there was a large Coca Cola truck making a delivery to the store, so I used the right-hand path through the gate, until I heard a loud noise and looked in my rearview mirror and our RV was tight against the gate. There was a barrier on the left front, so I could not move further left and the same barrier prevented me from turning the wheels to back up off the gate. Kathi got out to direct me and we struggled for about ten minutes to no avail.

Fortunately, a person that works for the Green Caye facility came by and saw my predicament and stopped to help. He released the gate from the drive chain which provided us room to exit and we proceeded to the office to turn in our remote control, before getting on Highway 146 for our trip to Livingston. Driving north on 146, I looked in my rear view mirror and saw the awning arm on the passenger side flopping in the breeze. The bolt that held that awning support snapping in two was the loud noise we heard when we first realized we were against the gate. I applied duct tape, so we could continue our quest for Livingston.

We arrived at the Rainbow’s End RV Park on Highway 146, just south of Livingston around one thirty in the afternoon and got checked in and situated in our site, then called my uncle, Tommy Harris to arrange for us to get together while we were in town. My call went to voice mail and I left a short message. I hooked up to the park utilities and came in to sit down and Tommy called me. We agreed to meet at Jalisco’s Mexican restaurant have a late lunch. The food was typical Tex-Mex and we enjoyed our conversation and catching up over the meal.

Azalea bush at Rainbow's End.
After lunch, we drove to Goodrich to see Tommy’s son and my cousin Brent at his business, Goodrich Antiques. It is located on Highway 146, one-half mile north of FM 1988 on the north side of Goodrich. Brent and his wife Diane were in the shop and we visited with them as we walked through and looked at their merchandise. It was a fun afternoon. It had been about four years since we visited Tommy and saw Brent and Diane. It was nice catching up again. Next, we followed Tommy to his home on Lake Livingston and enjoyed his hospitality for a few hours talking mostly about family members that are no longer with us. Tommy is a year and one-half older than me, so our relationship as kids was as playmates. It was a great day and we really enjoyed seeing all of them again as we passed through town.

Goodrich Antiques sign and memorabilia.
Toy tractors and cars on display
I do not remember seeing Lion products

A well preserved Gulf sign
Thursday, we arranged to see our friend Pete Chamlee and his wife, Linda. Linda was married to my younger brother Mike many years ago and we had a great time visiting with them. They built their house on a four acres property near Lake Livingston. They enjoy the country life-style and were proud to show us their home they built themselves. We had a great time reliving old times and finding out what was going on with our niece and nephew and their children.

We had a great time in Livingston and are ready to move further north tomorrow.


  1. Good thing you are so good about regular maintenance on the motor home. Sounds like the awning7 is on the list. Brent's shop looks like it has some good stuff for people who like to collect. Mostly it sounds like you enjoyed seeing Tommy. I'm glad. Lots of visits for you and mom is going to be great for both of you to see everyone and then get back to traveling the country

  2. We enjoyed seeing the antique store. They have plans for expansion soon.