Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Saying Goodbye

Kathi and I are taking our motorhome away from Green Caye in Dickinson, TX on Wednesday, March 8, 2016 and we expect to be gone from the Houston area for most of the year. We will move to Livingston tomorrow and be there a few of days. We plan to visit family and old friends there before moving to McKinney and the MCD shade factory. We are trying to see our family to say goodbye before we leave town.

We had dinner at the Pipeline Grill with our sister-in-law, Andrea Clark and our niece Amy Whitaker on Thursday night and lunch at Jimmy Changas with our youngest son, Christopher on Saturday. We spent Sunday at home trying to eat less.

Yesterday we met Kathi’s brothers and sister on the Jim Hathaway side of the family. We had a great lunch at the Olive Garden with Rick and Jon Hathaway and Becky Boyd. We do not see each other near often enough. We enjoyed pasta and conversation. Jon had soup and the rest of us shared a big bowl of salad before the main course. Jon reminded us it was the anniversary of the fall of the Alamo. Who keeps up with this kind of information? It was just one part of a fun conversation. It gave us an opportunity to get caught up on their family and discuss our travel plans. I am looking forward to the next time we get together.

We keep contact with Rick and Jon through Facebook and Kathi talks to Becky occasionally by phone while we are traveling, but it is not the same as seeing each other. This was better.

Today we are having lunch at Tookie’s Seafood to say goodbye to my sister and brother-in-law, Carol and Lloyd Jackson. We ate at Tookie’s a week or so ago and enjoyed it enough to want to return soon. We are looking forward to a fun lunch conversation.

The groundskeeper at Green Caye drove the lawn mower all around us this morning under overcast skies. Now we are alternating between sprinkles and sporadic sunshine. They are not through with the grass, so I am hoping for the rain to hold up for a while.

We are really looking forward to getting our Alfa on the road tomorrow. We spent most of the last two years here with one trip to Lake Charles and one excursion across the border into Oklahoma in our Jeep. Alfa wants to see new territory. We hope to be at Charlie’s Service Center in Sunset, UT in mid-April. Happy trails.

This is a picture taken at Charlie's the last time we were there in April.

This picture is from our RV across Charlie's parking lot, past Hill Air Force Base to the snow capped mountains. What a great view to wake up to in the morning as the Air Force broadcasts Reveille.


  1. Linda Gayle and I are so delighted you will make a stop by for a visit with us! I just reviewed the weather forecast and it appears you'll be bringing us some clear skies. Many thanks for both gestures, my dear friends!

  2. Thanks for the comment, Pete. See you soon.